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Top 10 High-Income Skills That Teens Can Teach Themselves from Home

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Everyone wants to be like a sitcom character, rich and famous in a job you LOVE. This leaves many teens(myself included) with the question of how do I get there? Well, I'm here to help you answer that exact question. Below is a list of 10 high-paying skills that you can teach yourself from home, and that help you get the sitcom career of your dreams.

1. Sewing/Fashion Design

I'd like to start off by saying sewing is not a requirement for this high-paying career. In fact, many designers will outsource their sewing needs to clothing manufacturers, like RedBubble and Printful, that will produce the clothing for you. Fashion design is a great skill you can teach yourself; plenty of people do very well in this field, like Christian Siriano, Isaac Mizrahi, and Calvin Klein just to name a few. Also, there are incredible resources that you can use like Youtube and other online course providers to learn more about fashion designing. Moreover, document your designs and ideas, and upload them to a portfolio to show your experience. Internship and job offers are good because they'll help build your experience, which looks great on a resume. Finally, you should have a strong online presence(website, social media, etc.) because it will make you appear more professional.

2. Learn an Instrument

This skill is really fun if you enjoy creating music. Personally, I'm teaching myself to play the keyboard and can say that this can be a really high-paying skill. A great way to do this and network with people who could help you in the future is by finding music studio internships via Indeed, LinkedIn, even reaching out to corporations showing great initiative. If you're more independent and want to release your own music, you can use platforms like RouteNoute that will distribute your music for free. If you're popular enough, you can make money off of streams and sponsorships. This is also a great skill if you want to create music for films or games because it gives you time to practice with applications like Soundtrap(online studio with access to different instruments) and Noteflight(music notation software), which are free and easy to use.

3. Social Media Marketing

Do you love Instagram or Tik Tok? Do you watch Tik Tok videos for hours every day? If so, this is the job for you. There is a HUGE market for people who can run a social media account and stay up-to-date on every Tik Tok or Instagram trend. If you're interested, you need to check out Indeed, Linkedin, Chegg Internships, and similar sites to find an internship focused on social media marketing. As social media apps get more popular, you can use your social media skills. Not only that but there are also PAID positions that hire teens to run accounts and promote them on various forms of social media. You can apply for an internship or a job because both look great on a resume and a college application. This will also help you begin building a market portfolio when you're young, so by the time you have to officially enter the workforce you have years of experience under your belt.

4. Content Creation

Content creation also applies to social media moguls who love posting content. There are so many marketing companies that are begging for someone that understands social media and knows how to create interesting content that will make people interested in their company. To practice for an opportunity like this, you can research things like brand cohesion, current social media trends, marketing trends/practices. You can also do some internships, which would add to your resume, and I would suggest internships of at least 1-3 months or more.

5. Coding

When it comes to coding, I can honestly say it is a high-paying skill and that I know many people who are teaching themselves to code. Coding can be taught via books, websites, free courses, and YouTube videos which will break down the basics of coding and teach you everything you need to know. Not to mention, that coding does fall into the STEM fields, so there are literally hundreds of STEM programs you can participate in. But that's not all, coding can also help you get high-paying offers from tech companies and ad companies in need of apps or websites. If you really enjoy using computers and feel pretty tech-savvy, this is the perfect skill for you.

6. Writing

Writing is a useful, high-paying skill because it's used in so many industries. As a writer, I would suggest that you should try to practice regularly. Don't stress yourself out about it. However, if you have some free time, you can pick up a pen or a keyboard and jot down some ideas. You should also try to submit to magazines and journals, and develop a method that works for you. For me, I practice writing articles in my spare time and run a personal blog. I would also suggest that anything you get published you should add to your portfolio, which shows your experience. Also, you can take courses, ask teachers about opportunities, apply for internships, and submit to magazines/journals. Don't forget to build a presence on social media, especially if you're a novelist, because that will help you start to build your fan base, and create a legitimate writing profile.

7. Art/Animation/Graphic Designs

So I realize I put a lot in this title, but these are all great, high-paying skills. As you become a more talented animator, you can become really well-known; many Instagram artists and animators offer commissions and create art for businesses. Graphic design is also really useful because many companies need artists to design logos, slogans, ads, and campaigns. Since marketing and brand recognition are a big part of a company's success, many companies will pay well for designers. Also, like a lot of the other skills on this list, you should keep a portfolio because it helps pad resumes and shows your talent to a potential employer. Additionally, you can use resources like Eventbrite to find free virtual seminars about your style of art, so you can learn more about it and how you want to draw.

8. SEO Skills

SEO is search engine optimization and it basically stands for creating content that is easy to find with search engine phrases. This is a skill in high demand as the world goes digital and every company hopes to be discovered online, and it is a skill that many jobs ask for. I've seen it myself when applying for jobs and internships. To learn about this, do a preliminary Google search and use a video or a website. If you want something more interactive, you can apply for content creation or copywriting internship where these skills are usually taught.

9. Video Editing

Plenty of marketing companies are in the "market"(haha you see my pun) for video editors. A lot of marketing campaigns require a video element to appeal to the target audience, and many of these companies rely on video editors or video editing interns. Also, it's a good skill for social media marketers who oftentimes need to be able to edit their videos. If you already do this on Tik Tok or Instagram reels, you can work on strengthening this skill. It is also a good skill for anyone who wants to go into the movie/ TV industry, which constantly relies on video editors to create amazing fan-favorite shows like New Girl or Superstore. They also rely on them to create things like the infamous Supernatural gag reels, which I personally will forever be grateful for.

10. Podcasting

This is a skill for anyone who enjoys listening to podcasts and loves to talk. Podcasting is a really great skill to have because podcasts are super popular, especially since the pandemic. The beauty of podcasting is that it allows you to strengthen public-speaking skills, which are applicable everywhere, and podcasting gives you the freedom to choose your own topic. You can also learn about podcasting by listening to your favorite podcasts, reading articles, or asking experts. Not to mention, Soundtrap has software that will help you create your first podcast. A successful podcast can also earn you promotions and sponsorship deals, and it will allow you to set your own work schedule. Not to mention, this is a great skill for someone considering a career in media and radio.

All of these are fun, high-paying skills that you can learn at home and/or virtually. No matter which of these you choose, you should begin creating a strong social media presence and create a Linkedin(even if you think you don't want one, you'll need one). Next, start building a portfolio because it shows your experience. Last, use sites like Linkedin, Indeed, Eventbrite, and others to find free seminars and virtual internships to help you master the skill of your choice.

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