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Highlights of the 2023 Super Bowl

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February 23, 2023

Annual Superbowls are one of the most anticipated events of the sports season, with fans anxious to see who will come out on top. Long-lived traditions of Superbowl parties were not disappointed with Superbowl 57. Fans bet up to 16 million dollars on Superbowl scores, touchdowns, and even commercials. The Superbowl is an enjoyable occasion for all sports fans, no matter if your team is playing or not.

One week removed from Superbowl 57, and the excitement still lives on. From a star-studded guest list to an emotional victory, the 2023 Super Bowl is one for the history books.

Rihanna's Amazing Half-Time Show

The return of the bad gal to live performances was one of the most anticipated moments of the year, and she lived up to expectations. With an amazing performance of her classics, Rihanna proved herself once again as one of the best to ever do it. The dancers that accompanied her were outstanding as well.

Rihanna not only performed beautifully, but she also looked amazing as well; all while pregnant, which she confirmed after her performance. She used a highly sought-after Fenty product, which became one of the most talked about moments of the performance.

Rihanna is one of the most iconic performers of our generation, causing her performance to ripple into a social media trend. People are imitating Rihanna and a backup dancer during the performance of Work. Rihanna provided entertainment to remember for the entire year.

Kelce Faceoff

Superbowl 57 also marked the first brother face-off Super Bowl in history. Travis Kelce of the Chiefs versus his older brother Jason Kelce of the Eagles. Both Kelce's are arguably two of the best in their positions, which made the occasion even more special.

The entire Kelce family showed the brothers love at the end of the game, proving to be a fan-favourite moment. The sports world was already impressed with Kelce's athletic ability but is now thoroughly impressed by the sportsmanship they showed at the end of the game.

Both brothers also earned themselves an expanded fanbase, with TikTokers posting their favourite moments.

Additionally, check out Kelce's podcast New Heights!


The classic celebrations after unimaginable plays and outstanding touchdowns will always be some of the most memorable moments during past Super Bowls. Celebrations range from dances to chants, enhancing the entertainment of football games provide an increasing fan excitement. Celebrations often become trends, like Cam Newton's dab, or are renditions of trends. This year's celebrations became incredibly popular with the help of social media, for good reason.

Firstly, Travis Kelce's celebration after putting the Chiefs on the board sent the internet reeling. Videos of his celebration accompanied by music are scattering Tiktok, pushing Travis Kelce to an even larger stardom.

Miles Sanders and Jason Kelce's celebration also had the internet going crazy. Playing off of Lil Uzi Vert's Just Wanna Rock, Sanders began the celebration and Kelce followed soon after. Like Travis Kelce's, these two inspired fans to put the popular song over their dancing.

And lastly, the Chiefs' celebration parade was full of laughter, triumphs, and happiness. One of my personal favourite moments is Mahomes giving fans his trophy and walking away... very admirable if you ask me.

Eagles Highlights

Jalen Hurts threw a 45-yard touchdown pass to AJ Brown which brought them to a 14-7 lead. This play showcased the true unity between the QB and his receivers and caused an eruption in the crowd. Brown's ability to outsmart the defenders was incredible.

Not only did Hurts throw remarkable passes throughout the entire game, but he also broke a record. Scoring 3 rushing touchdowns, Hurts ran for 66 yards. This claimed Steve Mcnair's record of 64 yards over 20 years ago. Additionally, at the closing end of the game, Hurts ran a two-point conversation that tied the game.

Chiefs Highlights

The game-winning 27-yard field goal sealed the deal for the Chiefs. Scored by the talented Harrison Butker, this field goal was successful in the last 8 seconds of the game.

The Chiefs' quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, earned another Superbowl ring and another Superbowl MVP. After suffering ankle complications, Mahomes came back to win with his capable O-line. He became the 10th player to receive multiple MVP awards. With 21 out of 27 completed passes, Mahomes definitely deserves the title of Most Valuable Player.

In Time

Superbowl 57 was also the 3rd highest-scoring Superbowl in history, just another reason why it should always be remembered. With an amazing performance by both teams, this year's Superbowl was absolutely awesome. Also, Superbowl 57 may mark the beginning of a Chiefs era, and the surfacing of a new contender for the GOAT label.

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