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Embrace the Freck: the It-Girl Beauty That's Bold and Clean the Way You Want It

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For those who love to dress up and makeup, finding the best products for an effortless yet bold look is everything. Whether you're going for a trendy bold eye with slicked brows or a timeless combination of lush lashes and pink blush, Freck has everything you're looking for.

The brand encapsulates everything that a well-adorned minimalist look means. With Freck, makeup is more than just enhancing your looks; it's all about defining beauty in your own way.

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A viral brand that's been taking over the beauty world among Gen Z, Freck is most well known for its faux freckle pen amongst other adorable products. It has curated a line of products that simply gets it (I mean, who doesn't love a bold look that's also clean and fresh?) and is refreshingly original- undoubtedly, Freck is a complete game changer.

Debuting in 2017 as the World's First Freckle Cosmetic, Freck has been challenging all makeup lovers to embrace the unconventional and express themselves their way with the Freck attitude.

"Freck Beauty is an attitude.

We are the bold, clean beauty brand for anyone that cares about ingredients, respects the process, and doesn’t care about the rules."

From their iconic freckle applicator to the eye-catching blush and highlighter duo to the latest fierce, jet-black eye products, below are our all-time favorite Freck products for a bold, clean beauty look:

Jet Black With An Edge

Freck's LASHROCKET Liquid Eyeliner is upping the game from your standard liner. In the most pigmented, jet-black shade you've ever seen, this eyeliner will completely transform your look with an edge.

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At first swipe, the LASHROCKET Liner will truly awe you with its rich black hue. It's the most pigmented, inkiest eyeliner I've come across and is so strikingly jet black. I love how it's a shade that's natural enough while still being noticeable.

Not only that, this liner simply does not smudge. It's transfer-proof and does not easily fade, bleed, or flake. Within just a few seconds of applying the liner, it dries quite quickly, allowing you to carry on with the rest of your makeup look with ease!

Other than the quality, a huge part of a good product is based on functionality- and this liner completely checks the box. The LASHROCKET Liner stays put for hours and is gentle to the eyes.

That's not all: the biggest upside to this liner is that it can help stimulate your lashes! This "nourishing and conditioning liner-serum" is "formulated with lash-enhancing peptides that give you fuller, longer lashes with continued use," says Freck. I love how it combines the much-needed liner and lash serum into one, and makes it so much more convenient to use. Over time, the liner works to help encourage lash growth, all whilst making your winged lines look on fleek.

Plus, this liner is simply so easy to use. With a thin brush tip, the liner is perfect for intricate designs and precise edges. It offers great control and delivers stunning results each and every time. I love that I can use this effortlessly- even during morning rushes. A bold wing is the most efficient and effective eye look; in just a few seconds, swipe on a fierce line and you'll be all set.

This liner is perfect to take with you everywhere and anywhere in your purse- simply line on whenever you'll need it!

A Fuller Flutter

It's time to up your lash game. With the LASHROCKET Mascara, you'll have the fullest, most fluffed-up pair of lashes ever, all whilst conditioning it with a special serum.


This nourishing mascara is perfect for on-the-go days and daily usage. Mascara is one of the most essential parts of doing a daily look, and it's a step that you just can't skip over.

I love the full brush, and how it brushes on such a richly pigmented color. Even when brushing up the lashes, the mascara coated each individual lash and created a lovely thick look. The matte black formula glides on the lash and doesn't clump at all, and is great for building on the intensity.

Mascara can be tricky for sensitive eyes since it's placed so close to the eyes, but this mascara was so comfortable to put on and wear the entire day. Plus, it's an ophthalmologist-tested formula, so you know it'll be easy on the eyes while delivering striking results!

My favorite thing about this mascara is how it's both a mascara and a serum; this mascara can help your lashes "appear fuller, longer and feel stronger with use." The mascara is infused with a conditioning lash peptide complex, and I love that it helps your lashes inside and out.

This mascara is perfect for anyone and everyone to use. Any lash type works stunningly with this mascara, whether it be curly, full, straight, or fine and fair. Even the most stubborn lashes will be coated and primed with this mascara!

With just a few swipes, this mascara makes even the shortest lashes truly pop and look stunningly natural. Perfect to wear at any time and any moment, the LASHROCKET Mascara is an absolute must on the beauty counter.

Faux The Freckle

The newest it-girl look: sun-kissed freckles. Although this trend is all over social media, Freck's very own FRECK OG is truly the blueprint. Dubbed "The World's First Freckle Cosmetic," this adorable faux freckle-maker has become a total game changer for those looking to emulate the natural, chic look.

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Freckles are a beautiful feature, and this applicator helps you get just that adorable look with a special tint and a handy-dandy, fine-tipped brush.

To apply your freckles, all you have to do is simply lightly dot the FRECK OG across your nose and cheeks; dip the brush as much as you need to. After setting the formula across all the areas you want your freckles to be placed, tap your finger and dab across to copy and paste them!

After that, you'll be all set to enjoy your cute freckles. It dries quite quickly, and the freckles will be shaped uniquely, making it look impressively natural. I love that the formula has a tanned tint to it, and it looks as if you just came off a long vacation on the beach! As the brand shares, "FRECK OG is compatible with all skin tones and looks best on darker skin when left longer before tapping."

This freckle applicator is so easy to use and quickly creates a stunningly realistic freckle look in just a wink. I love how the freckles are buildable, and that it looks so genuine. Plus, it lasts the entire day without smudging or fading!

The FRECK OG comes in an adorable mini size that makes it easy to pop inside your purse. Bring this with you everywhere and anywhere for a freckle touch up!

A Tint In Just A Wink

Get the brightest flush and bring up the energy on your face with the CHEEKSLIME. It's no surprise that Freck is the first to bring this game-changing slime blush to the beauty world because they just know what's up. The brand is simply ahead of the game and on top of the game!

A slime blush is a tint that has a nice consistency that's all about building up the color. This blush is infused with liquid plant collagen, and carries a beautiful formula that adds a gorgeous touch of color to any skin tone.

With the CHEEKSLIME, a little goes a long way. Just a small dab on the cheek will bring out a vivid shade.

I absolutely adore how the colors of the CHEEKSLIME are so lively. I love how it's not sticky at all, and it goes on the skin so smoothly and nicely. The flush feels very gradual and natural, adding to the effortlessly beautiful look.

My favorite thing to do is to add a blooming tint of color across my cheeks and also add a tiny touch of color to my eyelids and lips. This is a must for an everyday beauty look!

CHEEKSLIME comes in a total of five colors: Jam Sesh, Fever Dream, Orange Wine, Fielding, and Cuffed.

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The Jam Sesh is a gorgeous berry pink. This bold cherry shade is perfect for a pop of color that feels just right for a fun night out. It'll make you feel so simply pretty.

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Fever Dream is a wake of bright forget-me-never flirty red. This maraschino cherry shade is all about being the center of attention. It'll make you feel youthful, fun, and on top of the world.

A Holographic Glow

Want to brighten up your face with a sleek hint of glimmer and shimmer on the face? It's time for a holographic glow with SLIMELIGHT.

It's time to play up the euphoric, glitter-heavy, dreamy aesthetic. This gorgeous multi-mineral hologram highlighter is loaded with unique HD pearls- hence the stunning, out-of-this-world glow. The special formula allows the highlighter to shift color from every angle and from every time the lighting hits.

I just adore the luminous glow; it's like no other. This makes you feel like the coolest ever and looks so gorgeous when blended in on top of the CHEEKSLIME. It goes along so well, and the shimmer will not go unnoticed.

On top of it all, the formula is so easy to blend in. The lightweight formula is easy on the skin, and doesn't feel like it's there at all! It has a lovely creamy formula that doesn't irritate or dry out the skin, and lasts the entire day. I'm frecking obsessed!

SLIMLIGHT is available in a total of three colors: Space Face, Beam Machine, and Big Bang.

Shop the SLIMELIGHT in Space Face here.

The Space Face is a stunning lilac-pink holographic glow. It adds just the slightest purple-pink aura to the cheekbones and compliments the lovely blush underneath. This will make you feel like an ethereal fairy.

Shop the SLIMELIGHT in Beam Machine here.

The Beam Machine is a beautiful copper glitter glow. It adds a bronze-like shimmer to the face, adding depth and contouring while simultaneously highlighting. This will make you feel radiant inside and out.

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