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An Exclusive with the Popular British Singer-Songwriter and Dancer Holly T

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October 17, 2019

From ballet and choreography to singing and songwriting, Holly T, the British multi-talented singer and songwriter, has taken the long way to pursue her dreams. Now, with 1.6 million streams for her first record "Just you and I", her follow-up song "Let’s Get Weird" with Fangs being featured on New Music Friday, and her latest released 'say it right' landing on the cover of the Friday Cratediggers Spotify list, Holly T is reaping the fruits of success after sowing seeds of hard work and devotion.

How old were you when you started dancing?

I very reluctantly took my first ballet class at 6 years old. I had to go to accompany my sister who really wanted to be a ballerina. I soon stopped and then at 11 years old enrolled in Musical Theatre Classes and realized I loved dancing and never stopped since.

Among all your talents, which do you think reflects your personality the most?

Music and songwriting. I love being able to express how I feel in a song. Especially when I am able to write for myself.

Which song is your favorite?

Of mine? Just You and I which you can find on Heart Beats on Spotify. Of all time, Borderline by Madonna, I am a huge Madonna fan, especially early Madonna.

When did you start songwriting/singing? What inspired you to start a songwriting/singing career?

I started quite late, in my mid-twenties, I was hired as a choreographer to work with a music management company. I had always been writing songs but this time I had someone to give them too and really critique them. Working with recording artists was great because it helped me expand my own art.

I needed to share my voice and songwriting in addition to dance. I spent the next two years honing my craft, writing toplines for different producers.

Aside from choreography/ ballet, what other types of dancing do you like to perform/learn?

I graduated from Alvin Ailey, I am a big fan of Martha Graham which I studied for four years and both Dunham and Horton techniques.

To whom do you owe your success?

My best friend Richard. He has been my rock, helped me when I needed it and taught me many things about the business.

If you were in the position of quitting a talent, which talent would you give up? Dancing, songwriting, or singing?

Well, I already stopped dancing a while ago, so dancing… dancing was my first love but like anything you grow, learn and discover more.

Being originally from the UK, then moving to America, how did the travel and international experience help you boost your career?

I left the UK at 19 years old, I started my career in the US. I often wonder what would I have done had I stayed back home. Would l have booked more or fewer jobs, where would my career have taken me?

Traveling in general boosts your character. You become more open, diverse and learn so much about yourself and the world. I would recommend to anyone to get out of the bubble you grew up in and see what's going on in the world.

Another day, another opportunity #Thankful

— Holly T (@hollytnyc) September 24, 2019

Who's your favorite singer, songwriter, and choreographer?

Don't really have a favorite singer, songwriter, without a doubt, Carole King and choreographer Martha Graham.

A lot of us face some moments of failure and despair, how do you respond to those feelings so they won't affect you long-term?

I don't believe in failure. I believe our journey is already mapped out and whatever failure did occur was to steer you in the direction of your destiny. I believe the universe is looking after you and we are exactly where we are meant to be right now.

I think it's important to take each and every experience, however, good or bad as a lesson to allow yourself to grow and learn. I am a big believer in loving awareness. Always moving onwards and upwards.

Have #faith The universe is looking after you

— Holly T (@hollytnyc) September 28, 2019

Want more? Holly T is taking over our Instagram on October the 21st, stay tuned and get a front-row seat to Holly's life and music for a full day.

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