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How to Celebrate a Single Valentine’s Day


February 13, 2022

Flowers, chocolates, and oversized teddy bears… Valentine's Day is only a blink away and while many are paired up to celebrate the day of love, many of us are celebrating alone. I’m here to tell you that celebrating Valentine's Day isn’t just about giving a significant other an extensive bouquet of overpriced flowers. It’s about treating yourself too and learning how to celebrate love without having a certain someone. If you're part of the single club then welcome aboard, here's how you can make the most of a single Valentine's Day.


Who said you had to have a romantic Valentine? Getting the gals together for a Galentine's day is a great idea if you have other fellow single ladies in your friend group. (Blasting Beyonce is an unwritten must-do!) A brunch, picnic, or even candlelit dinner with your best friends can turn the holiday into a celebration of friendship. Which, let’s be honest, is just as important as a traditional valentine!

Have plenty of games at the ready, while the normal games like Truth or Dare, Would You Rather, and Never Have I Ever are good fun, look for card games and party games to spice up Galentines. A few of my favorites that can be found online are: For the Girls, Incoherent, Cards Against Humanity, and Cringe worthy. Get creative with your friends; bake and decorate cakes, dress up and take cute photos, make themed foods, overindulge in way too much chocolate and most of all enjoy each other's company.

Take yourself out on a date

Maybe you’ve found yourself in a situation where the gals aren’t available and that’s okay because nobody’s stopping you from enjoying your own company. Spoil yourself to a nice dinner or if you're at the legal age to drink, immerse yourself in a few cocktails. Spend the evening at the beach and pick up some takeaway food after a dip in the ocean.

Go see that new movie you’ve been wanting and don’t be shy on movie theaters snacks. To the more homebody readers perhaps you might be happier splurging on a night at home.

Treat yourself and do something you enjoy! Celebrating the love we have for ourselves and the time we can commit to doing things we enjoy on our own is equally important as doing them with a significant other. It shows we have the ability to enjoy time to ourselves and that we don’t need someone to buy us chocolates and roses to enjoy a day of love.

Throw a pamper day

Valentine's Day is all about being spoiled, so why not spoil yourself? Book a manicure or splash out and get a blowout and touch-up at the hair salon. Don’t be a stranger to the mall either, retail therapy and a new outfit can be the cherry on top to a perfect day of pampering in my books. You may find pampering in other ways like switching off for the day or spending time somewhere you love.

Turn off your phone for a while and just enjoy the small things rather than scrolling through and potentially feeling down about seeing post after post of couples together. Live in the moment and that moment should be focused on your feeling like a million dollars after a day of relaxation! Although a pamper day is never complete without a face mask and a bubble bath so be sure to include that at the end of your day. Sit back, relax and enjoy spoiling yourself for the day.

The Cliché checklist

If you feel like none of these ideas tickle your fancy too much then by all means do everything cliché (it’s absolutely acceptable). Rummage through the pantry and gather as many sweets and chocolate as possible, maybe make a trip… or two to the store. Snag yourself a bouquet of roses while you're at it. Binge-watch as many romantic comedies as your eyes can manage.

Laugh, cry, Google the age of the incredibly good-looking male main character. Maybe take a break from sweets and order a pizza and continue on the marathon. A couple of movie recommendations to get you started: Legally Blonde, La La Land, Wild Child, Aquamarine, The Notebook... Ryan Gosling need I say more? As well as, How to be Single (very fitting right?)

The daunting holiday of Valentine's Day can seem a little overwhelming when you don’t have someone to call your valentine but in the end, it’s actually a lot of fun when you know how to celebrate being single. Whether this year you decide to splash out and treat yourself, curl up and eat dozens of chocolates or spend it causing havoc with your best friends, It’s really not all that bad.

For those anti-valentines day people, I see you and don’t fret. It's only for one day then the teddy bears hit the clearance aisle. Let me know how your Single Valentine's Day goes, and I hope not too many people suffer a bad hangover or chocolate food coma this year.

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