How to Get Through a Boring Class

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There is always one class during the school year that you can never seem to stay engaged in. Your eyes wander off, and you stare at the clock until lunch has arrived. But, once you arrive home from school, you face the consequences of not paying attention in class. You have absolutely no idea how to complete your homework. To ensure that you do not fall behind in your studies, you must push yourself to make a class you are disinterested in a bit more engaging. Now, let's talk about how you can go about doing so.

Have Fun With Notes

Taking notes as your teacher lectures is essential to staying engaged in class. But, let's face it. As students, having the motivation to take detailed, helpful notes is sometimes hard. Rather than simply writing down pages and pages worth of content you don't completely grasp yet, prioritize taking fewer, more significant notes that will actually help you when it comes time to complete homework or take a test. Most importantly, have fun while taking your notes. Use different colored pens, highlighters, and any other materials that make the idea of taking notes sound more appealing to you.

Force Yourself To Ask Questions

Though I may have a question in class, I am often reluctant to raise my hand and ask my teacher the concept I am having trouble understanding. It's no secret that finding the courage to ask a question in class is sometimes a student's worst nightmare. What if people think my question is stupid? What if the teacher is frustrated that I don't already comprehend the lesson? What if I embarrass myself? These thoughts may rush through your mind when you are contemplating whether or not to ask a question. But, remember, when you are utterly confused, staying engaged in a class becomes a lot harder than it should be. When you make sure to ask questions when you are confused, you will have an easier time staying focused.

Sit Up Front

Taking a seat in front of a classroom will hold you accountable. It is important to understand that when you make the decision to sit in the back of a classroom, you are more likely to easily get distracted. Sitting up front will force you to stay engaged and to pay attention.

Stay Away From Technology If Possible

It is so easy to start scrolling aimlessly on social media while in class. Maybe an email notification steals your attention from the lesson at hand. Or, maybe you should begin doing work for another class. Closing your computer and tucking your phone away in your backpack will be a game-changer.

Have A Reward

There is nothing that will make you more inclined to pay attention in a boring class than a reward. If finding the motivation to stay engaged in class is not coming easily to you, think of a reward that will inspire you to follow along and listen to your teacher. Your reward can be anything from a delicious lunch you are looking forward to or an episode of your favorite television show later in the day.

Surround Yourself With Engaged Students

Sitting near your classmates that face no difficulty staying engaged in class will influence you to do the same. Additionally, you can ask these same classmates any questions that you did not get a chance to ask your teacher. Not only can you seek help from certain classmates, but you can also ask a friend to hold you accountable. For instance, if your friend sees that you are distracted in class, ask them to remind you to pay attention.

Prepare Before Class

Walking into a class and already feeling lost is an awful feeling and one that will steer you away from remaining engaged throughout the remainder of a class. Ensuring that you understand the material from previous classes before learning about new material will make you more motivated to stay on track.

Change Your Mindset

Though negative feelings about a boring class may be hard to subside, thinking about the benefits of the class will make the class go by much faster. Every class you take in school will not necessarily align with your interests and passions. However, remind yourself that each class you take, whether interesting or boring, will provide you with some valuable learning lessons that will help you in the future. By challenging yourself to be open-minded, finding enjoyment in a boring class will come by itself.

Take Your Homework Seriously

It is vital to ensure that you are not only engaged during class but also outside the classroom. When you are not in class, completing the given homework the best you can will incentivize you to listen carefully in the next class, along with ensuring that you are caught up with the curriculum of the class.

Surviving boring classes can be very challenging for students. But, by challenging yourself to be an active contributor in the classroom and to stay on track with the curriculum being taught, you will have an easier time becoming engaged.

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