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Beach Bag Essentials You Can't Say No To

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August 29, 2022

Plan on going to the beach this summer? Because we all know, summer is incomplete without beach trips! Evidently, there are so many beach essentials that we can't afford to forget on the couch at home. Here is a list of some of the items that are beach-trip necessities.

Cute Tote bag

Obviously, you'll need a bag to put your essentials in. So use a cute tote to carry it all! Etsy has some pretty, trendy, and affordable tote bags that you have to get!


Protecting your skin from the sun is so important! Going in the sun without sunscreen leaves you vulnerable to sunspots, sunburn, dry skin, and inflammation. It also severely raises your risk of skin cancer.

Let's not forget the giant blisters (which I'm sure you've seen all over Tiktok. Those do not look fun). Using reef-safe and cruelty-free sunscreen is a good idea too.


Sun Bum SPF 50 Body Lotion for your body

Mineral SPF 50 Sunscreen Face Stick for your face

Scalp & Hair Mist SPF 30 for your scalp.

SPF Lip Balm

Again, the sun can be harmful, so using something to protect your lips is essential. Intense sun exposure can damage the collagen in your lips, altering their appearance and even changing the way you speak. A great choice for an SPF Lip balm would be the SPF 30 Sunscreen Lip Balm - Watermelon from Sunbum.


Protect your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) rays with some cool, funky sunglasses! This dangerous UV light can harm your eyes and lead to serious eye damage, so keep those sunglasses on. This Etsy shop has some fabulous sunglasses.

A Change of clothes

Bring a change of clothes for when you are done with your beach adventure! This is so that when you are finished swimming you have a pair of clothes to change into, or at least, just in case, the outfit you wore to the beach makes its way to the ocean.

Plastic bag or Wetbag

Don't want to get your bag and other things wet? Bring a plain plastic bag, a Ziploc, or even a Wet Bag to put your wet swimsuit in! We have all been there, putting your damp swimsuits or clothes in your bag and, as a result, everything else gets wet too. It is so annoying, save yourself the trouble by carrying a wet bag or plastic bag!


Again, sun protection is vital for a beach trip! Bring a cute cap or sun hat with you! Wearing a hat can also protect your scalp and face from being burnt, so you can protect yourself from the sun and add a cute accessory to your beach trip! Village Hat Shop has a variety of good hats.

Beach Chair

Bring a beach chair where you can sit comfortably instead of sitting on the hot sand (which goes everywhere). Most beach chairs fold up too, making them easier to carry! HAUSHOF Low Beach Chair from Amazon is a good, affordable option.

A Good Book

Relaxing on the beach, reading an interesting book, what could be better? Reading is such an important thing that everyone should do more often.

Some beach-worthy books are: The Fault in Our Stars, It Ends With Us, Call Me by Your Name, and here is a list for some more recommendations!


Get your hair out of the way by tying or clipping it up with some stylish claw clip or elastics. The following: 8 Pack Large Hair Claw Clips and 48PCS Seamless Hair Ties from Amazon are nice to use. These clips are lifesavers when trying to keep your wild hair from blowing all over your face and from just bothering you in general.


I cannot stress sun protection enough, but take an umbrella with you to the beach so you can relax in the shade. Not only is it nicer for you not to have the sun on your face, but it protects you from being harmed by it. An affordable option from Amazon is ONIVA Portable Beach Umbrella.


Take a cute little shawl or cover up to put over your swimsuit! Just so that if you want to walk into a store or restaurant or just feel more comfortable. This coverup could be a big shirt, a dress, or anything really. Amazon has some cool coverups you should check out!

Waterproof Phonecase

One thing I always stress about when at the beach is my phone. Is it safe? Has it been drenched in water?

Protect your device by purchasing a waterproof phone case. JOTO Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch is an excellent option. That way, if you want to go in the water and take some pictures of yourself or someone else, or simply want to float in the water and scroll through Instagram, without wetting up your phone or dreading it. A waterproof phone case would be a tremendous help!

Camera or GoPro

Save the memories of your beach trip with a camera or, even better, a GoPro for underwater memories. The scenery on a beach trip is amazing and should be saved.



Listen to your favorite tunes from some headphones or a speaker. A mini, waterproof speaker such as EWA Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker works well, as well as headphones like Apple AirPods, Philips Wireless Headphones, or Apple Wired Earbuds.


If you are going to the beach, planning to swim, or want to lie down on something other than bare sand, you need a towel! WETCAT Turkish Beach Blanket is perfect for your beach trip! You can lay your blanket down on the sand and sit on it and use it to dry yourself after swimming.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is very important, especially when you are in the sun. Take a water bottle with some water or your favorite drink with you! Use a quality water bottle like this one: Half Gallon Water Bottle.


Bring something to munch on while you are relaxing on the beach. Beach trips can be very draining, so eat a snack to get your energy back and to be able to continue enjoying the beach. You can also bring it just in case the place you are going has no food/places to buy food.

Swim Gear

If on this beach trip you are planning on swimming and taking a peek in the water, take snorkeling gear, or just a simple pair of goggles, ZEEPORTE Snorkling Gear and ZIONOR Swim Goggles do a splendid job!

Power Bank

Not close to an outlet to charge your phone? Use a power bank, preferably a solar-powered one, as you are in the sun. This waterproof Solar Charger Power Bank works well!

Do not catch yourself at the beach with a dead phone. You never know what could happen, so bring this power bank as a backup.

I hope this helped. Now go to the beach and slay!!!

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