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December 24, 2020

As young women worldwide continue to grow into adulthood, it has always been essential to own a bra that brings confidence, while functioning to support and fit correctly.

By converting to BRABAR's special line of products and methods, your worries about bra-shopping will be dropped in no-time!

Meet Founder, Wendy Herman

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The woman behind the works of BRABAR? A mom herself, Wendy Herman has dedicated herself to making sure that every teen girl can experience the optimistic mindset that comes with having a perfectly fitted bra.

“I started BRABAR after several frustrating bra-shopping experiences with my own teenage daughter and realized that there was a large, underserved population of girls who could benefit in so many ways from being fitted with the right bra, as well as moms who would love having the guesswork taken out of the process,” says Herman, who previously had a long career in women's intimate apparel.

With time and hard work, that moment introduced the beginning to the trending brand many girls now know and love!

What is BRABAR?

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For a quick rundown, BRABAR is an intimates company that is catered to fit and fulfill the needs of teen girls, tweens, and other young women—for both petite and full-busted body types.

“We are impacting change by shifting the conversation from body image to comfort as the foundation of confidence and helping teens to feel and be their best selves. It is about promoting self-love, cultivating confident young women, and empowering them based on their passions, skills, and dreams,” voices Herman.

In comparison to other brands, BRABAR gives girls and women the ability to shop out of a band size range from 28 AA to 38 DDD/E. They sell items including wire free bras, bralettes, and underwear.

BRABAR's Journey

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“BRABAR began as a passion project from my dining room table sewing the first prototype and developing it with my own daughter, fulfilling our first orders from home to a growing national brand with a concept store, social and online presence,” Herman explained.

BRABAR has a strong purpose and is “NOT JUST A BRA” for teenage girls, instead there is a wider aspect to the brand.

When asking about Herman's favorite part of the company's journey, she replied, “I have enjoyed the meaningful interactions I have had with our customers and love seeing the impact we are making first-hand. We want to help girls grow up feeling good in their bodies & knowing what they are capable of. This is about the bigger picture: showing her how to take control and care of her body and changing the conversation. It is not only about her physical self; it is about the essence of who she is and how she feels about herself at this critical time in her life. There is a very direct impact that physical development has on self-confidence.”

Their Goal

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Through one of their main slogans, “snug like a hug,” BRABAR strives for a bra that is effective, while providing underneath support for self-esteem during school, and other activities.

BRABAR's positive bra-shopping experience makes strenuous lives so much easier for teens, especially with the unexpected hardships that occur every day.

“In today’s fast-paced, social media-influenced society, the tremendous amount of focus on girls’ bodies can leave them feeling embarrassed and insecure, but our message is that a girl is so much more than just her body — “She is somebody!” Her Body is just one aspect of the amazing dynamic individual that she is. Comfort is the foundation of confidence and with the right products and information, embodied in our “shop by band” concept, girls can feel better about themselves and confident about achieving their personal goals and aspirations,” Herman notes.

The EZ-Fit Method

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For beginners to bra shopping, or to anyone that has struggled with finding a bra that truly feels like the proper fit, BRABAR has the solution with their EZ-fit method— which teaches young women to find the correct band measurement. They also hold a virtual fitting service for customers in order to set up a personalized session with a fit expert.

“Women today do not know how to measure themselves, and that is why they are wearing the wrong size bras. We are teaching girls what the band size means and encouraging them to shop by band size FIRST. We want to instill that knowing your band size is crucial to a good fit. We want her bra to fit like a strapless bra and HUG the rib cage rather than hang from the shoulder,” says Herman.

By doing this, every customer can get the best fit and style of bra, specifically for them and their measurements.

Essentials to Add to Your Cart

Luckily for you, BRABAR offers a variety of diverse bra styles, designs, and sizes that all serve for different functions. To follow up, Herman and her brand's team have shared insight on some of their favorite pieces to suit any individual and occasion.

Everyday Bra

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“We love our everyday bra for petite girls… Our everyday bra collections include a removable pad option.”

If you are the type that adores having a staple bra to wear during your daily routine, the fan-favorite everyday bra is for you! This product simultaneously lifts and separates the bust, while working to fit as your cup size expands.

Soft Day Bra

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“... our soft day bra is a great choice for the full busted young women who are looking for more coverage and support.”

This style is basically the everyday bra's “sister”, obtaining similar features! With back closure, and obviously the smooth ultra-soft stretch fabric, the straps are fully adjustable and the bra itself is double layered for extra reinforcement.

Cami Bra Top

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For BRABAR's soft cami bra tops, they have countless color possibilities from plain hues, to uniquely died pieces. Pictured is the bra in the color, “plum” where the longer cut and U neckline allow customers to wear it as either a bra, or as a top on its own. Pad-free and wireless, the brand mentions to think of it as if a “crop cami and sports bra had a baby.” For sports, dance, and those that love to hang out with friends, you definitely need this!

Some other long line options are the “Everyday Longline Cami Bra”, and the “Soft Strapless Bra Top”.

Hug Halters

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Check out this item for $36 here (all hug halters range from $34-$36)

“Strappy with or without lace, we love the HUG halters for low to medium impact activities.”

This collection of over the neck pieces take on an approach where you can choose from a 5 strap detail, fully open back, lace design, etc. Along with a criss-cross front, they carry the “Hug Strappy Halter Bra”, the “Hug Backless Halter Open Back Bra”, and the “Hug Lace Halter Bralette” which is pictured. Using your natural shape, BRABAR says that it is great for activities like yoga, dance, or to use as a normal sports bra.

Soft v Lace Bralette

Reversible Option 1 (above)

Reversible Option 2 (below)

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“Our reversible soft lace bralette is pretty and comfortable whether you wish to stay in or dress up to go out.”

Yes, you heard that right, this design has notes from their HUG lace bralette and their Soft V design, while being reversible! An advantage is that this V neckline piece does not require any doubling-up for coverage, and can be interchangeably worn with the lace or soft v on the front/back— see images above for reference.

They also have the “Soft V Crop Bra”, which is another flattering, reversible item available for purchase.

Invest in BRABAR

This is just a sneak peek at all the products available, and since it is merely about time for the “new year, new me,” don't be afraid to fuel your shopping addiction with BRABAR. You deserve it!

This publication is a sponsored press article. Mentioned prices are accurate and items in stock as of the time of publication.
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