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Clear Up and Cheer Up Your Skin This Season: Do Acne Care Right with Hero Cosmetics

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November 28, 2022

With the holiday excitement, the chilly freeze of winter, and about a million tasks on the calendar, this season is quite the whirlwind for many. Not only have our daily lifestyles been busy, but the cold weather and the jolly chaos of it all might have made our skin a bit upset.

If you've noticed the effects of winter skin (dry skin, peeling lips, angry red pimples, faded zits...), this season is the time for you to do acne care right. With Hero Cosmetics, your skincare routine to achieve clear skin doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, with the cleanest, most effective, and simple set of trustworthy products, your skin will be happier than ever.

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A brand focused on empowering people through its revolutionary productive skincare, Hero Cosmetics is all about truly supporting and bettering our faces with skin food. "Whether you’re looking to prevent, treat, or repair – we create gentle, effective solutions that help your skin fight back; so you can open up, not cover up. The Hero of this story is you, we’re here to help you reveal it – one solution at a time," writes the brand.

This spirited season, clear up and cheer up your skin with some of the best releases from Hero Cosmetics that are bound to be a total game-changer for your face!

Bye, Bye, Blackheads

Blackheads and pores can be no fun to have, but with Hero Cosmetics's latest launch, Pore Release, you can gently swipe it all away.

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This derm-tested toner treatment is all about reducing blackheads and clogged pores in a short amount of time. Formulated with a powerful combination of BHA, PHA, and AHA, this treatment helps remove any pore-clogging buildup and gross gunk on the skin.

To achieve crystal clear, glass skin, all the pores first have to be cleansed and unclogged, and this toner helps facilitate exactly that. "Apply Pore Release to clean, dry skin up to 3x weekly. You can also spot-treat problem areas (like your T-zone) or use all over your face," advises Hero Cosmetics.

The toner works in two phases:

  • "PHASE 1: Use 2-3x weekly to clear out blackheads."
  • "PHASE 2: Use 1-2x weekly to help prevent new ones."

I just love that this toner stays gentle on the skin while showing visible effects for removing even the most stubborn blackheads from clogged pores. The toner has a calming effect thanks to its nature-driven ingredients of aloe and lotus water that keeps the skin hydrated and not dried out.

This toner is great for truly cleaning congested parts and keeping the skin refreshed and healthy. Add some to some cotton pads and swipe them onto the face during your skincare routine as necessary!

Fight The Pimple Before It Pops

Have a pimple that's popped up? Well- you don't have to squeeze it and deal with the consequences of scarring. With Hero Cosmetics, all you have to do is tap on a special magic pen and it'll gradually go away.

Alright, maybe the pen isn't actually magic, but its powers are truly magical- by stopping pimples from growing before they're there to even clearing out breakouts, this pen can do it all!

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Hero Cosmetics says it best: when it comes to acne care, you should "fight the pimple, not your skin." With this convenient pimple correcting pen, you can reduce just-beginning-to-form pimples before they fully develop without having to deal with dry, flaky, irritated skin.

Much of the pimple treatments tend to leave our skin dry, and don't necessarily attack the pimples beneath the surface. With the Pimple Correct, however, this pen gets it all.

Designed to penetrate into even the most early-stage breakouts, the Pimple Correct stops the pimples from spreading into a breakout. With the powerful combination of 2% salicylic acid, niacinamide + caffeine, and tea tree capsules, this pen means business with its effective acne-control.

If you've ever wished your pimples would disappear as soon as possible (we've all been there...), this pen can get it visibly gone within 1-3 days. If that's not a wowza moment, what is?!

Plus, this works just like a pen. With the side click, the pen releases hydrating aloe gel serum that you can use to spot-treat specific regions. Easy to work and on the go, this pimple-correcting pen is a total superhero!

Brighten Up The Dark Spots

Pimples are hard to deal with, but the aftermath can be just as hard to take care of. We've all been there- after popping the zits (ouch), blemishes and discoloration can appear across the skin. Making them completely fade away can seem impossible, but with Hero Cosmetics's handy dandy Lightning In A Kit, making your face clear up can actually be possible!

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Acne care isn't just limited to pimples; it also applies to keeping the skin clear even after dark spots and uneven skin tones and textures. The combination of three purple superpowers can actually help fade away the dark spots- and I can't stop raving about them.

The Lightning Swipe

Cleaning breakout spots and exfoliating the skin has never been easier. After breaking out, our skin may be left with marks, texture, and blemishes, but these swipes help clear up the face and the body.

Created with a complex of Niacinamide and Tranexamic Acid that is well-famous for their brightening powers, these swipes help clear up the skin tone.

I just love how soothing the swipes feel, and how refreshing they are. After one swipe, my skin literally glows- and best of all, it doesn't sting or dry out the skin! With the combination of Heartleaf and Kombucha, these pads are as soothing as can be.

My favorite thing to do is swipe up in the morning- it has me feeling clear and cheery for the day!

The Lightning Wand

Taking care of dark spots just got so much easier- and so much more fun. The Lightning Wand is a brightening serum stored in a simple pen that helps fade away post-acne marks.

Suffering from dark spots can be no fun, but this Lightning Wand is genuinely one of the most effective products I've ever come across. I've never seen my skin so quickly clear up of the dark spots, and it does it all without any harm to the skin.

The wand has serum stored inside, which releases once you press a side button. The serum then comes through a rollerball, which feels so relaxing and cooling on the skin. The serum is made with "a power combo of Niacinamide, Tranexamic Acid, and Vitamin C"- the top three for illuminating the skin.

Use this twice every day for brighter skin- no kidding, this might just be the most efficient, dark-spot-zapping product I've ever seen! This has certainly become a favorite and is a total must-have on the beauty counter.

Micropoint for Dark Spots

If you want to brighten up the dark spots and even out the skin tone ASAP, the Micropoints are perfect for you. Post-acne marks can take weeks and weeks to truly fade away, but these simple stickers help speed up the process.

With the boost of brightening 173 microneedles, these patches dissolve the microneedles to completely brighten up the dark blemishes.

The word "microneedles" may sound a bit scary, but they're actually not painful at all! They feel like regular stickers, only it's infused with powerful healing properties.

I love using these on top of uneven dark spots; whenever some appear, I apply them on overnight, and gently remove in the morning for a much evened-out, clearer skin.

Pimple Care On The Go

Whenever I get the slightest bump of a pimple, Mighty Patch is what I trust most to do the job effectively- hands down. This patch is just about the most efficient sticker to ever exist, and it does it all undercover.

Shop the Mighty Patch Invisible+ here.

Pimple patches are exactly what they look like: they're little circular stickers that you can stick onto wherever there's a problem spot on your face. Give them a few hours (roughly overnight does the job!) and when you gently remove them in the morning, your pimple problem will be all gone- poof- just like that!

The Mighty Patches are created with hydrocolloid - "a gentle fluid-absorbing gel - that's medical-grade, allergy tested, and great for sensitive skin." It works great for everyone and is especially great for gently getting rid of unwanted pimples.

My favorite thing to do is stick them on overnight, get plenty of beauty sleep, and peel them off in the morning or when I see the white gunk appear on the surface of the sticker. It doesn't hurt at all to peel the stickers off, and it is so satisfying to see all the removed gunk. These patches are a total game-changer and a must-have!

What's extra special about the Mighty Patch Invisible+ is that the patches can be thin and unseen enough to wear out in public. Even on the days when we wake up with the worst, bright red, glaring breakouts, the Invisible+ patches make it possible to mask the pimples while caring for them at the same time.

I love wearing these patches out whenever and whenever- even at school and even at parties, these patches know how to get the work done!

Tap Away the Discoloration

Makeup's great for masking discoloration, but it can irritate the skin and add layers of cakiness to a sensitive spot. With the Rescue Balm +Dark Spot Retouch, you can blend everything in so it looks totally spotless. Forget about concealer- this is your new best friend.

Shop the Rescue Balm +Dark Spot Retouch here.

If you could add makeup to skincare without the cakey, clogging properties, this is exactly what it would be. This amazing post-blemish balm helps correct discoloration with an ultra-soothing formula.

To cover up and actively fade away the discoloration, this retouch balm has an apricot tint that helps tap away the blemishes. The balm itself has the consistency of concealer but has a bright apricot color that blends into medium to medium-deep skin tones.

I love how lightweight the formula is, and it's also sheer and buildable, making it great for color-correcting and retouching blemishes. It's also very hydrating and creamy, making it feel nourishing. The Rescue Balm +Dark Spot Retouch has the same Rescue balm formula- allowing you to "camouflage, calm, and replenish in one step," as Hero Cosmetics says. This balm is multi-tasking at its finest, just like how it's skincare and makeup in one!

To use this balm, simply tap it in during your morning routine alongside your favorite SPF, and you'll be all set to go about your day!

A Gentle Soothing Cleanse

Winter has made our skin dry and flaky, but this gentle milky cleanser knows how to treat our suddenly extra sensitive skin. With a wonderful texture that makes the skin feel fresh and hydrated, the Gentle Milky Cleanser is the best go-to for the season.

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This is the most soothing cleanse for stressed-out skin, and no matter how sensitive your skin may be, this cleanser is gentle on the face. Sometimes, what we need is a kind, calming wash without stripping the skin, and this milky cleanser can do just that.

The cleanser lifts away any impurities that could clog up the skin and washes away surface grime without drying out the skin. Much of the time, cleansers tend to strip the skin, but this is genuinely one of the cleansers that doesn't dry out your skin but rather leaves it supple and smooth.

With a wonderful milky, creamy texture, this feels as if you're slathering around a very light lotion. I just love how you can massage it into the skin as you wash, which feels so refreshing.

Made with barrier-loving oat, jojoba, and ceramides, this cleanser leaves your skin feeling oh-so-soft. After washing, my skin feels as if it's already had moisturizer applied- it's seriously that soothing!

This cleanser has quickly become my new favorite, especially for the chilly, dry season, and the calm it brings is simply amazing.

Keep Up With Hero Cosmetics

Do acne care the right way with Hero Cosmetics and love your skin with good-filled, effective skin food. Be sure to follow Hero Cosmetics on social media to stay in the loop with the latest acne-healing, powerful products! Find them on Instagram at @herocosmetics, Twitter at @herocosmetics, and TikTok at @herocosmetics.

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