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A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Monetize Your Social Media

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Thu, January 25

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We are lucky enough to live in a time where we can earn money in such flexible and creative ways. Countless people are looking to monetize social media but a lot of people don’t know how. Let's discuss some common ways to monetize your socials.


Like all businesses, you have to promote and market yourself. Your image and how you present yourself is your brand. Rehearse your image and plan your audience.

Networking and building peer connections is a vital step in monetization of any product or brand. Doing this on social media may look different than going to networking events and interacting with mentors. Reaching out on social media can include joining Facebook groups that specialize in influencing, engaging with products you might seek sponsors from, or starting your own digital network group chat. The best thing about social media is that you can reach billions of people at the touch of a button from the comfort of your own home. This makes networking and building connections flexible. It would be ill-considered to not use that to your advantage.

Creator Funds

Creator funds are a common form of monetization. Usually, you do have to accumulate a certain amount of engagement to enjoy the benefits. Creator funds are highly dependent on audience involvement.

It permits creators to gain income from their content. Creator funds aren’t recognized for their lucrativeness but it is a decent form of passive income.

How do I set up a creator fund?

For most apps, the requirements vary. Some allow a minimum of 10,000 followers or 1,000 subscribers. Usually, once you reach that milestone the option will appear on your account and you are free to earn a sum of money from your account.


Most social media apps have an option to allow self-promotion. You do have to pay but it is usually cheap and well effective. When you pay to promote your content it will appear on consumer’s feeds more often.

It’s a great way to get your image out there. You can also rely on social promotions with techniques like collaborations with other creators. Avoid scammers who offer you the option to promote you on their page in exchange for money. This is a common scam and it is recommended that paid promotions are done with the actual app and the purchaser.

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How will promoting myself help me monetize?

Boosting your account ensures that your content will reach more audiences. Promo can allow you to have the opportunity to showcase a business or your image. In addition, if you happen to be a part of any creator fund, the rule of thumb tends to be more views equals more money. Promoting basically is a way of giving yourself engagement.


Before you consider this option be sure to have a professional email that is visible on all of your platforms. This is well appreciated among fields and workplaces, especially socially based careers. When looking to get sponsored you can either contact a business or if your account is appealing to businesses they will reach out to you. It is more likely for a business to get in touch with you if you have a polished account with a decent amount of interaction and consistency associated with your account.

If you are interested in reaching out to businesses yourself, there are a few precautions to take. Contacting business is a very effective way to gain monetization but this idea can easily go left. Be sure to contact licit companies and people.

This technique is common among smaller creators and subsequently, you may be offered an unfair pay justified by your small-scale account. Furthermore, not all of your sponsorships will be paid sponsorships. These are not ineffective and they are advantages to both parties. Get educated and informed on reasonable prices and set your own informed standards.

What are some ways I can ask businesses to sponsor me?

Firstly you have to access the contact information of the people who are in the company's social media department. A certain amount of companies have a set email for sponsorships and it may be available with a bit of scanning. With other companies, you may have to use LinkedIn and contact the people who work in the social media department. Use a professional email with sensible language and grammar when contacting.

UGC creator

A UGC creator or user-generated content is an influencer whose main focus is reviewing, sharing, and promoting products, inchange brands will pay you for your content and use it in paid ads. You don’t need a set following and you can opt for a freelance approach or get signed with agencies.

To be a UGC creator you have to have a well-presentable image, an unalarming digital footprint, and a good-quality camera. Most creators start off by recording some videos of them reviewing products and use them as a digital portfolio to send to agencies or brands.

Do Not Be Afraid

It doesn’t matter who you are, the world is eager for voices and companies are too. Do not be discouraged by negative voices or your assumed perspective about yourself. When looking to make income you will have to take steps that may seem nerve wracking but going through that initial fear will ensure you success.

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