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Get, Set, Reset: Elevate Your Desk with Chic, Functional Stationery from Papier

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January 16, 2023

The new year is finally here- and you're ready to do it all: this new chapter in our lives is all about staying balanced, focusing on wellness, and leading a life that's productive in a healthy way. To accomplish your to-do lists, it all starts with keeping your working space at its best: organized, accessible, and fun.

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With the new year comes a list of goals, hopes, and dreams- and to do it all, all you need is a positive mindset and a clear vision. Papier makes this possible with a stylish approach to making small things monumental.

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From all the letters of gratitude and celebrations to the journals filled with intriguing commentary, make this year something to hold dear to your heart, and special to hold in hand. With Papier, you can take a step forward in improving your daily lifestyle with thoughtful pieces of stationery to brighten every day.

For The Desk: Stylish and Practical

A cluttered desk is no fun; not only does it lead to a messy working space, but it can also cause confusion and disorganization in your mind. This year, keep a clear vision (no pun intended!) with desk accessories that make everything look easily put-together and smartly decorative.

Great to make everything so much neater and easily accessible, Papier's desk accessories also double as room decor- a huge plus!

The Rainbow Paper Holder

There's nothing more hopeful and brighter than seeing a rainbow- why not keep one on your desk for all the amazing days ahead?

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This adorable accessory is not only a positive reminder to look at, but handy to use. A metallic curved paper holder with three storage slots, the Rainbow Paper Holder keeps all the stray scraps in one organized place.

The curved slot has just the right height to keep the papers from falling on each other and has a great width that'll hold even the thicker diaries and journals. It's the perfect size to keep all your notecards and letters in!

I love the way the paper holder is just so chic; the curved rainbow has a minimalist look to it and has an added elegance to it with the brass finish. It also features a Papier logo subtly on the front.

I adore that it's a classic look that'll make any desk space look stunning- and it works wonders for minimizing clutter in a fashionable way!

The Cloud Stackable Intray

Having stray notebooks and scratch paper piled up everywhere can be distracting when it comes to having a studious mindset. Sometimes, when you're in the study zone, you need your physical space to be just as fresh, too.

Shop the Cloud Stackable Intray here.

With the Cloud Stackable Intray, you can completely sort out any mess with the best storage set. This adorable, curvy-detailed tray set stacks on top of each other to expand upon a single space.

Each tray features a sturdy metallic material of steel; the edges have a curvy design to it that simply looks so cute. Right underneath the waves are metallic linings that you can use to slide another tray on top, stacking it all the way up to your desired height.

The trays are well-sized, making them great for storing just about any school notebooks and textbooks. It's also perfect to use for laying out folders, magazines, loose papers, and just about anything!

I love that the Cloud tray keeps it easygoing with its laid-back design; the matte finish adds to the playful aesthetic and keeps the space not only organized but fun. The tray is available in three colorways, from a bashful baby pink, midnight navy, to even a deep chartreuse.

From The Pen: Heartfelt and Reflective

This year, make your notes extra special with a sleek, sophisticated, upgraded look. With Papier's adorably designed notecards and the coolest option to personalize your notes, your messages will amplify all the words and thoughts you have to share.

Perfect for any occasion and great to use as letters of all kinds, Papier's notecards are a must to keep on the desk.

The Bibi Notecard Set

This notecard set is the daintiest, most feminine stationary of our dreams- and the butterfly and floral designs will totally make your recipients' hearts flutter.

Shop the Bibi Notecard Set here.

This gorgeous notecard set features a floral motif on the front that extends outwards on both sides; in the middle is a gorgeous yellow butterfly. Underneath the butterfly is the space to customize the card to feature your name. The back of the card features a thick cream shade with a butterfly in the center, with wrapped floral vines all around the bottom border.

Having your name on a notecard set feels like handwritten notes on a whole different league- it feels so refined and put together. Your notes just went up a notch in both style and professionalism- and are sure to be a delight to read and write on!

I also love that the notecards have such great quality and thickness to the paper. When it comes to making paper products their best, Papier knows what they're doing!

The delicate illustrations paired with the sophisticated italics of soft calligraphy really play up the fancy aspects of this notecard, making it a special set. Great for any occasion from thank you's to hello's, this card is the perfect pick!

A Dog And His Balloon Notecard Set

Being a little silly is always the way to go- after all, life is all about having fun and enjoying it!

Shop the A Dog And His Balloon Notecard Set here.

This notecard set reflects exactly that idea of not taking it too seriously; there is nothing cuter than a little dog in a colorful pattern-knit sweater with a red balloon tied around his tail!

The modern style of the notecard is carefully balanced with the illustration of the dog and the balloon, giving it the whimsical vibe of a gorgeous children's illustrated book.

The sleek, thin font of the card also matches the energy of the card. The notecard has the option to customize it to display your name at the very top- centered, but not too bold- giving it the final touch to make the card feel truly complete.

I love the playfulness of the card, and how uplifting it is to look at (and even better when on the receiving side!) With the celebratory mood of the vivid sweater and the red balloon, I love using this as a birthday or congratulatory notecard.

For When You Have A Note-Worthy Thought

The fresh start to the new year is like a blank notebook- as the days go on, you fill it with memories. To keepsake those special moments in the year, make note of everything with a stunning Papier notebook.

A handy dandy notebook makes it perfect for multi-purpose usage; whether you want to use it as a one-line-a-day journal, a reflection diary of your goals, or even a small book chronicling every striking thought, keep everything well organized with the Le Classique Foiled Notebook.

Shop the Le Classique Foiled Notebook in Red here.

This gorgeous notebook is the classic red notebook that everyone needs. Perfect for jotting down your inner thoughts and reflections to even taking notes for your next project, the Le Classique Foiled Notebook is a sure staple.

The foiled notebooks give the hardback covers a little shine; I love that the raised details on the cover have a special effect on them. You can also customize the notebook to display your name, initials, or even the year!

The notebook comes with the options of lined, dotted, or plain paper, making this multi-purpose notebook uniquely supported for your needs. Whether you're in need of a bullet journal or a simple diary, this notebook is perfect for the role.

I just love the boldness of the red shade; it makes the notebook pop and gives you a boost when you write in it. The Le Classique Foiled Notebook also comes in the shades navy and black, both timeless shades.

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