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Postery's Designs Will Make Your Home the Most Stylish Ever (& Exclusive Discount Code!)

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October 01, 2021

If you're into Scandinavian design- that chic, clean, effortless look- Postery is the right place for you. To all that love decorating their personal space with a set aesthetic in mind, Postery is the perfect place to browse when adorning your walls.

When it comes to high-quality, well-designed posters, I have to say, Postery really is a game-changer. There's a unique and stylish take on designs that will flatter every room, featuring artworks and designs that are trendy yet timeless.

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You'll be seriously amazed at the wide range of beautiful, artsy designs that'll completely give your walls a makeover!

Our wide range of posters, frames and prints online offers something beautiful and trendy for every room. Whether you’re looking for cute posters for your kid’s room or trendy posters for your living room, you’ll find them here at We always have the customer in mind with our low price and fast deliveries. Buying prints online should be painless with no long waits for delivery.

We’re passionate about interiors, design and trends. We understand the value of combining prints and posters with interior design to turn your home into a thing of beauty. Browse our magazine, our collections or our various gallery walls for ideas and inspiration. We want to make buying prints online both fun and easy.


A Special Discount, Just For You

On top of beautiful styles, high quality, and reasonable prices, Postery is also offering a special discount code just for you!

Use code THETEENMAG15 for 15% off of everything. This is valid for 3 days- until October 4th!

A Bouquet of Tulips To Brighten Your Day

There’s nothing prettier than a pretty bouquet of floral arrangements. Tulips are symbolizations of perfect love and new life- without a doubt, it’s definitely a good idea to bring good energy into your home!

Shop Fleurs de Jardin, Tulipes Poster here.

This beautiful light-colored poster brings in some airiness to your home. Perfectly suited for an open kitchen, bedroom, or any other area, this special bouquet of tulips is bound to brighten your day. Plus, one thing is for sure: this bouquet won’t ever wilt!

This lovely floral arrangement features white and orange tulips, with large blossoms tilted upwards to bask in the sunshine. The colors compliment each other so well, with a softness to the flowers and color palette that makes it feel so dreamy.

To hang this poster, you could pair it with other designs from Postery’s floral collection with similar yet unique styles or even use it as a stand-alone poster.

Using this as a focal piece against a well-lit room does the room wonders! With the built-in white border, this motif is framed beautifully and looks so elegant and timeless.

Now that we’ve got the beautiful floral poster, the next step is to add in the frame! Posterity’s high-quality frame is sincerely the perfect material to complete the overall piece.

Pair this with a gold frame. Shop the Picture Frame Aluminum Premium Gold here.

To compliment the lighter tones, I opted for a gold frame- and I was blown away due to how gorgeous it looked!

With a light metallic color that caught the pale colors nicely and wasn’t too strong without being too dim of a golden glimmer, this frame exceeded my expectations in every way. If there is any frame to love, it’s for sure this one!

Mid-Century Modern is Calling

Nothing is more reminiscent of Scandinavian design than the iconic Bauhaus design.

Shop Bauhaus Green Poster here.

Inspired by the famous art school Bauhaus, this poster features a circular, minimalistic take with beautiful sage green colors.

The simplicity of the poster is what makes this poster extra special and so alluring. This graphical poster features “fixed geometrical shapes that fit perfectly on a graphic gallery wall.”

I love the way it’s so timeless and clean- it will seriously look good anywhere and everywhere!

You can also pair this beautiful sage green-toned poster with other Postery designs, as seen below. This makes for the perfect mood of calmness and tranquility!

Make this poster complete with a Postery frame. To match the sleek, modern yet vintage style of the Bauhaus poster, I opted for a black frame.

Pair this with a black frame. Shop the Picture Frame Wood Black here.

​​The black wooden frame is simply modern and a classic take on Scandinavian design.

“We offer a quality wooden frame in a slim and contemporary design that suits all homes and styles. The glass consists of a high-quality acrylic glass that is light and shatter-free for a safe home!” says Postery.

The material of the frame feels so solidly nice, with a nice weight to it that’s neither too light nor too heavy. This complements the Bauhaus poster so well, and goes well with any other designs!

The Set of Matisse Three

Nothing has been more popular than Matisse’s iconic cut-out art pieces. Seen all over Pinterest, the renewed love for this work is captured in Postery’s series of Matisse Cutout posters.

“[These posters] are inspired by the French artist Henri Matisse we have created a series of prints with characteristics from his famous usage of colors and forms,” says Postery. “The artwork and poster inspiration come from contemporary trends, while we pay homage to the original Henri Matisse style.”

Immediately, I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to pair the Matisse posters together into a series- and I am sincerely so thrilled as the walls have never looked better! As Postery says, “Posters from this series are an excellent choice if you want to bring more color into your home!”- and they couldn’t be more right!

Art is for feeding the soul, and what better than to have a series of them in your room?

Shop the Matisse Cutout in Pink here.

The Matisse Cutout in Pink is a “graphical illustration of a pink leaf against a blue rectangular box with a beige background. The illustration also has text in beautiful fonts at the top and bottom.”

The bright, almost neon pink of the cut out of a leaf makes a beautiful contrast against the pale blue of the poster.

The leaf shape is almost geometrical, adding a nice texture and dimension to the piece.

Shop the Matisse Cutout in Orange here.

The Matisse Cutout in Orange features a pretty bright orange lead with curved rounds and the background of a baby blue is the perfect ode to the complementary color wheel.

I adore how it has two parts to the leaf that are branching out from each other. It’s a chef’s kiss!

Shop the Matisse Cutout in Beige here.

This super cute poster is perfect for all lovers of pink! The poster features a pale beige, curvy lead against the pale pink background.

Perfect as a stand-alone of a part of a gallery wall, this piece is everything lighthearted, playful, and adorable!

Now that we have a trio of these stunning designs, we’ve got to frame them before we hang them up in a row! The Aluminum Frame in Premium Black is the perfect pick for these posters, as is with any other posters, as its designs go well with any other.

Pair these with a black frame. Shop the Picture Frame Aluminum Premium Black here.

“We proudly present our popular black picture frame in brushed aluminum with an elegant straight profile, carefully selected to feature our posters in an outstanding way,” says Postery.

“ The glass is qualitative plexiglass for light and unbreakable frame that gives the motifs a razor-sharp focus - and is safe in eg. children's room. The frame's profile is 10 mm wide and 18 mm deep.”

Postery's Commitment to Quality

Postery goes above and beyond in ensuring the utmost high quality of their poster and frame products.

To us, a poster isn’t just a poster, and a frame isn’t just a frame. The quality and finish is everything.


"All our posters are printed on 240 g/m2 premium paper with a matte surface finish. The paper is archive-proof, which means that it does not yellow over time," promises the company.

Plus, the poster paper is FCS-certified and printed with ISO 14001 certification. When Postery says high-quality work, they seriously mean it. I've never seen a poster with clearer quality before with such durable material!

That's not all! Postery's frame game is also unmatched. "Our frames are of the highest quality, all with an exceptional type of 1.2 mm plexiglass," says Postery. (Their plexiglass looks so clear like regular glass but much more durable and lighter. Plus, both sides are film protected, which is beyond impressive.)

Plus, Postery has a variety of options for you to perfect your wall decor. Made from genuine wood, Postery offers colors of black, white in oak and aluminum frames in black, white, gold, space grey, and silver.

Plus, they've got all the sizes, too! From "21x30 cm (8 ¼ x 11 ¾ in) all the way up to the grand 100x150 cm (39 β…œ x 59 in)" – whichever poster you've got, there will be a frame to match it!

Postery Loves Our Planet

"Since the beginning, our design ethos has always put longevity first. We favor enduring style over passing trends. Every piece should have a long lifespan. We want you to enjoy our products for ten years from now," says Postery, "We combine this approach to design to reduce our climate impact and work with suppliers of the same high standards."

"Our supplier of print products is a certified climate-neutral printing company and a family business. This means they care a little extra about future generations. Environmental work is a natural part of everything they do, which has resulted in them being the best in class on the Swedish market," says Postery.

In fact, Postery has been climate-neutral since 2011 (for over ten years!) and "climate [compensates] 100% of their own emissions".

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