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Jackie James Aka @fatraco0n: TikTok Queen + Activist

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July 08, 2020

At the young age of seventeen, Jackie James, also known as @fatraco0n on the viral Gen Z app TikTok, has amassed 1.8M followers, had a virtual interview on activism with Riverdale star Lili Reinhart, and is an activist with an emphasis on empowerment.

The Teen Magazine had the chance to feature Jackie in an interview to share her experience and story as a TikTok star and activist.

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Content Posting

With her TikTok, Jackie posts comedy and activism posts; her platform has amassed to nearly 2 million, and many teenagers recognize her as not just an influencer, but something bigger, something more meaningful.

With short video clips that range from 15 to 60 seconds, Jackie incorporates humor to bring viewers a smile, while also shedding light onto more serious, deeper subjects. "Some of my videos, being an acitivist, is political," says Jackie, "which, of course, gets a bit uncomfortable for some. But I found that integrating comedy into the videos not only attracts more attention to these topics, but also helps my audience open their mind a bit more and understand further."

Her instagram, @jaxajueny, showcases more of a causal approach with fun selfies and photos of Jackie.

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Inspiring Viewers

"I really do hope that I'm educating and inspiring my audience with my videos," says Jackie. "Often times, I'll recieve a direct message from my followers saying things like, "Jackie, thanks so much for sharing, I feel so much more educated."- and that's what really brings a smile to my face. I love that I am spreading awareness and supporting my generation of kids into becoming better people and humans."

Having a Platform, Having a Voice

When asked about how it feels to have such a huge platform, Jackie responds, "It's honestly one of the most rewarding things. I love that I am bringing light to topics that deserve to be heard, and knowing how powerful it can be to raise your voice and create action- that's really amazing."

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I'm Famous?

When asked about when the moment was for Jackie that she realized she was famous, Jackie says, "A fan approached me in public, which was crazy and amazing! This definitely got me to realize that I really was viral."

TikTok Love

When asked about her favorite part about the app TikTok, Jackie responds, "I love that TikTok gives everyone a chance to become viral. With the For You Page feature, everyone has the equal opportunity to go viral- it takes in deeply about the quality of your content, and you all get a chance to be featured."

Continuing on to how the For You Page relates to her account, Jackie says, "Many of my videos end up on the FYP- which allows many to view my videos on activism, brining much awareness to the topics."

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The Future

"I do wish to continue on with my studies, even while doing social media," Jackie says as of her hopes for the future, "Coming from a family of immigrants, I really want to accomplish my goal of going to college. Something I love is acting, and I would love to get more into it; if I end up going deeper in that field, there may not be a need for college. I'm not really sure what will happen in the end- we'll see where it goes!"

Jackie Fun Facts

Age: 17

Home State: North Dakota

Favorite Food: cheesecake

Favorite Movie: Remember the Titans

Secret Talent: can do a handstand for a minute and a half

Hobbies: acting and singing

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Thank you Jackie aka @fatraco0n for your interview and sharing your story, experience, and insight!

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