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How to Channel Rory Gilmore to Survive High School

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May 31, 2022

School can be hard sometimes, and we can all agree on that. From assignments to club activities, there's a lot going on. In between the process of burning midnight fuel and turning in essays, we can often lose track.

If you can resonate with it, trust me, you are not alone. We all make mistakes and learn from our failures, and that's what we are here for. This article will deal with how one can avoid hitting a school slump (and, in fact, survive through with flying colors) by manifesting our favorite character Rory Gilmore. Want to know how? Follow along!

Mindset is Key

Rory's transition to Chilton wasn't a smooth ride. The first meeting with headmaster Charleston blew up in her face, and left her with an unsettling prediction about her future: a possible failure and an awful return to Stars Hollow. Of course, it didn't end either way, or better say, Rory didn't let it end that way.

Now there's a difference between these two, and Rory drew the line with her adamant mindset. This is the power one holds when we start believing in our abilities. Simply put, with the right mindset, there's nothing you can't do; whether it be getting a five in AP Calculus or writing the perfect essay, just like Rory, you got this too.

Rory Said Put yourself first

Make this a thumb rule. No matter what the matter is - friends, family, opportunities or school, of course - make sure to give yourself a justifiable amount of time every day. Learn how to respectfully turn down other people, when you want to prioritize any task of yours.

If you don't feel like hanging out today, take a stand for yourself, and politely explain it to your friends. If you have a specific reason for doing that, like self-care, homework or anything else, explain it to them so they know your actions make sense. Rory is a genius at this. Not only did she manage to spend time (and most importantly have fun) with Lane, but she also kept up with her academics.

Building Quality Hobbies Is A Win

It's a well-known fact that Rory had a flair for books. She always likes to have a book with her, and always read on the way to school. In fact, her obsession is so evident from how she owns more books than her bookshelf can accommodate.

If you don't already have a similar share of love for something, don't panic. There's no better time to build a new hobby than now, and it's a lot easier than you may think. Start by exploring what interests you, learn deeper about it, and in a fortnight or a month you'll already know whether you want to continue doing it or not. With the right kind of hobbies, you'll be driven to be productive and enjoy your leisure time too.

Stay Organized

This one is a lot more school specific than the other types suggested above. There are many ways to be organized and prepare for things beforehand. Rory certainly had a unique take on this- carrying a spare set of highlighters just in case she loses one, and another dries up.

While this is one way to do it, we can build our own by analyzing what falls on the priority spectrum. Say if you are an athlete, packing your bag, and piling your clothes at night will save you a good amount of time in the morning next day. Or if you are a STEM geek who likes prototyping, then decluttering your desk is a necessity. Needless to say, staying organized goes a long way in adding to your overall productivity.

Know your calling

One of the common traits of successful people is that they realize their passion early on in life. Once you are done with identifying your calling, start devoting some time to it. This is also how you find the right extracurricular activities that, apparently, have a big say in college decisions too.

However, keeping college aside (like we should for now), your interest areas can also become your strength inside, and outside school. In the case of Rory, she was highly involved in the school newspaper, and kept her passion fueled throughout college too, when she became a staff member of the Yale Daily News at college. And yes, her experience did pay off.

Again, school can be hard sometimes. But since you are determined to make it through (provided you have already begun the process by reading this article), you have won half the battle! All you need to do is to keep moving ahead, be gentle to yourself, and make the most of what lies in your hand at the moment. And if anything goes wrong (take this with a grain of salt), Rory Gilmore has us covered!


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