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Aesthetically-Pleasing School Supplies That Are Worth It

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September 03, 2023

It's only been a few weeks since the start of school, and I have to admit it: I'm already getting tired. However, one thing that I know will always romanticize school life for me is aesthetic, cute stationery. From Zebra highlighters to Muji notebooks, there are a plethora of stationery choices you have to choose from. With all these options, which school supplies are actually worth the price?


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While Zebra Mildliner highlighters are popular, they are definitely worth the hype! This brand offers colors from neutrals to soft pastels. Their highlighters are known not only for their assortment of colors but also for their quality.

The brush tips are soft, and firm, and seem to never run out! Another addition that Zebra Mildliner highlighters are known for is their duality. On one side of the marker is a slanted square-shaped brush, offering the perfect size to highlight lines in books. The other side consists of a sharper tip, ideal for tiny annotations.

Besides Zebra, Alohaster is also another affordable, aesthetic brand. They come in mostly neutral colors that can help you develop a color scheme for this school year. The markers are specially shaped to be rectangular so they won't roll off your table. It seems like they are well-liked, with 4.7 stars on Amazon.


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Pencils are such a necessity in school and there are many options. Muji is always a safe choice for stationery, and their pencils are no exception. Simple, minimalist, and compact, these pencils look neat and last for a long time.

Make sure to also order their lead, as their pencils have specific lead sizes. The most common lead size is 0.5, but may vary, so remember to check!

Furthermore, COLNK pencils would also be a valuable investment. Their array of pastel colors makes it a cute addition to any pencil case. They also designed a special grip so that your fingers won't be sore.


Credit: Karolina Grabowska at Pexels

While the pencils listed above may be handy and cute, they lack a big eraser. Mr. Pen is a brand known for its creative designs.

Their erasers offer a cute character to cheer you up from the monotonous drone of school. One side of the eraser is a large chunk of white eraser, while the other side is a roller. The roller picks up pencil and eraser shavings, making your workspace completely mess-free.

These toast erasers are another option. They come in a small bag to replicate a bakery. You could say these erasers are the best inventions since sliced bread.

Because they come in slices, they are ideal for sharing among friends. Just make sure no one takes a bite out of them!


Credit: DS stories at Pexels

What's perfect for students who need to save money but also need post-its? This pack of dog post-its. Not only is the price cheap, but there's also a pooch in there for every person. From shiba inus to pugs, you're sure to find a dog that will help you with your studies and reminders.

Okay, maybe you're not a dog person. Then check out these Sanrio post-its! These post-its offer you plenty of room for your writing. It even gives you grids to line up your work.


Credit: cottonbro studio at Pexels

So, what if you need something more permanent than pencils? Try these adorable pens. They have cute little graphics on them and also are very inky.

It offers dark, clear lines. Amazon reviewers also enjoyed this product, giving it 4.4 stars.

If you'd like something more "mature" and minimalistic, look into these neutral pens. Like the frog pens, they have sharp points and last for semesters. These pens come in many colors, like pink, lavender, and white.

It also comes with a cute case. The case matches the pens with its color scheme and the slight embellishment of a moon.


Oh no! You've made a mistake with your pens. Not to worry, these character white-outs are off to the rescue! These white-outs look personalized and have a lot of personality. Like the picture shown, it comes in a snazzy cow, a cool chick, and a cute kitten wearing headphones. The only slight downside is that they are bigger than normal white-outs and take up more room.

If you'd like something smaller, try these milk white-outs. They're compact, small and come in four "flavors": chocolate, strawberry, whole milk, and banana. Because it comes in four white-outs, it's great for sharing or gifting to your friends! Make sure not to actually eat it though, even if it looks tempting!

So, we've looked at some cute and affordable stationery, from pens to post-its. Some holy-grail brands include Zebra, Muji, Dr. Pen, and Bitosee. Now the only question is, what will you choose?

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