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Actress Claire Holt on Collaborating with Andie: Channel Your Inner Mermaid

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August 09, 2021

Andie truly is an expert on everything swimwear- and with Andie, I love that I can truly feel confident, supported, and empowered. Andie's high-quality swimsuit has the right fit and looks flattering, and is simply comfortable and stylish.

Let's be real: swimsuit shopping isn't really easy. But with Andie's "swimwear expert [and] a try-on cheerleader" mindset, the brand truly encourages you to find the perfect fit that's just right for you. With Andie, you can look good while feeling good, too. "When you wear a suit that fits, enjoying yourself comes naturally," promises Andie Swim.

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Andie's now taking this approach further in their first-ever celebrity collaboration with Australian actress Claire Holt, who's graced the big screen in huge hits such as H2O: Just Add Water, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, and more. Featuring gorgeous designs from effortless one-pieces to bikini sets to channel your inner mermaid (just like Claire in the H2O films!), the Andie x Claire collection is perfect for any time, anywhere.

The Teen Magazine had the chance to share some words from a talk with Claire about creating the Andie x Claire Collection and share some of our favorite pieces.

Inspiration Behind The Collection

What was the inspiration behind the Andie x Claire collection?

“The inspiration behind this campaign was creating suits that would make women feel more confident," Claire tells us, "From the beginning, I’ve loved how Andie’s mission is to make women feel comfortable. It truly is such a vulnerable experience shopping for a swimsuit, so I knew I wanted to create a collection that would make women feel beautiful and empowered."

"Andie is led by women that get it, and I wanted to join the challenge of making swimsuit shopping more enjoyable, while making women feel comfortable in their own skin.”

-Claire Holt

On The Design Process

The design feels confident and supportive, and overall empowering. Could you tell us more about the design process and the thoughts behind the pieces?

“As women, I find it fascinating how much our bodies change over the years, so it was really important for me to create styles that can be enjoyed at any phase in life. Having two babies in the last two years, my body has changed in so many ways," Claire shares.

"As a swimmer, mom and many other things, I can really speak to what’s needed in a quality swimsuit. I know what aspects of a suit makes me feel confident, and many other women as well," says Claire, "With all of this in mind, the Andie team and I created pieces that are supportive in all of the right places, and really cater to all body types.”

Sharing Pieces & Bits

The names of the pieces allude to iconic Australian places; could you tell us more about such details that were included in the collection?

“I’m from Australia, so I really wanted this collection to reflect who I am and my journey," replies Claire.

"For example, The Mermaid two-piece is named after Mermaid Beach. I also played a mermaid in “H2O,” so that tied in well. Naming the pieces in the collection after places in Australia was my way of sharing small pieces of myself.”

Thoughts Behind Selections

Much of the collection pieces feature beautiful, timeless colors such as Sienna, Lily, Dune, and more. Could you tell us more about the design selections and choices for the collection?

“I definitely wanted to go for a more timeless look, something that would never go out of style, so we went with colors and designs that reflect that idea," says Claire.

"Dune is a beautiful and vibrant yellow that perfectly complements all skin tones," she shares, "Aside from the more classic colors, the collection also has a really fun leopard print that I absolutely love."

"In designing the collection I wanted to focus on cuts that would be flattering, and supportive elements to make women feel like their best selves. It was important for me to consider the needs of women, whether it’s full coverage for larger busts or support in the tummy area—this collection has it all.”

In Just Five Words

If you could use five words to describe the Andie x Claire collection, what would they be?

“Timeless, Versatile, Supportive, Authentic and Empowering.”

-Claire Holt

Thank you, Claire, for this interview and for the beautiful words you shared with us. Now, onto our favorite pieces from the collection- and the most stunning, flattering swimwear pieces to ever exist!

The Byron: Classic & Effortless

The Byron is the absolute perfect swimsuit that's timeless and classic. There's truly no other way to describe it- this simple, effortless one-piece will never go out of style and will always look good. Along with impeccable quality and fabric, the Byron is great for a good time.

The neckline is a medium-length square neck, and the back features a lower round cut. The Byron offers medium bust support and has a cheeky bottom coverage. I just adore the thick straps- it's perfect for feeling secure and not too thick on the width and not too thin.

The Byron also features a high-leg cut, and places emphasis on the legs. It feels so sporty and is great for a movement-filled day at the beach.

I love how classic this piece is- it's truly modernity at its best that feels so effortless and sophisticated.

The Byron comes in two types of fabrics: flat and ribbed. The ribbed fabric has a nice vertical texture all across the suit and offers a comfortable fit. "Our most compressive fabric, Ribbed fabric is supportive enough for high-impact swims and soft enough for all-day wear," says Andie.

When I tell you that this swimsuit has the softest, most high-quality fabric ever, I truly mean it. It feels so smooth and is the most comfortable piece ever! I'm a huge fan of Andie, and the absolute support and comfort that their suit offers is definitely on top of the list.

The Byron is available in three colors: Black, Sienna, and Dune. The Byron Ribbed in the shade black is a solid, all-over black color. The dark color is perfect to wear at any time and will truly go along with anything. I really enjoy that it's easygoing, and looks so flattering on!

Shop the Byron Ribbed in black here.

The Byron is also available in a gorgeous Dune color, which is a limited edition. This happy, bright honey color is a lovely pop of color and is just right for the summery vibes. The shade isn't too light and is a lovely amber-like color.

Shop the Byron Ribbed in Limited Edition Dune here.

If anything, this absolute classic one-piece is the perfect swimwear staple. Effortless but with an effort, and simple cuts and clean lines throughout, the Byron is a total minimalist dream at best.

To care for all Andie swim pieces, Andie advises that you:

Rinse in cold water immediately after wearing to remove some chlorine, saltwater, sunscreen and/or natural body oils.

Hand-wash your suits in cold water with a gentle laundry detergent or hand soap. Do not bleach, iron, or tumble dry.

Lay Flat to Dry. Hang drying can stretch out your suit. Laying flat to dry gives the fabric a chance to reshape.

For super-suit longevity, pre-rinse your Andie in fresh water before diving into the pool or ocean. Salt, chlorine, and other particles cling to dry suits, so jumping in some clean water before your day at the beach/pool/park help maintain swimsuit fibers.

The Bondi: High-Cuts & Key To Fun

The Bondi is such a minimalistic yet detail-filled suit that looks brilliantly contemporary. With a high neckline with high cuts that elongates the legs and a keyhole opening in the back, the Bondi is what we call the key to fun.

Shop the Bondi Flat in the Limited Edition Sienna here.

This super smooth, non-textured swimsuit comes in flat fabric- which "has a compressive lining and four-way stretch for all-day comfort and recovery." As Andie notes, "it's perfect for lounging by the pool or catching a 6 AM wave." The flat fabric makes it feel much more suitable for athletic activities that you can move around freely around the poolside or at the beach!

The Bondi features a simple yet sweet look. The high-cuts offer emphasis on the legs and hits right at the hips.

The high neckline of the Bondi is perfect for when you don't want to get painful sunburns around your neck and chest, and the high coverage is led to the clasp in the back that creates the loophole.

The back of the Bondi features a golden clasp to hold together a well-sized cut-out that makes the design feel so sleek and modern. The open back has a touch of feminity to it, and it has such a cute look!

I love that it really feels like a second skin and is such a comfortable one-piece. With medium bottom coverage and medium bust support, the Bondi is all about providing secure support so that you can truly enjoy your day in the suit.

The Bondi in Sienna is a limited color that is an earthy deep red. The dark, warm color creates a beautiful look, and is a gorgeous timeless color that will never go out of style. The Bondi is also available in the colors Black and Lily.

Catch me by the waves with this beautiful one-piece- I'll be staying active with this sporty, open-back swimsuit!

The Mermaid: Dreamy and Magical

Ready to channel your inner mermaid with this gorgeous underwire bikini set? This beautiful top and bottom set is a supportive, flattering combination that makes you feel just like a mermaid.

With the adjustable lined top and fishtail design on the bottoms, the Mermaid set truly feels so magical. Coming in three colors of Black, Lily, and Sienna, poolside adventures just got so much better!

Shop the Mermaid Bikini Top Flat in Limited Edition Sienna here.

The Mermaid Top comes in a flat fabric style that is completely smooth and non-textured. The front of the top features a supportive, underwire-style top that is comfortably snug and offers just the right fit and coverage. The underwire of the top is so well made and doesn't feel uncomfortable whatsoever, and offers maximum bust coverage.

The top of this swimsuit set is designed to be structured, with a stylish design that is just so cute! It really plays up to the "mermaid" look of this set, and holds up well in the water.

The back straps are thin and strappy and include adjustable straps that are easy to adjust to your liking. The clasps didn't dig into my skin once, and it's so unnoticeably there that you'll be able to spend a whole day without it nagging at your skin.

Shop the Mermaid Bikini Bottom Flat in Limited Edition Sienna here.

The bottoms have the coolest mermaid design I've ever seen; the top of the bikini bottoms have a twist in the front that makes it instantly more chic- and the best part? It looks just like the fishtail of a mermaid!

With a medium bottom coverage, the Bottom in Flat is a high-waisted bottom that rests comfortably at a little above the hips and has a medium leg cut. The fabric is completely smooth and moves with you instead of the other way around.

This swimsuit is designed to look flattering on you, all while providing the best fit. "The Flat fabric has a compressive lining and four-way stretch for all-day comfort and recovery," says Andie. I love that the fabric has just the right amount of snugness and doesn't dig into the skin.

The Mermaid Bikini in the Sienna color is a pretty dark red that is alluring, and the color is like a rusty red. When adventuring in the water, the swimsuit will turn a deeper scarlet hue.

I love that this set makes you feel at your absolute best and that it makes you feel so confident and beautiful!

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