How to Start Planning for Summer 2022

How to Start Planning for Summer 2022

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March 29, 2022

Summer 2022 is almost here— it's time to start planning! By laying out what you will do early, you will feel prepared knowing you have options for activities you can pursue this summer.

1. Talk to Your Counselor or Mentor

Talking to your college counselor or mentor figure is the first step to take if you're unsure of what you want to do this summer. They can point you in the right direction based on your interests, and maybe even refer you to a great program or internship they know about.

If you are looking to boost your extracurricular or academic goals this summer, they can probably help you out, and if you're in need for additional feedback and ideas about what you could be doing in the coming months, College Confidential can be a good resource. They have loads of articles with tips and answers to all of your college- and high school- related questions.

2. Volunteer

Find an organization that aligns with your goals, values, and interests. If you love animals, become a volunteer at your local animal shelter. Get online and see what organizations around you are looking for dedicated volunteers like yourself.

Not only are you giving back to the community, you are also building your college resume. Volunteer hours are important to colleges, and it is more impressive when you work with only a few organizations over your high school career instead of accumulating hours from many different events and places.

3. Study for SAT

I know, I know. No one wants to do school work over the summer. It's literally the most significant break from school all year!

But if you are a rising junior or even senior, studying for the SAT over the summer is imperative to getting the best possible score. It's the only free time you will have, because as soon as the school year starts back up, you will find yourself unable to carve out time for studying sessions. Here is a good SAT study program by Khan Academy in partnership with CollegeBoard.

4. Apply for a Program

This can be any program, from a ballet summer intensive to an academic summer program at an Ivy League School— anything that is of interest to you. By investing a week or more in one of these summer programs, you can demonstrate your passion and dedication to your skills, as well as the amount of time and effort that you're willing to put into it.

They can be a little pricey at times, but fortunately, most summer programs for high school students also offer financial aid. To get the brainstorm going, CollegeVine has a list of free summer programs available for high school students.

5. Get a Hobby

Now is the time to develop new skills and interests! Try skateboarding, working on your art skills, or even baking. The world is your oyster.

Wikipedia has a giant list of hobbies if you are unsure of what you want to try. It is good to start developing interests and hobbies as they can lead you to more opportunities such as extracurricular activities. By acquiring a new hobby, you could meet new people, develop new skills, and maybe even discover a hidden talent. It is also fun to try new activities and test out new hobbies, so take advantage of the time while you can!

6. Shadow a Professional

Do you have any ideas of what career you would like to pursue? If you do, try and find someone that you can shadow in this field. Family members and friends can usually help you find connections to your career dreams.

If not, cold-calling people will work, but be prepared to have to ask a lot of people. By shadowing a professional, such as a doctor, you can learn more about their career path and decide if it is for you.

7. Passion Project

A passion project is anything you are passionate about, hence the name. These are projects that have impressive end results. Some examples can include:

  • Publishing research or getting involved with college-level research
  • Writing a novel
  • Producing a movie/short film and entering it into a competition

The possibilities are endless! Supertutor has an article that is all about passion projects. It is very helpful to read!

8. Apply For Scholarships

Now is the time to start applying for scholarships, whether it is financial aid or merit-based. Many scholarships require long applications and essays in order to apply, so summer is a great time to start planning and preparing while you have time. Unigo is a great website to find scholarships— they probably have every opportunity imaginable listed! With this website, it's quite easy to find a scholarship that fits your demographic.

9. Have Fun and Relax

Don't get too stressed out trying to plan the rest of your high school career. Enjoy the break, and live in the moment.

Hopefully, this list helped you get an idea of what you can do this summer! Remember to start seeking out these opportunities now. If you are still searching for more information on what to do over this summer, here is a great video from SupertutorTV about what activities you can do this summer to impress colleges and become more prepared for the upcoming school year. Good luck!

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