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Cardi B and Offset Face a Showdown on New Year's Eve

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December 23, 2023

As if we thought the saga between Cardi B and Offset was not over after the Chrisean Rock, Blueface cheating scandal, it just goes downhill. Surprise.

Surprise. Cardi B is not happy with Offset's recent behavior, and if I were her, I wouldn't be either. After years of Offset making a fool out of her and getting back together with her on and off, Cardi has had enough and went on an Instagram live rant TEARING into Offset. It's even worse than the previous message when she said she'd been "single for a while." On top of that, she and Offset have to deal with performing at the same location for New Year's Eve but for opposing performances. But let's dive into the tea!

Cardi's Meltdown

Cardi B let loose on Instagram Live, pouring her heart out about her split from Offset. She didn't hold back, saying, "This motherf**ker really likes to play games with me at my most vulnerable time. When I'm not the most confident." It was raw and emotional, and she didn't mince her words. "He likes to play games with me because he knows that I'm not an easy girl."

In her teary-eyed confession to her followers, Cardi held nothing back. "You've really been feeling yourself… because of your b*tcha*s album and sh*t. And you really been doing me dirty after so many f*cking years that I motherf*cking helped your a*s. Not even a f*cking thank you that I got from your b*tcha*s." Clearly, she was hurt and frustrated, airing out her grievances for the world to see.

The rapper didn't specify what triggered her emotions, but she clarified that she felt ignored and unheard in her relationship. "And it's so crazy that I have to go to the f*cking internet because whenever I tell you something, you don't say sh*t to me, and I'm so tired of it." For Cardi, the public platform seemed to be the only way to make her voice heard and express her pain.

It was a moment of vulnerability for someone often in the spotlight. Cardi laid bare her feelings, showing the world the raw side of her life, unfiltered and unscripted. The authenticity of her emotions was palpable, and fans witnessed a side of her that wasn't polished for the cameras.

This public sharing wasn't the first time Cardi B had addressed issues in her relationship. She'd been vocal about the challenges she faced with Offset in the past. This time, her frustration was evident as she openly expressed her hurt feelings and the lack of acknowledgment of her support. It seemed she needed to be heard, to have her emotions validated.

As the video circulated, it sparked reactions from fans and observers. Some resonated with Cardi's pain, supporting her in this vulnerable moment. Others may have seen a different side, but regardless of opinions, Cardi's emotional outpouring struck a chord with many who could relate to the complexities of relationships and the struggles of being heard and understood.

Offset vs Cardi B

Cardi B and Offset are set to hit the stage at the same venue despite their highly publicized breakup. They'll perform separately at the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami on New Year's Eve. It's a curious scenario as they navigate their individual gigs while being on bad terms.

Offset is booked for the hotel's nightclub, LIV, offering tickets ranging from $125 to a whopping $15,000. Meanwhile, Cardi's slated to perform poolside, along with DJ Gryffin, with tickets priced from $5,000 to $25,000 for those wanting the prime stage-front cabanas. It's a showdown of sorts, with both artists drawing in crowds and hefty ticket prices despite their personal differences. Either way, The show must go on, and when those lights come on and the beats drop, they'll do what they do best: entertain the crowd and leave everyone talking about their killer performances.

However, people have been taking the whole breakup between Cardi and Offset too far by mentioning Offset's closest friend and Migos member, Takeoff, which resulted in Offset having to respond. One user said, "Cardi better than me, I would've been on live smoking takeoff." Offset took to Twitter, upset about the situation, saying, "​​Fan wishing death on takeoff is crazy yal lil a*s better chill." Then he made a second post stating, "Correction: Fans using Takeoff's name in the middle of all this isn't cool. I'm still grieving my brother, and would like for his name to not be brought up." This has led the public to insinuate that Cardi B fans are in charge of the whole thing in an effort to hurt Offset for what he did to Cardi.

The public did not have it with Offset and his tweet, though. One user responded, "Source: trust me bro Nobody bringing up Take but YOU!! Weirdo!" Another user said, "yet you're okay with your family bullying Cardi even though YOU the one in the wrong? man get tf." A third user said, "you cheated on your wife at your lowest and her lowest & u expect people to grace you? lol good luck offcheat. nobody haven't wished death on Takeoff let's be serious , keep him out of YOUR MESS." Someone else posted a photo of the first statement about Takeoff claiming, "Y'all really fishing for sympathy, cause who is this a fan of?????????" Then people were confused because Takeoff was already dead, so it's kind of hard to wish for a fate that's already approached a person. Someone reaffirmed that with, "You can't wish death on someone already dead but I get what your saying." Another person said, "Using Takeoff's death as an excuse to come online to make Cardi's fans look bad is crazy gas lighting. You have bigger things to worry about like your marriage and issues with Cardi, you sorry excuse of a man and husband!" That said, I don't think a Cardi B and Offset reunion is in the cards anytime soon, especially after everything between them. It might just be time to close that chapter once and for all.

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