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Freshen Up Post-Winter Hibernation with the Fluffiest Sleep Sets from Cozy Earth

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Mon, January 09

There's nothing quite like a clean, refreshing room with a made-up bed of snuggly sheets and blankets. Having everything in a put-together state can bring a whole new level of comfort; after all, there's nothing better than feeling at ease in the safe haven of your own room.

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New Year, New You- and New Routines

If you're looking for a complete reset for the new year with habits for a healthy lifestyle, look no further than Cozy Earth. Starting your day off right is one of the key determinants to having an enjoyable day, and ending it on a sweet note is just as important as well- both of which start in the bed- and the sustainable brand is a total expert at making that possible.

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Meet Cozy Earth: a brand well-beloved for its high-quality fabrics and softness like no other (you'll find yourself audibly gasping at its texture), it's no surprise that even Oprah is a huge fan. The minimalist style and sustainable production makes it a brand that's easy to love.

When I say that their bedding is life-changing, I seriously mean it; I genuinely don't think I've been obsessed with my bed so much. I didn't realize how much difference sheets, covers, and even pajamas made until Cozy Earth completely changed my mind. It's not just the level of sweet sleep you get; it's also about the lifestyle you choose to lead, and how that daily practice becomes integrated into your character.

Get Beauty Sleep On Another Level

There's nothing better than getting in between the plushest covers after a long day of productivity and fulfillment- and that amazing feeling of sleep coming to you is even a smoother ride with the feel of a sweetly soft duvet.

Shop the Bamboo Duvet Cover here.

I'll cut to the chase: the Bamboo Duvet Cover is totally going to be your new best friend because it actually gives a whole new dimension to your comforter.

This premium duvet cover is seriously silky smooth and keeps the perfect temperature throughout the night. I'm actually not kidding when I say that it really does regulate the perfect heat and chill; I love that it's cool to the touch and doesn't keep you swaddled in your own sweat, but that it also retains your body heat throughout the night so that you're all happy and snuggled.

Made with 100% premium viscose from bamboo fabric, this duvet cover is so smooth. The material makes it a world of a difference from the commonly-found materials of cotton and any other scratchy, dry, and irritating fabrics.

Plus, it's completely oversized, giving your bed an aesthetic, inviting look that'll make you just want to jump on top. With interior snap closures and little tie closures for you to secure ribbons on, it doesn't slide around and bunch up around the comforter, making everything easier.

My new favorite thing is being enveloped with this duvet cover- it seriously feels like sleeping on a cloud, and is such a dreamy sensation come true!

Chic and Cozy For The Night

A complete bedtime routine is the ultimate self-care moment. From taking care of your skin to setting up your bed and maybe selecting a nighttime book read or two, it's all about finding a point of peace. That also includes putting on your favorite pair of pajamas that makes everything feel oh-so-cozy.

Shop the Women's Short Sleeve Bamboo Pajama Set in Stretch Knit here.

With anything, classic is always the way to go, and this pajama set sure knows how to take on a timeless look. With a sophisticated contrast piping and button-up look, this set is equal parts luxe and comfortable enough to be totally laid back.

My favorite thing about this pajama set is how amazing the fabric feels; made with viscose from bamboo, it's completely cool to the touch and regulates temperature like no other. I love how it doesn't make me feel stuffy yet retains my body heat at just the right temperature, making it great for year-round.

Plus, the fabric has a nice stretchy feel to it, making it slightly oversized for that dramatic poise (and no bunching).

If anything, it's a set so cute that you'll want to wear it out to practically every pajama party, and so comfortable that you'll want to do every errand in them. It's seriously so lovable and sure to be your new favorite!

Keep Up With Cozy Earth

Be sure to stay tuned with the world's coziest, fluffiest, softest brand ever for that full night's sleep! Find Cozy Earth on Instagram at @cozyearth and on Twitter at @cozyearth, and revel in the most luxurious snuggle and snooze.

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