How to Solve Family Tensions During Lockdown
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How to Solve Family Tensions During Lockdown

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July 10, 2020

Coronavirus has created great havoc around the world. COVID-19 patients have been alarmingly increasing and people around the world are maintaining social distancing by staying at home. Millions of families are struggling with huge worries and uncertainties. Many people are losing their jobs, suffering from financial problems, unable to meet their daily expenses, such as food and education expenses- making them tensed and annoyed.

Instead of staying two to three hours together, now due to lockdown family members must spend much-increased time together. Sometimes different opinions among the family members can cause arguments and clatters. Small issues grow into much bigger ones which may affect our mental health and later turn into frustration and depression.

But we have to remember that every problem has solutions. So, here are some ways through which we can solve our day-to-day problems easily and we have to remember that we have to adjust and cope up with every situation we are facing now.

1. Be patient and calm in every situation

If we are discussing a matter and there creates disparity among others which leads toward a big issue then we should not start screaming at others. First, calm yourself and be patient.

And if the issue gets out of our control then take a long breath go into another room where you can take some fresh air and calm yourself. Take a break, drink some tea, watch your favourite shows, listen to your favourite songs. Just keep yourself out of the matter. Because screaming and shouting is not the way to get any solution.

2. Stay away from negativity

Sometimes some negative activities make us annoyed and stressed. Thus, we get angry and start to find others' faults in every work, start screaming at our family members without any reason. We feel stressed due to some other reasons but get mad at our family members unreasonably.

Always try to stay away from negative activities such as, negative talkings, posts, comments, negative people especially those who just keep spreading hatings because it affects our mental health badly. Stay with those who can guide you towards the right path and give you favourable advice. Try to be positive and spread positivity.

3. Spend quality time with your family

Nowadays, we spend most of our time on social media. And forgot about the most important person in our life, which is our family. We make virtual friends on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Twitter etc Having the wrong concept that virtual friends are our real friends but Unfortunately, this is not true.

The main thing is to minimise our social networking time. Fix a specific time to spend with your family members, share your problems and feelings, we can tell jokes, can share our childhood memories especially our parents, can take a tea break, eat together, watch movies, our favourite shows. This would be easy for us to understand our family members' thoughts and opinions. Give attention to your parents because they are the first priority in our life.

4.keep friendly relationship

We should always keep friendly relationships with our younger and elders. Then we can easily share our feelings with each other and can keep better communication with our near ones. Loving our younger ones and being sympathetic and supportive to all helps us to keep friendly relationships with all of them.

Thus, we can easily cope up with every situation. This small step can help you to overcome such complications easily.

5. Get into a routine

We should prepare a daily routine which will help us to remember our daily activities. Keeping ourselves busy in our daily works will help us to stop overthinking about unnecessary things. As well as, we can get systematic life in lockdown.

We mostly spend our valuable time on some useless things and just get forgot to execute our prominent works. Take a diary, note down your main activities and perform according to it thus we can manage ourselves in an organized manner.

6. Be emotionally strong

Just like our muscles, our mind also needs to be exercised to gain strength. So, exercise your mind. Be open, non-judgemental, and stay with an accepting attitude.

Always keep yourself emotionally and mentally strong. Not to overthink or get over serious. Handle every situation in a normal and simple way.

Keep in mind that, every problem has a solution. And if you are finding any hardships to figure out any problems then don't take too much mental pressure or stress. It's ok nothing seems serious here. Take your time.

7. Be responsible for our duties

As we all know, that situation is not the same as before. Now our duties and responsibilities towards our family have changed a lot. Be careful that you are performing your duties properly and not troubling others for our own problems.

If you are dealing with some complications, then try to face it. Don't get afraid of your problems and learn to fight against it. And always motivate yourself.

8. Stop "blame- game"

Stop blaming others for every single issue because blaming others is not the solution to any problem. Now, think of your family as a team and give equal importance to all. Not be partial about your own problems because we all are suffering from the same condition.

Accept your faults without any hesitations and try to recover instead of complaining about it. In addition to it, mostly the people blame their destiny for their constant hardships in their life. So, Don't blame your fate for it, make an effort to accept your barriers and try to overcome it.

9. Keep smiling

Keep yourself happy and encouraged. With a smiling face, one can easily handle big matters. Smiling is very good for our health.

It relieves stress and elevates our mood. Smiling also boosts our immunity system and lowers our blood pressure. It helps us to feel good.

See how many benefits we can get, just by a little smile. So, please smile more and more. We all love a smiley face.

Let it be clear that, this is a very sensitive time where people can easily get depressed and baffled and can lead us towards both mental and physical illness. So, mentally prepare yourself for the future as you can face any complications or difficulties confidently. Always try to remember that no one can understand you more than yourself. I know it is too difficult to bring these changes at once but don't worry, take small steps every day and gradually observe that you have changed a lot.

We all have to think that we all are suffering from the same. Don't be over-serious or complicated because nothing is serious when we all are together. Love yourself, your family because no is nearer to us than our family.

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