How to Have an *Aesthetic* Vlog Day in Quarantine
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How to Have an *Aesthetic* Vlog Day in Quarantine

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May 09, 2020

During Quarantine the days seem to be getting longer and the fun seems to be getting shorter. Believe me, I know what it feels like to have 7 research papers due and keep scrolling through Tik Tok. But I have definitely learned my lesson, and I am here to share with you an *aesthetic* and productive day routine! Follow me through my day to learn how I manage to have fun, spend time with my family, exercise, watch Netflix, cook, etc. While still managing all my schoolwork !!

8:00 AM: Wake Up

I start off my morning by waking up at 8:00 am. I usually wake up to the sound of my phone alarm going off, yes old habits die hard. I then proceed to turn off my alarm and kind of get situated by opening my eyes and just laying in bed a few minutes (about 5).

Then I make my way towards my bathroom and proceed to do my morning face routine. I then head back to my room and open my windows and fix my bed. I proceed to grab my phone, and all my materials for the day (laptop, notebooks, pens&pencils, books, headphones,etc.) and head on towards the kitchen.

8:15 AM: Breakfast & Chill

I arrive at the kitchen and serve my self a cup of coffee. I then proceed to get out the ingredients I want for my breakfast. My breakfast is usually and Avocado Toast, but it varies from waffles, to yogurt and granola, to a fruit salad, an omelet, or french toast.

I begin cooking, and while I do that I usually listen to music and start checking my school's database to see what assignments I need to complete for the day. Finally, I sit down to eat.

When eating I usually like to read the news on my phone or computer. I usually check The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, and BuzzFeed News. After checking the news, I give myself time to check Instagram, Snapchat, Emails, Whataspp, Twitter,etc. so that way I am caught up on everything I need to know. I usually use this time to make my To-Do List for the day and generate my schedule and routine. I then proceed to clean up my area, grab a glass of water, and head on to my workspace.

9:00 AM Planning and Starting:

I arrive at my workspace, which is usually the desk in my room. I try to make sure my workspace is quiet and organized, and that everything I need is within my reach. I usally try to have a plant in there, as well as good lighting coming through, just to raise the vibrations and overall possitivty in the ambient. I then proceed to take out my agenda and turn on my computer. I set up music, sit down, and start my virtual school.


I am a person that believes in working all morning long, so I can be free all afternoon. I know this may not apply to all people. But, I do take breaks, it is not like I never stand up.

Ok, so I try to take breaks after 1 hour or 1 hour and a half of working, these usually last about 10-15 min and I usually converse with my family, check my phone, and grab a snack. I usally head to the kitchen and grab an apple, or granola cookies, a yogurt, fruit, etc. You can change this up to accommodate your needs, now that I know it's difficult to stay focused for a long time.

1:15 P.M: Lunch & Family

Since me and my family are usually very busy throughout the day, we usually have lunch at about 1:15 p.m. I head downstairs towards the dining room, and me and my family sit down together to eat. We usually converse about what's on the news, random facts, gossip, what we have done so far, and sometimes we watch TV. Some of the meals we eat include grilled chicken with salad and mashed potatoes, broccoli with meat and rice, homemade pasta with tomato sauce, avocado and quinoa salad, Mexican styled tacos, etc. After this fun time, I head back to my workspace.

2:00-3:30 P.M: Wrap Up and Reset

I am now back at my workspace. I now proceed to check what else I need to do. If I have something to finish up I will wrap it up quickly and in the moment.

Also, my zoom meetings (if I have any) take place usually at this hour, so it is kind of the perfect 60 minutes to wrap up school. If I don't have any scheduled meetings and I've finished all my work, I proceed to check my phone (watch Netflix, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram), you know, the basics. I also use this spare time to lay a little in bed (I don't sleep unless I feel it's really necessary) and I just recover my energy.

3:30 - 4:30 P.M: Workout

I get up and change into my workout clothes. I set up my yoga mat out on my backyard and leave my phone in my room. If for whatever reason I can't workout outside. I set up my yoga mat inside my room, overlooking my window, and I put on music, turn on the AC, grab my water bottle, and play workout videos (I personally like doing Madfits, Chloe Tings, and Blogilates workouts).

This usually takes up an hour, and after I am done I get a snack (yogurt, cookies, cashews, carrots and peanut butter, blueberries, strawberries, etc). I grab my phone once again, and spend a little time on it (about 5-10 min). I then proceed to take a shower and change into my pajamas or my loungewear.

5:00 P.M: Recreational Time

Usually, at this time, it is basically a free period for me. I usually work on my non-related school activities, such as work on my blog, work on my fashion page, work on secret business plans, have a photoshoot, etc. I also love a good old reading session. I usually go out to my backyard and just sit down in one of the hammocks or on the grass, while listening to music that makes you feel like your in 1970's Italy.

You can also find me helping my mom or dad do a certain task, or playing with my little sister. Additionally, I sometimes like to use this time to do some self-care, such as face masks, maicures, pedicures, etc. It all really depends on my mood and schedule for that day. Sometimes you will find me finishing schoolwork, now that I didn't feel like doing it before, or other times just vibing, it really just depends. But, this hour is mostly a time for myself.

7:00 P.M: Dinner and Catch Up

My family and I all meet in our backyard to have dinner. We leave our phones inside and just get to catch up. We talk about everything that happened in the day, if there is anything new, and mostly talk about the same categories I mentioned before. But, one fun thing we do while having dinner is playing board games. I really recommend it, now that it's a fun time to just catch up with your fam while doing something different.

8:30-9:30 P.M: Friends & Family Time

Usually at this hour my friends and I are completely free, so we use it to catch up. We all connect in facetime calls and just make jokes, and talk about what is currently going on in our lives. Sometimes we have girl facetime calls and we all just give each other advice, do our self-care routines together, spill gossip, talk crushes, relationships, fashion, celebrities, etc. Other times I just have facetime calls with my best friend and just give each other advice and talk about our lives in general.

As well, I use this time to contact my loved ones and faraway family members. During this quarantine not seeing my family (apart from my mom, sister, and dad) has been difficult. So I use this hour to talk to my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, my cousins, etc. We usually talk about anything new in our lives, make jokes, and depending on the family member, give each other advice.

9:30-10:00 P.M: Sister Bonding Time

I usually spend this half-hour with my little sister. I usually play with her, or we make popcorn and watch a movie. Either way, I dedicate this half-hour before we go to sleep to being with her.

She makes me play with LOL dolls, Shopkins, Polly Pocket, Barbies, etc. Sometimes we have dance parties, other times I read a book to her, other times we color, etc. Yes, having a little sister is like being a child all over again, and it sounds easier than it seems.

10:30-11:00 P.M: Get Ready for Bed

At this time I usually change into my pajamas (if I don't have them on already). Then I go on towards the bathroom and perform my night routine, which consists of brushing my teeth, washing my face, putting on moisturizer, and brushing my hair, etc. (sometimes it's longer)

Then I go to my parent's and sister's bedroom to say goodnight. I then head on towards the kitchen and make myself chamomile or green tea. I finally get to my room and watch Netflix, Tiktok, Snapchat, and Instagram. I prepare anything I need in advance and then head to bed.

11:00-11:30 P.M: Sleepy Time

I usually fall asleep between 11:00 and 11:30. What I often do, is that I turn on my led lights and set them so turn off at a specific time. I then play music to help you imagine scenarios in your head and I just let myself go. I just think and reflect about the day I had and feel the music. I eventually fall asleep and recharge my batteries for the next morning.

That's all Folks, See you in the next episode

Thank you for following me throughout one of my days at home during quarantine. This is my favorite way of being proactive throughout the day, but you can change anything you want ! I want you to use my routine as an example or template, but be free to change whatever you like!

I am gonna say, that there are free days. By "free days" I mean that it is totally acceptable if you stay up all night having fun or if you don't exercise one day, or if you didn't have a bonding time. The important thing is, that you feel happy and comfortable in your day to day. So now, get out there and make a change!

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