How to Create a LinkedIn and Use it to Find Jobs as a Teenager
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How to Create a LinkedIn and Use it to Find Jobs as a Teenager

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June 23, 2020

Now that we're coming into summer, it's time to start looking for a summer job. If you're new to the job search, it can be tricky to figure out where to start. In fact, I wish I had a little guide to help me when I started looking for summer work about a month ago.

LinkedIn is a great resource for teenagers to find jobs, and it's useful to make one early on so by the time you're working full-time, you already have tons of connections. Here's a short tutorial on how to create a LinkedIn and use it as a job searching platform.

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1. Create a LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great way to look for available jobs in your area. The first step is to download LinkedIn on your device or go to the LinkedIn website and click on the option to 'Join Now'.

How to set up your LinkedIn (I've included links that take you to a video summary, but I'll also explain the process in full here)

  • Create your account - Click on 'Join Now' on LinkedIn and input any information they ask you for. This helps fill out your basic profile.
  • Add a headline and summary - Your headline gives profile viewers an immediate glimpse into who you are. Here's an example of what my headline looks like. I don't have a summary on my profile, but it's a great way to expand upon what's included in your headline.

  • Add Previous Work Experience - On my LinkedIn, I included an internship I participated in last summer and the piano studio I run with a friend. There's also an option to add volunteer work. Add any internships, past part time jobs, or any work experience you have. Everything counts!
  • Add education - Add your current school name and the year you are set to graduate.
  • Add skills - Include any skills that you believe will help you excel in the working world! You can also take tests on LinkedIn to be certified in certain skills like coding, Microsoft Excel, and more.
  • Create some connections - LinkedIn will generate a list of profiles based on your contacts, school, and past work experience that may be in association with people you know. The more connections you make, the more people will be drawn to your profile.

Now you're ready to start looking for jobs online!

2. Access the Search Page

First, click on the search icon on the LinkedIn homepage. Here's an example of what my search page looks like, unfiltered. You can see that the search isn't a separate icon on the bottom, but rather an extension of the homepage.

3. Narrow the fields in your search page

On LinkedIn, the search option allows you to narrow your search to the type of job you are looking for. For example in the to 'Search Jobs' box, I would put in code words like "retail" or "intern". Then, I would put in my state and city into the location tab, and run the results.

I decided to put in retail, and narrow it down to New York City and entry level jobs. Here's what it looks like after I input search terms.

4. Check the Requirements

The list goes on, but you can see that in New York City, Staples, Music & Arts, Skechers, and UNIQLO are looking for entry level retail associates. Once you click on the job information, there will be an option to apply. And, it's simple as that!

Make sure to scroll down to requirements to check if there's any specific kind of information needed. I clicked on the Music & Arts job opening. Under minimum and preffered experience, it says one would need some knowledge of music and instruments, and should have some previous experience working in this field.

So if you don't have any musical experience, this may not be the job for you. Be sure to check the minimum requirements on all the jobs you plan to apply to.

And that's all! Now go make your LinkedIn, and go get that job!

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