Everyday Makeup Routine
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Everyday Makeup Routine

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June 15, 2017

Hello everyone,

This is my first post for The Teen Magazine! My name is Eden and I am a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. I am also a teen myself and I love writing!

Today's article is going to be my everyday makeup routine I really hope you enjoy it! If you were wondering, this makeup look is very glowy because I have dry skin!

I start off with my eyebrows and I used the Benefit Brow Zings in the shade 1 and I love the way my eyebrows look with this. I try to do them as natural as possible and the shade does match my hair really well! I use the angled brush that comes with the powder and then the other flatter brush to set them into place with the wax!

Moving on to my favorite bit eyeshadow! I have been loving my Morphe 35O palette at the moment! The shades are amazing and so pigmented, they are all really warmed tone shades.

I took a lovely light matte brown in my crease, a darker brown in my outer v and a yellowy gold on my lid and then the light pink glittery pink in my inner corner to make my eyes pop! These are fab and I love it!

Let's move to face now! So I start with priming and I used the Too Faced Hangover primer that I mixed with my Sop and Glory moisturizer to make it even more hydrating as hayfever season is upon us and is making my skin super dry! I then applied this all over my face with my hands and I let it sink in, giving me the perfect base for foundation!

Moving onto foundation. The one I have been using and loving at the moment is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation in the lightest shade. This gives very light coverage but it does give a lovely luminous finish which I really love!

It is a really good quality and so worth the money! It's fab!

Hello its concealer time I use 2, for under my eyes I use the Clinique airbrush concealer in the shade fair. It brightens my under eyes and conceals at the same time. Then for my blemishes and other redness I use my favourite drugstore concealer at the moment in the shade extra fair.

It is another glowy concealer and it does cover everything I need it to! These two make a great concealer combo!

To set this all into place I used my mini Bare Minerals mineral veil illuminating loose powder. This makes my skin feel so smooth and I love the way it looks! It has little bits of glitter in it and it's so fab and fun!

Oooh its my favourite part of makeup now! HIGHLIGHTER! We need that GLOW to be POPPING and shining to the queens. of course I used the most hyped about highlighter product on the market The Mary-Lou Manizer, its a glowy gold goddess of a thing!

Maybe just a little too dark for me but just alright for it not to look muddy. I LOVE it!

Let's move back to eyes! For mascara I first primed my lashes with the Smashbox photo finish lash primer, this I used to try and lenghten and volumise my lashes as much as possible before I actually put mascara on and I really like what this does!

Actual mascara time now and I used the Smashbox x rated mascara. I actually only have a mini but my photos are over 2mb so I couldn't use them and I could only find a picture that was off google that wasn't taken from someome else of the big one! This mascara is great, pretty average for the price but good enough!

It gives my lashes length and curl. Also a bit of volume!

The last thing we have to do is of course lips! For this I used Mac Velvet teddy! A very hyped up lipstick but a very beautiful one and a very good quality and creamy one! I love this so much and it is one of my favourite lipsticks ever!

That's it for today's article from me Eden! I hope you all enjoyed and if you have any feedback make sure to comment it down below!

Lots of love,


Eden Humphreys

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I am a very passionate beauty fashion and lifestyle blogger. And I love to write for the magazine to inspire teen girls as I am one myself. I hope you all enjoy my posts and if you would like to check out my blog feel free to do so!