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Fashion Influencer Katia Castellano Reveals Her Style, Childhood, and Future Plans

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September 06, 2021

Spain-born fashion influencer Katia Castellano has grown quite a platform on both Instagram and TikTok these past few years. Her intricate and vintage outfits and bubbly personality attracted a large following of 588K on TikTok and 179K on Instagram as of publication. A rising star in the making, Katia's down-to-earth vibe and optimistic outlook on her future create a special aura surrounding her.

The Teen Magazine had the special opportunity to interview Katia on her journey as a fashion influencer, her experiences growing up, and what she has planned for the future.

Getting into Fashion

What got you into fashion, and how long have you been doing it?

"I always loved it," Katia recalls back to her childhood. Her grandmother used to own a vintage fashion store and her mother too had the experience of doing things related to fashion. She continues, "I started taking it seriously during quarantine. Before quarantine, I felt like I was dressing for others, and not dressing for myself." Now with the time spent at home, she was able to do a lot of exploring online and find what she actually liked.

When and how did you get into TikTok?

"A little before the pandemic started, I think," Katia says, "My best friend Isa got me into it and my parents thought it was very fun too."

Where do you draw your inspirations for your style from?

"Pinterest, usually," Katia recalls. She also loves finding inspiration from girls and her mutuals on social media. "I get a lot of inspiration from them. Some of them are Emma Chamberlain, Bella Hadid, and Madison Beer," Katia notes.

How did you and your family respond to your success online?

"They are actually very supportive. Every single one of my family members supports me and drives me around for my day," Katia says with sparks in her eyes, "I'm a very family-oriented person, and they mean the world to me."

When was a turning point when you realized you wanted to pursue being a model/influencer artist seriously?

Katia responds thoughtfully, "It was when I started gaining a following and when brands reached out to me. The opportunities, management people, and the following made me think: you know what, this social media thing could actually work. My parents are super supportive and I have been finding a nice balance between my work and academics at college."

On Growing Up

What was moving from Spain to Miami, and then back to Spain like?

"I grew up in Miami and I consider myself from Miami," Katia clarifies, "I moved back to Spain my sophomore year of high school. It was a cultural shock and a big change. I switched from an all Spanish school to an American school afterward."

She further explains, "Madrid is definitely very different from Miami. Miami is wild and crazy."

How did the environment you grew up in shape who you are today?

"My supportive and loving family has made me very family-oriented, I would say my sister and mom definitely shaped who I am, and they taught me to not be caught up in the things and have my own thoughts," Katia responds.

How do you deal with hate online?

"I actually used to answer to every single one of them," Katia laughs, "But then I realized how pointless it was. Now I just ignore them and focus on the positive comments. With the help of my friends who are on social media, and obviously my parents, they just made me realize that it doesn't matter."

How will you use your big platform for the future?

"I'm so down to try absolutely everything," Katia says excitedly, "When I was young I used to do musical theater, and I definitely want to get into acting and music. I feel like people judge social media influencers for expanding into bigger things like acting and singing, but I think if you have the opportunity, anyone would take it."

What is your next step and how do you see yourself grow?

"I definitely want to expand the fashion and music side. Those are what makes me happy right now," Katia says. Behind the scenes, she has been doing vocal practices and acting coaches who are helping her with many exciting things. "I see myself going into it sometime this or next year," Katia adds.

Now, onto the rapid-fire questions!

10 Quick Q's With Katia

1. Your favorite skincare brand?

Youth to The People, cruelty-free brands!

2. Favorite Christmas gift idea?

Accessories and trucker hats.

3. Favorite fashion trend?

Corset tops.

4. What’s the worst lie you told your parents?

"I'll come back at 12!"

5. If you were to get a tattoo, what would you get?

Aries constellation at the back of my neck.

6. How do you manifest things?

Journals. I do scripting and write down positive affirmations every day.

7. What’s your favorite skincare product to treat acne?

Anything that has niacinamide and the Ordinary face mask.

8. If your personality is a type of alcohol or drink, what would it be?

Anything bubbly!

9. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

People who show up late.

10. Any shows or movies you’re currently into?

Manifest and Outerbanks!

Keep Up With Katia

Thanks for the talk with us, Katia! Be sure to keep up with her on Instagram @katcastellano and subscribe to her YouTube Channel.

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