Korean-Inspired Bedrooms That'll Make You Want to Give Your Space a Facelift
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Korean-Inspired Bedrooms That'll Make You Want to Give Your Space a Facelift

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July 04, 2021

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to live like a K-Drama main character? Aside from the complicated romances, an awesome wardrobe, and picturesque views in every frame, there's just something aesthetically pleasing about the bedrooms in these dramas. Replicating the feel of a K-Drama-esque room isn't as hard as you might think!

Korean-style bedrooms are known to have a chill and cozy vibe to them, known for their ambient lights, organized desks, and minimalist decorations. They're meant to feel comfortable and warm for the dweller, perfect to spend a good night's rest or a productive day studying. The ambiance is perfect for those of you who prefer a pleasant and homey atmosphere to your personal space.

You can spice up a simple twin bed with gingham check sheets and blankets. This is a pretty common design choice for K-rooms, and gingham check sheets come in many colors to choose from! This yellow-themed room, in particular, can be a great inspiration.

Tie everything all together with plushies on the bed, a projector, and an ambient bedside lamp. The projector in specific is a great idea for late-night Netflix marathons, and you could get a mini one for cheap. A great budget-friendly option to substitute a television!

Korean-style rooms are also notable for being neat and organized. You can achieve this by choosing minimalist decorations that'll go well with one another, stick with a consistent color scheme, and get boxes and organizers to store your items. An organized room will also make your daily life a lot easier!

No more spending long and frustrating hours searching for a lost item. A neatly decorated room will also be pleasing to the eye, not only for you but also for potential guests.

A reoccurring sight in K-Room inspo Pinterest boards: a study/work desk. To achieve a neat-looking workspace like this, you could get stationery boxes, tiny shelves, and bookends. This is also a perfect place to put ambient desk lights! To decorate, you can pin pictures to a bulletin board, or use washi tapes to attach pictures and lists to the wall (it won't damage the walls too!)

Monochrome doesn't have to be boring in a K-Room! Adding wooden furniture is one way to keep the pleasant and cozy vibe in a monochrome room. You can also add a fake plant to your bedside table, and opt for a tall standing light for late-night reading. Add a simple, solid-color curtain to add to the simplicity, and tape little pictures to the wall for a little flair.

Display photos, keychains, and lists on a metal grid on the wall! This photo shows a designated space to keep K-Pop related merchandise like photos, polaroids, albums, and other cute knick-knacks. You can create a similar space for your own hobbies and interests.

Making a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing room to spend your days in doesn't have to be complicated and expensive. With a little creativity, you can make your room a little lovelier than it was before. Are you inspired to tranform your room into a K-Room?

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