How Over-scheduling Can Negatively Affect Your Productivity and Mental Health
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How Over-scheduling Can Negatively Affect Your Productivity and Mental Health

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May 03, 2020

What are you going to do when this lockdown will be over? Will you go back to your old routines?! Or will you give a chance to change? Quarantine has taught us to be patient.

It gave us time for a lot of things that we were missing out on and had no idea about it. Our lives are hectic and so are our family's. All this has given us the time to spend it with each other.

People we rarely see, sit with, or speak to. Don't let family, work, and self-care bleed into each other.

We find ourselves often complaining about the daily routines,  we want to change but sometimes feel bound by the duties which follow us even if we try to avoid them, resulting in haste and fumbled schedule.

Over scheduling is one of the biggest mistakes we make in this pressure. Trying to achieve anything and everything, not giving importance to a little relaxing time. It is damaging and makes us perform like robots.

Nowadays people don't have time to just sit and think properly which is really necessary.
We are at an age where we need to be scheduled systematically to avoid the stressing part and keep a peaceful mind.

Students cringe just by looking at their calendar which simply indicates too close-packed schedule to even see for themselves! Even with all the stress people don't acknowledge the wrong path instead try to keep it up and hope it will get better as they work it out.

Warning: Avoid this

Try to keep these Things in Mind:

# It never gets easy if one doesn't accept. The first step to untangle the schedule is to admit the problem.

 # Then Decide to spend a manageable day with things from priority and end with dropping the unnecessary load which was just the feeling of "something more". There will be always something waiting, be wise to gather only, you know is right.

# Prepare a time table and divide time according to the duration needed for a task. Spending time more than needed will just go to waste and anxiety will crawl to the surface during other things that need to be done.

# Resist the urge to multitask which will either mess up or lead to delays and will just add up to the heat.

# After a reasonable amount of studies, extra work and curricular activities have some moments to yourself or dedicate them to people who want your attention... Take some minutes for headspace as a pit stop in a journey.

# Manage your over-scheduled day.

# Cramming everything you wish and wishing to accomplish as soon as possible is just an invitation to stress and disorders, people suffer in later halves of their life.
A clear brain will be more efficient than a messy one which is stressed and confused for the most part of the day. We need to calm our minds for more productive work.

Relaxing Time!

  • Try by closing your eyes and push out the stress just for a little while, take deep breaths and imagine your dream place.
  • Listen to soothing music to be able to lighten the Heart.
  • Write your thoughts and emotions if you feel overwhelmed and your thoughts are more precise.
  •  Warm baths are a lot effective too if you need to meditate after a long day.
  • Power naps for about 30 min before starting the second half of the day is always an option.

Prevent being a full-blown workaholic and find creative and different ideas to enjoy the functions in life. If getting behind is what gives you the chills, then concentration and regularity is your key to overcome the feeling. Steal a couple of minutes from the time. Don't try and race with it, challenge yourself not to compare the work limit with time. It never stops for anyone, it won't do you any good by running after it.


It's true that generation after generation time gets more competitive and people race through it to achieve something incredible and work hard day and night. Working hard makes us tough but if we work smart, that's something that will lead us to someplace. Anything extreme is wrong and definitely not favoured by health.
Such a chaotic pace triggers the mental health of a person. Even though you think you can handle it, still, trust me when things slip through your fingers, it is difficult to try and put things on the correct path.


Leading yourself to great levels of depression or anxiety makes it hard all the more. People nowadays get more mental health problems than ever before.

Complex lives have consequences, you might not hold much value now, but later on, as adults, we tend to regret it. 

Slow down your thought process, have a moment with yourself, instead of trying to remind yourself of your duties and responsibilities.

Time To Work!

Find the time zone you feel most energized in, improving the quality and quantity of your work, opens the gate of your Energy, and Increases the pace of your most demanding tasks. Natural energy will take less time and effort for it to cover up, it will leave you satisfied and feeling accomplished.

Keeping things simple will be better to help understand the situation and will be easier to solve.

Strike a balance in your life. Even your social life and commitments can be hard to follow, don't be eager to please everyone at once. Agreeing to each one should be of some worth. Saying 'yes' should at least be given a thought upon not just blindly promising or giving your word.

Discuss your problems with someone you trust and you know, can understand you in a better way.

Establish your priorities and don't just "squeeze things in." Start aiming for something you truly love. Perform projects which inspire or makes you passionate. Keep your desires intact,  master a skill or two rather than being a 'Jack of All Trades, Master of None'.

Why to Not Over Schedule?

~Not many of you might have experienced this but who try and gain every known sport, music, instrument, even academics, all at once, start to lose interest just after a little while. They burn out of their desire to work more for things. They feel exhausted and aloof by the things which once fascinated them.

~Family relations get affected due to burdens of performing tasks which drains out an individual. We start to feel like we are being forced to do something and it becomes too much to handle the daily rituals. Frustration and irritation take roots, affecting the interactions that follow.

Prevailing sentiments among parents is that every passing moment should be optimized but becomes oblivion towards how it may affect the one who has to perform all the activities.  Students get depressed this early in their lives, while they should be able to live freely and should be able to enjoy their days. Parents should encourage resilience and help teenagers attain balance.

Things in life are achieved during a course of time, trying to gather that in a snap won't make you better or outstanding than others. A planned day takes you more places than performing tasks hurriedly or fitting many jobs in a span of a day. Don't get the pressure on you, instead, try to unwind a little. Bond with your family,go out and take a cool breath, think about your day at least for a little while.

We try to keep up, which is not wrong! Wanting success and working for it is something to be proud of. It's all about doing it along with some fun.

Observe patterns and try to correct them.

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