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3 Jewelry Basics That Instantly Make Me Feel Like a Cool Girl: Realistic Ear Cuffs I Always Wear from Maison Miru

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Mon, June 10

There’s something about a simple piece of jewelry that goes so far in transforming your entire vibe- and for me, that has to be a pair of earrings with distinct personality and charm.

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Wearing hoops gives you a boost of confidence when going out for a night to remember, while pearls give the perfect enhancement of elegance, and tiny studs can be such a delicate addition to any casual look.

The real next level to your ear jewelry, however, are ear cuffs: a trendy, chic addition to not just your lobes, but adding hints of gold and sparkling gems all over. If there’s anywhere that has the coolest, cutting-edge earcuffs and accessories, it has to be Maison Miru.

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Shop Maison Miru at maisonmiru.com

Maison Miru makes jewelry that looks one of a kind, but also such a cool element to where you feel like you’re wearing a piece of sculpture. Each piece has a unique aesthetic that molds right into a daily lifestyle, for both the casual and special moments.

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“I was inspired to create a line of infinitely remixable jewelry - a modular line of jewelry with pieces that you can combine with one another and rearrange. I wanted to create a foundation vocabulary and grammar that you can shape with your own voice. A system of jewelry that gives you the simplicity of a personal uniform, but doesn’t forget the poetry.”

-Trisha, Founder of Maison Miru

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What I love most about Maison Miru is that I feel so empowered in them. With just an ear cuff on, everything about my style instantly becomes cooler and there’s such a level of effortless chicness that you can’t help but be obsessed with.

Without further ado, below are the 3 essentials that I always keep on my jewelry stand:

The Essential Ear Cuff Trio

This is the ultimate starter pack to start on your ear party journey and having your jewelry dramatized in a whole new level like you’ve never known before…

Shop the Essential Ear Cuff Trio here.

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I have always been obsessed with the look of a multi-studded ear; there is something so elegant, feminine, and daring about the whole concept of so many layers and dainty details– it’s almost like decorating yourself.

The catch? It’s somewhat permanent… and painful. As someone who is afraid of the commitment of both, I couldn’t have been more glad to come across an ear cuff– specifically, the staple pieces from Maison Miru for all of my everyday occasions.

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The Essential Ear Cuff Trio features 3 ear cuffs that are so fun to mix and match, and are timeless in a way that you can wear them just about anywhere.

The Eternity Ear Cuff features a classic crystal-studded row that feels so charming. The Architect Ear Cuff on the other hand is bold, loud, and proud. It’s the one you can’t miss even from a distance. To complement both is the Classic Ear Cuff, which has a thin hoop that fits snugly anywhere you want it.

I just love how simple it is to slip onto the ear, and how snug it is. The best part? No one can tell they’re just ear cuffs- I couldn’t believe the amount of times I was asked if they were real!

Infinite Ear Cuff

Two is better than one… and what’s better than double the sparkle?

Shop the Infinite Ear Cuff here.

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The Infinite Ear Cuff takes an edgy spin to the basic studded ear cuff. Featuring two split rows of crystals, this ear cuff calls for all attention.

I just love how glamorous and extra it is; paired with all of your other earrings, it makes for a total show. With most ear cuffs, I always find myself reaching for more to make it feel complete, but this alone looks stunning.

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Eternity Hoop Earrings

These classic hoop earrings are the perfect everyday pair that you can wear for the simple and sweet moments, but also the formal times.

Shop the Eternity Hoop Earrings here.

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These stunning hoop earrings feature a row of crystals around the loop for a sparkling touch to the jewelry. I love how the gems stand out on this piece, and it brings such a great complimenting look to any skin tone, unlike metal-only earrings.

Plus, these earrings are built to last you for as long as you need it. Made with medical-grade titanium, these are friendly to sensitive skin. With its waterproof and sweatproof quality, you can catch me wearing these when doing just about anything.

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