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Gorgeous Jewelry with a Meaningful Cause: Celebrate AAPI Month with Maison Miru x Heart of Dinner

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May 22, 2023

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and during this time, we celebrate the diverse cultures and beautiful heritages of the AAPI community. For one jewelry brand, however, the celebration has also integrated with action and care through a beautiful partnership of making a tangible difference.

In recognition of May's AAPI Month, Maison Miru, the cult-favorite jewelry stop for everyday essentials and social-media-beloved ear cuffs, has partnered with Heart of Dinner, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the most vulnerable Asian elderly community in New York.

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Such a collaboration adds a deeper meaning into jewelry, and the powerful change and love that it can evoke. With a curation of vivid, intricate beads and dainty sparkles, The Maison Miru x Heart of Dinner collection is accessories on another level.

About Heart of Dinner

A non-profit based in New York, Heart of Dinner was founded after the rise of Asian hate crimes in 2020, where many Asian New Yorkers in particular faced life-threatening violence and isolation.

"Heart of Dinner provides hot meals for the most vulnerable Asian elderly community around Manhattan's Chinatown area, with a focus on providing care and essential nourishment for low-income and homebound elders," shares Maison Miru, "Each Heart of Dinner culturally thoughtful food package is curated and bundled in uniquely hand-illustrated bags with handwritten notes of love attached; then hand-delivered to homebound and isolated Asian American seniors living in significantly under-resourced communities."

Learn more about Heart of Dinner at heartofdinner.org

A Collaboration of Care and Joy

To celebrate and give back to the AAPI community, Maison Miru and Heart of Dinner has curated an exclusive collection that is seeped in heartfelt thought and meaning. Featuring the Memory Palace Bracelet and the Heart of Dinner System Kit, the collaboration incorporates Heart of Dinner's mission into heart and represents a sense of belonging.

The Memory Palace Bracelet features "Heart of Dinner’s signature colors in a sculptural, Memphis-inspired design, spotlighting two hand-carved charms: one featuring hearts representing love and the other a bunny for the current zodiac year." This gorgeous bracelet is editioned, with 100% of proceeds from each bracelet donated to Heart of Dinner to further its mission of giving back to New York City's Asian elders.

The limited edition Heart of Dinner System Kit features three classic Maison Miru earrings curated by Heart of Dinner's founders, Yin Chang and Moonlynn Tsai. "Made to be waterproof, sweatproof, and life-proof"- this kit is meant to last for years so that you can carry on the encapsulation of love and care that the collaboration represents. 20% of the proceeds from the kit will be donated to Heart of Dinner.

To learn the full story behind this collaboration, click here for an article on how this beautiful mission came to life through heartfelt jewelry!

The Heart of Dinner System Kit

Our personal favorite of this collaboration is the perfect gift for a friend or for yourself. The Heart of Dinner System Kit is the perfect curation of three distinct styles that you can swap in and out of your jewelry rotation at any time, and its dainty, feminine designs are to be obsessed with.

Featuring the Classic Heart Nap Earrings, Shooting Star Open Hoops, and Classic Arc Ear Cuff, this collection combines sweet and delicate with sparkly and bright.

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As Maison Miru puts it, the Classic Heart Nap Earrings is "a shiny little reminder that love is all around." These mini heart studs are just the most adorable tap of love to have on you at all times. Plus, the push pin flat bat earrings are designed for everyday wear without poking you. If your ears have ever been irritated by the constant touch of push pin earrings, these earrings are actually made with implant grade titanium, making it safe for sensitive skin. They're super easy to pop in and pop out, and I love them as a simple accessory on its own or pairing it as a double piercing!

The Shooting Star Open Hoops is unlike anything you've ever seen before. With an open hoop style, these earrings have been tapped with the magic of a dainty crystal, just like a shooting star. I love how delicate this earring is; it's just like a dream.

With a thin, dainty curve and a beautifully bright crystal for that extra sparkle, these minimalist hoops are perfect for pairing with ear cuffs and shiny piercings. They are also available in titanium, sterling silver and solid 14k gold, making the possibilities endless!

The Classic Arc Ear Cuff is one of Maison Miru's most well done staple jewelry pieces ever, and is a total must for your jewelry stand. If you're looking to have that classic cartilage piercing, this ear cuff is it! With a non-piercing required cuff that you just slip around your ear, this is the perfect piece to style with just about any earring ever. It'll look good with anything and everything, and its simplicity is the charm!

Maison Miru's Classic Staples

You also can't miss some of Maison Miru's most classic looks- a dainty earring with its stunning sparkles or ear cuffs to get your ear party going!

The Mini Eternity Hoop Earrings

Standard mini hoops can be, well, standard- so it's time to liven them up with some crystals.

Shop the Mini Eternity Hoop Earrings here.

These gorgeous mini hoop earrings are tiny but mighty when it comes to shine because of their row of crystals. These tiny earrings will catch all the attention despite their size due to how beautiful and intricate the crystals are.

These earrings are available in two different sizes: mini (11mm) and standard (13mm). They are perfect on their own, but look even better with pairings. Go for your favorite combination of ear cuffs, or even double up on them as a double piercing! These earrings are also available in titanium and sterling silver.

The Double Eternity Arc Ear Cuff

If you love the look of a classic ear cuff, you're going to love this even more.

Shop the Double Eternity Arc Ear Cuff here.

If you've ever wished for a double-up on the thickness and the sparkle of a classic ear cuff, Maison Miru has answered your wish. The Double Eternity Arc Ear Cuff is a take on the classic crystal ear cuff, but with its bolder width and double decked row of crystals, you can't miss these!

My favorite thing about Maison Miru's ear cuffs is how painless and commitment-less they are. This ear cuff is seriously so realistic, and all you really have to do is slip and cinch onto your ear. I love how convenient it is, and how they actually stay on without you having to worry about them!

This ear cuff is also available in sterling silver.

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Keep Up With Heart of Dinner

Be sure to connect with Heart of Dinner and their mission on social media! Find Heart of Dinner on Instagram at @heartofdinner and on Facebook at @heartofdinner.

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