Cute and Sustainable School Supplies For Environmentally Conscious Teens
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Cute and Sustainable School Supplies For Environmentally Conscious Teens

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August 24, 2019

School season is approaching and everyone knows the best part about starting the next academic year is spending the weeks before getting your school supplies together. Here are some eco-friendly and sustainable school supplies to add to your collection and conquer the next school year!

1. Decomposition by Michael Roger

With 70 years in the making, Decomposition has over 100 unique designs for all your school supply needs. From notebooks, sketchbooks, and greeting cards which are all eco-conscious being produced in the USA wherever possible and with sustainable methods and materials. Be sure to check our their bundles to get the most out of their collection. 

2. Sprout Pencils

These pencils hold so much life down to the nub! Use your plantable pencil (which comes in customizable styles, graphite or colored) to pick the type of seed to plant. These pencils once used down to the tiny cap that holds the seeds then can be placed in a pot or garden to sprout life.

They even have an adorable Spread the Love collection where each pencil has loving quotes so you can share the joy with others. Not only does Sprout have writing pencils but they have SproutSpoon, the plantable spoon, and a SproutMakeupPencil. Check out their website for more of their story and their growing vision for making products more sustainable. 

3. House of Doolittle

For all of your calendar, agenda, and planner needs: check out House of Doolittle- Earth-Friendly products since 1919 and they have now hit their 100-year mark. All of their paper products are from 100% post-consumer, processed Chlorine-free, certified paper. Their designs are printed from soy-based inks and their products are made in the USA.

They also commit to giving back to the environment by donating 5% of their profits to organizations dedicated to making beneficial environmental impacts. Their company also focuses on internally dedicating to recycling programs for all their products, materials, and electronics used in the facility. Check out their website here!

4. Happy Nes 

Handcrafted, unique, and fun earphones, headphones to make your music adventures pop here is Happy Nes. Shop Happy Nes directly from their website at or from Content a website that offers products from all categories that are sustainable, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, make social impacts and so many more. They even have options to choose from what category you would like to shop in so that you are also making a social, ethical, or just responsible contribution called Shop by Ethos. On every product, they are able to label what that product has been certified for or what social contribution they are committed too. These Happy Nes headphones and various other ones are listed and you can browse what impacts each one makes like all their other products. 

5. CuvalCrafts on Etsy

Another great place to search for all sorts of eco-friendly school supplies is to go directly on Etsy. CuvalCrafts makes cute burlap pencil and makeup cases and tote bags with all sorts of designs that are eco-friendly, which is mentioned on the products. You're also supporting an artist by going on Etsy. 

6. Auspen 

Pick up these whiteboard markers that can have their ink replaced after use. They have so many colors and are committed to sustainability. White markers end up in landfills by the thousands and so Auspen wants to reduce that impact by creating a product that can be reused for a long time and made to be eco-friendly and don't use the harmful chemical xylene. 


7. United by Blue

Pick up a groovy looking pencil pouch or backpack to rock back to school from United by Blue. For every product sold they are committed to removing one pound of trash from our oceans. Their products are designed for the outdoors and heavy use to also be friendly to the environment. 

8. Onya

If you pack lunches for school consider picking up a reusable sandwich wrap made from recycled PET bottles and is 100% vegan-friendly. It also has a velcro closure to secure all your food! 

9. Buffalo Exchange

Back to school shopping also includes cute outfits! Buffalo Exchange is a second-hand store that sells vintage, popular in the now, and other sorts of styles clothing to fit all your back to school shopping needs. Check out any Buffalo Exchange across the country! 

As your search for eco-friendly school supplies begins I hope these options can inspire you! 

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