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Keep Track of Your Thoughts and Reflections with Pinterest-Worthy Stationery Essentials

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May 15, 2023

Ever had a thoughtful musing that you just had to write down before it flew away? Have you ever had someone to thank or share your awe for? Such wonderful needs are frequent in our lives, and pretty papers always make such things an enjoyable experience.

There's always an occasion to jot things down, and doing it on beautifully crafted paper amplifies the joy so much more. If you're looking for meaningful stationery to collect all your beautiful wonders and share heartfelt messages, it's time for you to meet Papier- the saving grace of all organizers and lovers of pretty things.

Shop Papier at papier.com

Papier is the encapsulation of the most gorgeous stationery straight from the pages of Pinterest. From handy-dandy notebooks to mindfulness journals to even custom note sets for those thank you and celebration letters, Papier has it all.

Bookmark It With Your Reflections

We've all had those moments when we were reading such a masterpiece of a book that we just had to take notes. From quotes to character analysis to your very own inspirations, keeping a reading journal can help you take literature consumption to another level!

From a dainty feminine design to a luxurious golden cover, Papier has every look imaginable to fit the vibe of whatever reads you've been picking up on lately.

For Those Dreamy Spring Vibes

This gorgeous pink-tinted, vintage-inspired cover will make you feel oh-so-elegant.

Shop The Lowland Forest Reading Journal here.

With a yellow manila shade with intricate artwork of forests and wildlife, this journal is the embodiment of classic beauty. Plus, you can even add your initials in the corner, making this journal all yours.

Plus, this reading journal featured space to review 32 books with 4 pages per review. That means you'll have more than enough space to cover all your to-read books for the year with no problem! It also has 8 pages for you to compile your to-read list, and a tracker to note books you've borrowed or lent so that you no longer forget where all your books are.

If you want to take it to the next level, Papier also includes journaling prompts for reviews, an address list for your favorite reading cafes, websites, and more, as well as a list of book recommendations.

I just love the concept of this notebook, and how it's like a catalog of your own personal library! It's such a game-changer when it comes to tracking your reading, and I am obsessed.

For Those Ethereal & Moody Reads

This notebook knows how to amp up a cover with a sophisticated, dramatic design!

Shop the Parakeets of London Reading Journal here.

This gorgeous reading journal features a cover that is actually breathtaking. With a dark navy background, the cover has cream and matcha-colored parakeets flying all over. I just love how visually awe-striking it is, and it is the perfect fit for any musers and ponderers of literature.

With 96 leaves (192 sides) of high-quality paper, this notebook takes design and quality seriously. As Papier shares, the inner pages are 85gsm, which is "code for writes real nice." The hardcover has the perfect thickness and weight to it, and has a 150gsm silk paper finish. I mean, I just love the elegance of it all!

This reading journal has all the extras and benefits featured in the Lowland Forest Reading Journal, and is the perfect reading buddy to bring along to all of your bookstore trips and book club meetings. Reading just got so much cooler!

Jot It All Down With A Notebook

Yep, it's that viral notebook that captured everyone's hearts.

Shop the Joy Hardcover Notebook here.

Meet the most simple yet chic notebook that went viral all over social media- the Joy Notebook. With an elegant "notes & thoughts" inscribed on the cover, this notebook knows how to keep things effortlessly easy and efficient. Paired with mini all-caps modern text up top and bottom for your name, Papier makes it possible for this notebook to feel uniquely yours.

Plus, Papier allows you to customize this notebook every step of the way, from 10 color choices to even the style of lined, plain, or bullet/dotted paper for your journal needs. The quality of the paper is just right, from its thickness to color, and I love how smooth the cover feels.

I love how multi-use this notebook is. Whether you decide to use this as your diary, to-do list, or monthly bullet journaling and doodling, the Joy Notebook is the perfect fit!

Send A Sweet Note

If you need to tell your favorite teacher how grateful you are for them or send your best friend a birthday note, a notecard is all you need!

These customized cards can have your name displayed, and have a cute but neutral design that allows you to send notes to everyone and anyone, no matter how close you are or what the occasion may be.

Plus, they all come with envelopes, making these so handy!

Keep It Minimal & Fun At The Same Time

Classy is always the way to go.

Shop the Wave Border Notecard Set here.

Sometimes, you have so many occasions for which you need to say something important and meaningful- but having the right type of card for every single moment can be hard. However, having a neutral but stylish notecard can seriously save the day!

The Wave Border Notecard Set features a chic triple-wave border with curvy lines following throughout the entire border, giving it a visually appealing look. With a bold space for your initials up top and a smaller slate for a phrase or address at the bottom, this notecard set is perfect for quite literally any occasion.

Coming in five different color options, you can take your pick on what kind of vibes you're aiming to emulate (from yellow for the pop of joy, green for that even-toned balance, pink for a peppy spritz, blue to keep it cool, to deep sepia for that versatility, Papier gives you so many options).

Whether you keep things serious or lighthearted, or are sending celebrations or thanks, this card has endless possibilities for however you want to take it!

Whimsy With A Sweet Pup

Everything is better with a puppy on it. I don't make the rules!

Shop the Dachshund Notecard Set here.

I mean, how can this notecard not make you smile? With an adorable dachshund puppy in the top center of the card, this minimalist yet stylishly chic notecard is so easily cute.

The baby pink border and the combination of the timelessly modern font pairing on the bottom makes this a perfect pairing for celebration cards, thank you notes, and even birthday wishes.

Plus, the back of the card has even more dachshunds all over on a baby pink background! Just looking at it makes my heart so happy, and this card set is a total must for that effortless mood-booster.

Keep Up With Papier

Want to stay up-to-date with chic stationery for making your thoughts and reflections so much more fun? Papier's social media platforms have all the advice you'll need for leading a goodness-infused lifestyle. Find Papier on Instagram at @papier and on TikTok at @papier.

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