Empty Wall? Here's 10 Ways to Fancy It Up

Empty Wall? Here's 10 Ways to Fancy It Up

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October 16, 2020

A blank wall can be daunting. Especially when you have really high hopes for that aesthetic decor out of a teen movie, but you end up staring at that wall for an hour, having accomplished nothing.

But, fear not, these decor ideas don't only look good, they're super fun to do! Disclaimer: You may get a bit messy, and tired, but it's worth it for the wall decor of your dreams! Let's get right into it, 10 ways to spice up a blank wall!

1. Posters

If you're into any TV shows, books, movies, singers, etc. this one's for you! Print out some posters from your local photo studio and arrange them on your wall to make it really stand out. It'll be a colorful display of you.

To make it a bit sophisticated, you could even frame the posters, it makes it a bit more aesthetically pleasing, and makes it less susceptible to wear and tear! If frames are a bit too pricey, just tape them on with double-sided tape or sticky putty.

2. Paint

Trust me, you cannot imagine what a lick of paint will do for a blank white wall. You can find a bunch of ideas on Pinterest, like grid patterns, flat squares, and so much more! They really spice up your wall, and give your room a focus point.

All you need is some good quality wall paint, some rollers or bushes, and some painter's tape so that your lines don't bleed. Make sure to check out tips and tricks on various Youtube channels, like Mr. Kate!

3. Cork boards

A corkboard is one of the simplest ways to have fun with arranging photos, jewellery, calendars, etc. Just run to the dollar store and you should find a fresh canvas to pin whatever your heart desires. Most of them can be hung on nails or hooks, but just using double-sided tape would do.

Board pins and thumbtacks are often the best way to put up decorations. I recommend pinning up your schedule for the month, necklaces, and even some pretty pictures you find motivating or aesthetic!

4. Plants

Even if you don't have much of a green thumb, this one is for you! Real plants or fake, whatever suits you, would make a wall so much more attractive and eye-catching. Consider hanging them from hooks on the ceiling, putting up shelves to store your little green buddies, or even draping vines around the edges of your walls.

Whatever layout you choose, plants are a simple way to jazz up a plain wall, and real ones purify your air. It's a win-win situation!

5. Photographs

It seems useless to print out pictures of you and your friends when you have them on your phone, but having them displayed somewhere is such a cool feeling, believe me. You'll be able to look up from your stressful homework and see pictures of you having a great time right above your head! The layout is what matters most.

There are several ways to go about it, pinning them on a string with clothespins, arranging them in a particular shape, or even framing them. One way to put a spin on the classic display method, is to take a wire grid, and arrange your photos on that with clothespins or binder clips. Hang up the grid with a nail on the wall. Looks amazing, and lets you see the crazy grins on your friend's faces every day!

6. Fairy Lights

It seems a bit cliché, but a string of fairy lights can do wonders for an empty wall. They come in various colors, although a soft yellow is the most favored one. And, there's so many things you could do with them.

Draping them around the aforementioned photos, lining them between your walls and the ceiling, and even letting them hang from a hook on your wall. They look gorgeous in the dark, serve as nightlights, and give your room a nice, cozy feeling. Another plus point, most of them are super cheap and are battery operated!

7. Chalkboards

You don't need to buy a clunky-looking chalkboard for this decor idea! Head on over to any crafts store and buy some chalkboard paint. It even comes in a variety of colors!

In my opinion, you get the best results with around 2 coats, but make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle. Paint a large design on your wall and you have a ready-made scribble board. Write your to-do list, your monthly calendar, or just doodle when you're bored . It's simple, and fun!

8. Shelves

I know it seems pretty basic, but there are so many ways to glam up a set of shelves in your room. Paint them funky colors or string fairy lights around them. Even arranging them in cool patterns will give your wall some oomph.

So, what to put on your swanky shelves? Mini action figures, little plants in pots, photo frames, books, whatever your heart desires.

9. Wallpaper

There are tons of options for stick-on wallpaper on Amazon, and various other home-decor places. Choose your favorite design, and follow the instructions carefully. I recommend taking some inspiration from Pinterest for ideas that are unique and aesthetic!

Stick-on wallpaper is relatively easy to apply, just make sure you get the bubbles out. Once you're done, you get a professional-looking wall, but it's so much cheaper, and you get to do it yourself.

10. Gallery Wall

Last, but not least! You know when you scroll through Pinterest and Tumblr, and you see those extremely aesthetic pictures on your feed? Well, here's a way to display your favorite ones on your new blank wall!

Print out a few of the pictures, making sure they match each other. I recommend going for a theme; monochrome, green plants, retro, etc. Buy a couple of frames and hang them up in a gallery-like pattern.

Boom! You have a really pretty, coordinated wall, with pictures that are worthy of a Netflix teenage rom-com.

I hope you found some inspiration from our list of 10 Things to spice up a blank wall. Have fun sprucing up your room, and don't be afraid to try out new ideas and new looks. Your plain, white walls will thank you someday!

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