How to Use Social Media to Land Your Dream Job


Social media have a lot of different uses, including browsing for new things to wear and keeping up with sports. They are helpful for those who would like to stay informed on current events, politics, and more. Different social media apps, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, can help people express themselves and get noticed. Especially for those who use social media as a side hustle or even a full-time job, social media plays a big part in their lives.

Why is social media so predominant in this day in age?

In the era we live in, phones, computers, tablets, and the like have become a part of our everyday lives. Since the early 2000s, people have relied on social media to stay in touch with the world.

While social media have yet to grow on some people, more than half the world already uses them. The average daily time on social media per day for a person is 2h 27m, which goes to show how involved people are with them and how they are rapidly evolving.

Social media platforms have perks, whether they be shopping online, getting info, or making money, and we have learned to rely on them to meet several of our needs. Some people can make it big on social media, and that's why they're so predominant: when people see they can gain fame or make money off of them, they're on them all the time.

5 Ways You Could Use Social Media To Figure out what "Your Dream Job Is".

1. Create impressive and complete social media profiles and websites

Complete social media profiles and websites go a long way. If you apply to an online company and your social media pages and websites aren't looking up-to-date or professional, the likeliness of them hiring you is very low. Good-looking and professional pages would look good to most companies.

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2. Rise and shine

If you want to land whatever dream job that you're trying to get, you need to stand out. You need to shine and be the person companies look for. Your dream job is likely going to be a hard one to get, so you need to market yourself on social media — maybe by hiring professional photographers or web designers. The more you show what makes you unique, the better the chances of getting noticed. You need to try to stand out, especially if you want to get that dream job. That's what I'm trying to do with journalism. Sports journalism is my dream job so for me practicing writing articles and perfecting my craft can help me a lot.

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3. Know People

No matter how hard you work or how well you do something, sometimes, the breaking point for a company or for someone to hire you would be if you know people that have experience in the job you're applying for. For example, a job like sports management is very hard to get into, and most sports agents are either former players or people who know someone high up. I'm not saying that it's absolutely necessary to know people or to have connections, but it's a sure advantage. For me in journalism, I don't know anyone in the journalism field but for other jobs, it's extremely helpful.

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4. Be passionate about what you're doing

Employers aren't going to hire you for your dream job if you're not passionate about it. This shows employers that you don't want the job as badly as other candidates. Employers want people who show they want the job and who have good experience in related fields, which social media pages let you showcase.

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5. Figure out what your dream job is

The final way you can use social media to land a dream job would be to identify what your dream job would be, whether it be in sports or in fashion. For example, I know my dream job is journalism, and a way I could use social media would be to get on LinkedIn and advertise myself. People have different dream jobs, but using social media can really help almost anyone get noticed and land that dream job you've wanted your whole life.

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Social media play a big part in everyone's lives. They're what this generation is all about. Instead of looking at a newspaper, we look for information on social media. We are all guilty of it — I know I am.

Everyone has a dream job that they want to do, but that's just it... "Dream job." But, if you've got organized, professional social media and website pages, the tips mentioned in this article could really help you achieve your goal.

Everyone has a passion- whether that passion is sports, writing, art, etc. If you follow that passion and work hard on that passion you will be successful.

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