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How to Check Up on Your Friends, Even If You're Miles Apart


November 18, 2022

Long-distance friendships are hard to keep, and even harder to maintain. With the holidays right around the corner, long-distance friendships should be appreciated more. Living far away from your friends can be difficult; it can be hard to support them or be there for them when you don't live nearby. Here are some ways to make that relationship a bit easier despite the distance.

1. Prioritize

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With everything that life throws at you, it can be hard to keep certain friendships. It may be even harder to keep them when so much is going against you, like distance. Prioritizing friendships really separates who ends up staying and leaving your life.

I definitely think that I put in years of effort to maintain the friendships I have now. Even though some may live miles away, we've been through too much to let distance separate us. Some friends stay, others drift apart.

We tend to prioritize the important people in our life so that they come first. I'm surprised at the friendships I had to let go of and make because of distance. To preserve the friendships we want to keep, we have to prioritize them.

2. Set Aside Time

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Along with prioritizing comes effort. To stay together, you have to set aside time to talk. How do you expect to keep the same relationship without communication?

My friend and I always have an open line of communication, and we both realize that some days are difficult and busier than others. No matter what happens, we both know that we can contact each other. This part of long-distance friendships sucks. When they're busy, you're free, and vice versa.

You start questioning whether it's even worth it anymore. To keep that dynamic, I would suggest setting a fixed time and day to talk. A time when both of you are free.

During this time, you'll be able to be caught up with everything that's happening in both of your lives. These types of friendships are definitely give and take, but they're worth preserving.

3. Schedule Hangout Time

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How is this any different than the last topic? Not only do you need to set aside time to talk, you also need to set aside time to hang out. This can be as simple as scheduling a time to see each other every month and have a sleepover or a brunch date.

It doesn't have to be extravagant. What makes it special is that you're spending time with them. Spending time together will bring both of you closer and develop a stronger bond.

The last time I saw my long-distance friend, I didn't waste one moment. I spent as much time with them to truly savor our friendship.

4. Gifts

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Gifts are a great way to show how much you care about your friendship despite the distance. The gift doesn't need to be expensive or grand; it can be simple and meaningful. Show how much you appreciate your friends and how much you value them through gifts.

Some ideas could include:

  • Friendship products (bracelets, lamps, rings, necklaces)

  • Spotify playlists

  • Photo albums

  • Photo journals

  • Memory boxes

I have always loved giving gifts to my long-distance friends. Most of the time, it's something meaningful and sentimental. Something that holds a lot of memories for both of us. If your friend isn't states or countries away, you can always gift them flowers or their favorite beverage/food and deliver them personally.

5. Messages and Notes

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Another way to check up on long-distance friends is through messages and notes. Send an "I miss you" text to them to show how much you value and appreciate them. Even if they don't see it right away, they'll appreciate the sentiment and the effort you put into the text. Many friendships start drifting because of a lack of communication.

We become busy and we don't have time to tell them how much we miss and appreciate our friends. Before we realize it, we only text them when it's their birthday or on a special holiday. If you really want to be extra, send a handwritten letter.

It really adds a personal touch and there's no word count or limit. Add some pictures or knick-knacks that remind you of a special memory or inside joke.


Distance shouldn't be the cause of a broken friendship. Being in a long-distance friendship is tough, especially if the distance is great. Being in a long-distance friendship takes patience, and I would know because I'm in one.

What I've learned is that these tips do actually make long-distance friendship easier. It makes you cherish your friendship even more and also brings both of you closer together.

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