How are Celebrities Spending Their Quarantine?

How are Celebrities Spending Their Quarantine?

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May 23, 2020

While COVID-19 has caused a widespread quarantine (even complete lockdown in many states) with the agenda of social distancing and being safe, some celebrities are setting an example of an ideal quarantine experience. These times have allowed fans to get a peek behind the stardom curtain and get to know their favorite celebrity's life more "intimately". So, to keep you up-to-date, here is a list of celebrities that have excelled at making the best use of quarantine (and making a few of us jealous!).

1. The Newly Blonde - Jim Parsons!

CBS star Jim Parsons aka 'Sheldon Lee Cooper' had been showing interest in "jazzing" things up, on The Ellen Show. He also stared in the new Netflix original "Hollywood" but with his traditional dark brown hair. On being asked why he was willing to go through with the process his reply was-

"I think I am probably going to; I feel that amount of Stir Crazy!"

A few days later, we can see Jim Parsons rocking an absolutely stunning blonde hairdo.

As it is visible clearly Jim's Husband, Todd Spiewak has done a perfect job taking into consideration that bleaching hair can be a painful process and Jim seems to like it. Jim Parsons was successful in setting an example that we have got to try new things in life (Although, I bet Sheldon Cooper disagrees).

2. Working from Home - Ellen DeGeneres

"I want to start the new show as quick as possible, because it's really to support the people; especially the staff and crew I love them and miss them, and the best thing I can do is keep the show on air."

Really an amazing gesture from one America's most popular T.V. show host, Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen has been continuing the show from HER LIVING ROOM and inviting all kinds of celebs on Zoom. If Coronavirus can not stop The Ellen Show, nothing can. Everyone including Kumail Nanjani, Kristen Bell, and Jim Parsons has been a part of the "Online" Ellen Show, and so far, it's been amazing.

3. Justin Bieber and his Goo Goo!

Justin Bieber and his wife have had their fair share of "marriage conundrums". The Canadian Singer and American Model and Television personality, Hailey Baldwin(Bieber) tied the knot in 2018. But shortly after the marriage, Hailey Bieber (neé Baldwin) had admitted that marriage is "really effing Hard".

Furthermore, there were reports claiming that they have been through marriage counseling. However, things have been going pretty well for the couple lately. After a performance, in response to a fan's question, Justin insinuated that his sex life with his wife was going pretty well. He also called his wife the "only" inspiration behind his single "Yummy".

The two have been quarantined together since March, and they have been making us jealous. Enjoying long walks (while maintaining social distancing) to doing Hailey's makeup, the couple is checking all the right boxes and setting all new couple goals.

Justin uploaded an image on his Instagram with the caption "Me and my goo goo", we can clearly make out that Justin and Hailey are having one [censored] of a quarantine, Together.

4. Kim Kardashian West is "Fed Up" with Kanye!

Kim Kardashian West is one of the top American models/ businesswomen/ media personality/ actress/influencers (woof! That's a celebrity). Kim and Kanye West, a world-famous rapper, tied the knot in 2014 but Kim and Kanye's marriage has never been perfect, they have always had their ups and downs, but unlike Justin and Hailey, they are NOT having a ball.

Reports keep on coming up about how Kanye and Kim have been arguing since this quarantine began. Kim is "fed up" with Kanye" a source reported; "They are arguing a lot" another report said. This issue has its root in the fact that they have four children and Kanye is apparently not helping with the kids, i.e. parental responsibility has been falling with Kim.

It is understandable that children are being difficult in these times and handling four can be overwhelming to say the least. Things have not all been bad, Kim and Kanye did come upfront and say that they are "Trying to make the best of this", Kanye was also seen enjoying with the kids (and Kim) while watching a movie in their Theatre Room.

Christmas Eve 2019

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According to E! "Like all parents with young kids they are trying to keep them busy, engaged, trying their best to balance work, homeschooling, etc. but remain grateful that they have their health and each other during this difficult time of crisis in the world," Furthermore, Kim shared, "I think this time, we're just trying to take advantage of it and be positive." Therefore, we can only make assumptions and hope everything sorts out between the two before quarantine ends.

5. A Miami Quarantine - Shawn Mendez and Camila Cabello

Singers Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendez have been "The Hottest Couple in town", essentially since they started dating back in 2019. The BFFs turned Couple have been a quintessential pair shelling out couple goals left and right! While Quarantined (TOGETHER!) in Camila's Hometown, Miami they have been making everyone jealous (even the couples!).

On April 18th, the pair also appeared on the 'One World: Together' virtual concert, that was held with the objective of raising funds during the COVID-19 pandemic. They sang and played a rendition of Louis Armstrong‘s ‘What a Wonderful World.

Recently, the two connected with a few young fans at Children's National Hospital at Washington via a video call. Working with a charitable foundation called Ryan Foundation, the pair not only answered their questions but also sang for them.

Furthermore, the brought 200 sandwiches and distributed them amongst 200 nurses and doctors at Jackson South Medical Center.

Do you remember me insinuating Hailey and Justin are the ultimate couples of the quarantine season? Well, Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendez may just be The Hottest Quarantine Couples!

6. Millie Bobby Brown doing what she does best: EVERYTHING!

16-year-old, British actress, Millie Bobby Brown (AKA El, from Strangers Things) has been doing better than most this quarantine season. Being in confinement with a loving family does have its own perks; in similar fashion Millie Bobby Brown is quarantined with her family in Georgia. She admitted on her insta story that her daily routine includes caressing her dog, singing with her brother (in a studio room of sorts), baking and dancing in her (super pretty) one-piece pajamas.

She also showed off her dog and her at-home music studio in a recent episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Winne, Millie's 4-month-old poodle is one of the cutest celebrity dogs and we can't have enough of her.

my baby girl โ™ก

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Millie was (also) seen wearing a beautiful piece of her own making; tie-dying seems to another one of her talents.

still remember my hoedown throwdown @mileycyrus ๐Ÿ˜˜ #number1fan

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In short, Millie seems to be well used to quarantine! The actress seems to be well routined, remains happy and staying focused for the future (we all need to take a page out of her book).

There is no denying that quarantine period has been difficult for a lot of us, in such times it is easy to get depressed and lose hope; but to employ self-care not only physically but also mentally requires determination. Staying happy, maintaining a smile, being in the best health (physically as well as mentally) can make us better and healthier human beings, post this pandemic.

If you are feeling low, remember everyone is going through this same phase and we will (safely) make it through the other side of this. This lockdown period can be repetitive and somewhat boring, so why not bring some change into your lives? Maybe you need a new hairdo (like Jim Parsons), or maybe a little family time (like Kim Kardashian West), or spend time building a beautiful relationship with your significant other (like Justin & Hailey or Camila & Shawn), or doing something new and fun (like Millie Bobby Brown), or maybe focus on working from home (like Ellen DeGeneres).

Something that is common amongst all of the aforementioned celebrities is that they are not letting the situation get the best of them, and rather are making the best use of this time. So why not try to do the same?

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