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Everything We Know About the Mean Girls Remake


December 06, 2023

On Wednesdays we wear pink.

We'll be hearing this classic line more than ever since the newest musical adaptation of Mean Girls trailer dropped on November 7th. Fans better get ready, as they're about to re-enter the nostalgic 2006 world of drama, heartbreak, and laughter. The film that got adapted into a musical is getting adapted into a movie.

We just can't get enough of Mean Girls; it has the entire country in a chokehold. This iconic film is now shared with future generations, so they can enjoy the fun too. So get in loser- if you want to hear everything you need to know about the latest Mean Girls movie.

What is it about?

“This is not your mothers Mean Girls” - Mean Girl Musical Trailer

The plot of the movie remains unchanged. Cady Heron, a new student from South Africa enrolls at North Shore High School. As she learns about the different cliques from her new friends Janis and Damons, Heron's desire for popularity causes her to befriend the Plastics.

Cady soon realizes her want for popularity isn't what she thought. But, this film is still going to be your typical Mean Girls movie. It's going to be a musical. Yes, you read that right. This film is going to be based on the award-winning Broadway musical: Mean Girls directed by Tina Fey. Expect your favorite characters to burst into song, lots of dancing, and a lot of fun.

“I’m very excited to bring Mean Girls back to the big screen,” Tina told Variety Magazine in January 2020. “It’s been incredibly gratifying to see how much the movie and the musical have meant to audiences. I’ve spent 16 years with these characters now. They are my Marvel Universe and I love them dearly".

For the fans wondering how this movie will compare to the musical, Tina shares on The Late Night with Seth Meyers that "Compared to the musical, the film is going to be more pop. We have a very cool directing team, we have a very cool choreographer. It's gonna be good". So we know that Tina has a great movie up her sleeve

Who's In It

Tina Fey, director of the original Mean Girls movie, Mean Girls: The Musical, and the Mean Girls musical movie adaptations, shares how she is excited for the “incredible cast” on Entertainment Tonight. Say goodbye to Lindsay Lohan, and welcome in Senior Year's Angourie Rice, who will play Cady Heron.

For Regina George, get ready to see the talented Renee Rapp. The Sex Lives of College Girls actress will be taking the role of Regina George for the 2nd time, as she played George in the Mean Girls musical. Rapp shares with People Magazine that the film will reach a wide set of audiences at Cap'n Crunch's 60th Birthday Bash at the Margaritaville Resort in Palm Springs. She states that “this is a very specific version of the musical that has a really specific place in a niche, culty theater way, that I think expands it to maybe people who aren't super into theater,”. Not only that, but the OG Regina, Rachel Mcadams, even approves of the casting of Rapp for the role. "I don't think she can do any wrong," Mcadams tells People Magazine that, "She is amazing. She's already got me beat with that voice. So, I'm just excited to see her incarnation."

Dream boy Aaron Samuels is going to be played by The Summer I Turned Pretty actor Christopher Briney. Star Renee Rapps tells MTV what it's like working with Briney. “My friend Chris Briney, he’s the best, Chris is my favorite,” Reneé said of her Mean Girls co-star. “He’s such a conglomerate of many things. I’ve never met someone who confuses me more like I’m just so puzzled every time I’m around him.

I’m like, ‘You are such a little cutie, what is going on? Like what is it?’ I love him. We can’t wait to see them act together. Moana star Auli’i Cravalho, will play as Janis. Tony Award nominee Jaquel Spivey, will play Damian.

Any Returning Actors?

As of right now, Tina Fey will return to play her role as Cady's math teacher Ms. Norbury. Tim Meadows will return to play the classic role of North Shore High's principal, Mr. Duvall." Tina tells Entertainment Tonight "We couldn't age out, teachers work forever. I want it to be like when Gilligan from Gilligan's Island was at a trade show and you're like, 'Oh he looks so old in his little hat.'"

As for the rest of the cast, there is no confirmation yet that they will be in the new movie.

Fan Reactions

  • “It's giving Shien Girls, not Mean Girls” @themightyzack
  • “Okay, but why does this need to exist,” -@instagramuser
  • “Why make another one when the orignal is the best one ever?” @instagramuser

It doesn't seem like fans are loving the idea of the remake of this classic movie. A comment with over 5.2k likes under the trailer on the Mean Girls Instagram account said "Okay, but why does this need to exist?” Many comments are showing a theme that such an iconic movie shouldn't be touched because it was perfect the way it was. I believe many fans think that this movie is a remake of the original Mean Girls film when it is not. This is an adaptation of the Mean Girls; The Musical. But even with this information, many people still believe this movie shouldn't have a remake.

  • “It is truly insane to make a trailer and not once acknowledge its a full blown musical, absolutely wild behaviour”@bethanchalmers912
  • “I’m surprised the trailer doesn’t feature any aspect of this being a musical, since u know, that’s the main difference in this version” @DXCAry10e
  • Kind of disappointed they didn’t showcase the musical part of this movie on the trailer. I mean it’s literally a musical adaptation of Mean Girls, right?@justadrian56

What's also adding a lot of controversy is that there was no original music in the trailer. That's kind of funny, especially since the film is a MUSICAL. The trailer didn't mention that it was a musical whatsoever, and there was no singing.

This made fans question if the trailer was trying to hide the fact that it was a musical, so it could attract more people who are not fans of musical theatre. Consequently, not adding music, or any signs of theatre being involved, resembles to the audience that it is a remake when it is not. I find this very interesting, and I believe not being clear about what type of film is being produced to your audience, will lead to lots of criticism and disappointment.


Mean Girls 2004 was a hit. Will this new adaptation live up to its standards? Find out on January 12th, 2024.

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