Jay Vibe: Stop What You're Doing and Vibe to This
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Jay Vibe: Stop What You're Doing and Vibe to This

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April 11, 2017

Houston is the home of many prominent stars like Beyonce and The Quaid brothers. A new up-and-coming star is about to join the list. Rising R&B singer/songwriter Jay Vibe has been making a name for himself.

Over the course of many songs and dedicating a couple years of hard work, Jay Vibe has released a music video for his new song "Addiction". Jay Vibe first started with a group of singers before pursuing his own endeavors. He spent much time finding his own voice and trying to create an image for himself that would define him.

Music has been a huge passion for him, and growing up he played different instruments. Never has he given up on this hobby and has decided to fuel it as a career he will love. Writing music can be challenging for many artists and many never really fine tune the talent.

Jay Vibe writes his own songs and has a talent for lyrics and the flow of words. The ability to write and change someone's life through his music is a golden ticket Jay takes with pride. Many artists inspire him including Drake, Big Sean, Lil Wayne and more.

His fans adore him so much because he goes above and beyond to take them on his journey through life and through music endeavors. Recently, Jay Vibe bought a puppy that is named EJ and he is the cutest thing ever.

What's Next For Jay Vibe?

With more music in the makes and photo shoots lined up, Jay Vibe will hopefully be signed. Jay Vibe hopes to get his music out to larger audiences and make people feel good listening to his songs. With loyal fans, a supportive family, positive friends, and a gorgeous model girlfriend, Jay Vibe is growing as an artist and in the near future hope to see him on the billboards.



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Check out his official music video below:

Personally, I love the usage of fire and crazy good scenes of a great city. Be sure to check out all his socials to keep up with his journey through music. As of Summer 2017, Jay Vibe is working on his debut album.

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