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Gen Z's Favorite Indie Pop Artist Kevian Kraemer on Writing Music That Resonates

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Mon, June 10

Right from his dreamy voice and music videos to his lyrics with an amazingly accurate touch of reality, Kevian Kraemer, aka the guy on guitar, is an artist who is perfect for your music playlists this season.

Kevian is a young indie pop artist from New Jersey who has already gained major popularity among listeners, especially teens, who find his music and, specifically, his lyrics to be extremely relatable. As Kevian recently released his new album called "Seventeen," one listener writes, "OMG, this is so relatable," while others have bombarded the comment section of the music video, stating the song is a "masterpiece."

Image Credit: Courtesy of Kevian Kraemer

Though the New Jersey-based singer gained his popularity during the pandemic on TikTok, it was one of his musical concerts in Asbury Park that, according to him, motivated him to enter the world of music.

In our recent email conversation with Kevian, we had the opportunity to talk to him. He told us about his musical inspirations, the importance of networking, and understanding the audience. We talked about how he handles creative blocks. We also got to ask him about his future aspirations and what motivates him as an artist.

"June Is Getting Old" from Sweater to Seventeen: how have you evolved as an artist?

Over the years I've explored and experimented with my sound a ton when it comes to my lyrics, production, and genre. I started out producing music that was honestly on the heavier rock side of things and as I've grown from 15 to 18, I've shifted closer to an indie pop rock area that I absolutely love.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Kevian Kraemer

Your fans mostly are a part of the Gen Z population; they not only find your music relatable but also find it euphorically deep. What do you think about it?

It's so cool to have a relatable audience because my songs seem to build a little fun community around them. I think that people find depth in my music because it's honest. I make the songs from my genuine experiences and feelings.

I also do my best to capture those emotions in the instrumentals and vocal delivery. Honestly, it's just amazing that people can see themselves in my music.

How do you define success as an artist?

To me, success as an artist means being able to pursue my music and artistry full-time and enjoy it. I would also love to attend bigger and bigger shows because the live scene is my favorite part about music in general.

Do you think networking with other artists is important? If yes, how do you go about it?

I 100% think that networking plays a huge role in an artist's success, but I also think that ingenuine relationships aren't really that valuable. It's best to surround yourself with good, real people who push you to succeed and work hard.

As a professional, especially in a field like music, you need to be very open to feedback and criticism from fans. How have you handled negative criticism about your music?

I'm not going to lie; I really haven't had a lot of hate this far. I feel like my music and community attract kind and positive people!

In today's fast-paced world, it's quite difficult to inspire people with your work when they have little time and patience. In this scenario, how do you handle creative block and come up with new musical content to keep your fans engaged?

Consistency and being genuine is key. If somebody feels like songs are being "pitched" to them or that it was made by somebody who doesn't really care about who they are, then a consumer is much less likely to engage. I find that working hard every day to interact and better my relationship with listeners is what makes people want to pay attention.

Your music has made people return to it. What do you think identifies a successful artist?

A successful artist, to me, is somebody who creates the music that they love and want to make. I think it's really that simple.

It is said, "Your direction is more important than your speed." What do you think is that one moment/person/place that has influenced your musical pursuits?

I feel like my first headlining show in Asbury Park, NJ, was the moment where I knew I wanted to go all in on music. The amount of people that came to just see me play my songs was incredible and honestly surreal, so I want to chase that feeling for as long as I can.

Born and brought up in New Jersey, who were your musical inspirations during your early childhood and teenage years?

I actually have a bunch of inspirations when it comes to what I listened to growing up. Since around 6th grade, I have been listening to bands like The Strokes, Led Zeppelin, and the Backseat Lovers. I was also obsessed with Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, and Daniel Caesar throughout high school. I try to incorporate many of those artists' and bands' qualities into my music anytime I'm creating something.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Kevian Kraemer

Kevian is certainly accelerating in his own unique way into indie music, and we know he has a long way to go. On behalf of The Teen Magazine, I wish him luck with his future aspirations and musical projects.

Don't forget to check Kevin's new album called ''Seventeen'' which is now available on Youtube, Spotify, and Apple Music. Also, check his Instagram to receive more recent updates.

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