My Daily Routine As a High School Student Taking Classes from Home
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My Daily Routine As a High School Student Taking Classes from Home

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September 12, 2020

Fall is often considered a new beginning. We buy new notebooks, new pencils, get assigned new class schedules. This year, this “new beginning”, will look different from previous years for many students.

Most high school students across the USA this fall will be taking their classes virtually. True, we all finished out last school year online, but something feels different about starting online. My classes started on August 17th, so here is my daily routine as an online high school student, as well as some of my tips and tricks for still succeeding at school.

My Daily Routine

7 AM: Rise and shine!

Not gonna lie, a perk of online school is not waking up super early to catch a bus. However, I do recommend waking up relatively early, to go ahead and get a jump start on your day. I wake up at 7 every morning, take about 30 minutes to get ready and eat breakfast, and by 7:30, I'm at my desk ready to begin my online learning!


I then turn off my phone and work hard until 12. It might seem like a lot, but trust me, it beats staying up late to finish everything!

Last semester, I would leave my phone on while I was studying, but with all my friends also working from home, we ended up doing more texting then studying. This semester, I always turn off my phone, and it's cut the time I spend at my desk in half!


Lunchtime! I also recommend eating outside if that's an option. Spending some time outside in the sun will make it easier to get back to the books!

I also try to be screen-free during lunch. The break from the screen will boost your attitude.


Back to work! It doesn't always take me until 4 to finish, but from 12 to whenever I'm done, that's phone-off, work hard time. Also, if any of your work is something you can do from somewhere other than your desk, for example, a book that you have to read for English, grab that book and head outdoors! A change of scenery will do you good!


This is my “free time”-however, I usually do try to exercise/do chores/generally tackle my to-do list. Basically the idea is to do things that aren't school. And stay away from the TV and social media! You've been staring at a screen all day-get outside or go hang out with friends (socially distanced of course!)


Wind-down time! This is a screen-free time I use to journal or read, or do something relaxing. Downtime before bed is important-it helps prepare your body for sleep.

To be honest, I look forward to this time all day. I personally use this time to bullet journal.


Bedtime! A good night's sleep and you'll be ready to do it all over again the next morning.

My Tips and Tricks

— TURN OFF YOUR PHONE WHILE YOU'RE WORKING!!!! Seriously, this is a huge one. You will waste SO much time if you keep your phone turned on!

-Create a specific schedule for what you'll do each day and stick to it. Don't put anything off till the last minute!

-Create a quiet, distraction-free space to do your schoolwork. With no distractions, you'll be amazed at how much you can get done in an hour!

-Have an organizational method for your notes and assignments. This is important! You don't want to misplace valuable information and waste time looking for it.

-Bullet journal! This is something that changed my life, seriously. I'm so much more organized since I started bullet journaling.

-Save time to relax. Downtime is important. Make sure you get at least 30 minutes every day to just read or do something you find relaxing.

-On the weekends, prep meals (mainly breakfast/lunch) that are healthy. This way you won't have to spend time prepping healthy meals during your school day.

-Stay connected to your friends! Organize safe, socially distanced meet-ups or take time to Face Time.

-Create schedules for long-term projects. This will help you efficiently complete assignments on time.

-Stay positive. A positive attitude about online learning is the best thing you can do for yourself. Remember, everything you are learning is helping you to grow as a person.

-Make the most of your resources. Talk to teachers when you're having trouble with the assignments, join a study group, use YouTube to help understand new concepts.

-Start on track and stay on track. For big assignments, work a little on it every day. Don't put it off till the last minute!

-Learn to deal with setbacks. They happen to everyone! To move forward, acknowledge what you did wrong (or didn't do) and take responsibility for it. Then determine how you're going to change your attitude next time.

-Shower and get dressed in the morning. It doesn't seem like much, but getting ready like you normally would for school will help you get in the right mindset for online school.

-Be an active participant in your learning. Ask questions and get involved in class! You'll impress your teachers and learn better at the same time.

-Figure out how you learn best. If you're a morning person, grab a cup of coffee and get that studying done first thing. If you're more focused in the middle of the day, carve out some time to study then. And some people are most zoned in at night if you're one of those people, get that studying done then! (Just make sure you're still going to bed at a reasonable hour!)

I hope this article helped you! Remember, working hard is important, but working yourself to exhaustion isn't a good look on anyone. A well-balanced schedule is key to a healthy lifestyle!

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