A Guide to Having the Best Self-Care Week

A Guide to Having the Best Self-Care Week

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July 27, 2021

Self-care by definition is “the practice of taking action to preserve and improve one’s own health.” It isn't only about what you eat or how much you work out daily. It can be anything that brings you a few moments of peace and serenity.

In a world full of misfortune and hustle, we may forget to take care of ourselves, even though self-care should be an extremely fundamental part of one’s life. We worry so much about work, career, and future when our inner self is craving some affection and warmth.

It can seem hard to have a self-care week, especially if you’re really exhausted. But please, take a moment to provide care for yourself because you deserve it. Here is my guide to having the best self-care week!

1. Develop a good sleeping schedule

I know that many of us are guilty of having a really messy sleeping schedule and then relying on caffeine to chase away drowsiness. Getting good sleep is not only beneficial to your physical health but also your mental health. Sleep is a vital component of an individual’s health and it is often neglected.

Regardless of how tiring your day might be, getting the right amount of sleep will help you fight and stay strong. So, make it a habit of going to bed early and not using your phone to watch TikToks.

2. Declutter your desk/room

I’m sure a lot of you guys have heard the phrase, “cleaning your room is therapeutic”. And it is actually true. The reason why it feels so good to declutter is that you are getting rid of unnecessary items and obtaining more free space.

Clean and organized places have been known to reduce stress as well. So, whether it’s your desk, closet, or drawer, clean it. It will surely improve your mental health along with your physical health since you’ll also get the workout.

3. Go on for walks

Exercising can help boost your mood. But if you’re not in the mood for doing some cardio, you should try going on walks. And it doesn’t have to be boring.

You can listen to music while you walk. Just being able to get some air will definitely clear your mind. Staying home and lying in your comfortable bed may seem relaxing, but going outside for a walk by yourself is even more relaxing than you could imagine. You can also use bikes or skateboards to go around your neighborhood.

4. Find a new hobby

It is never too late to start or learn something new. Society has declared age limits for everything, whether it's getting a degree, cooking, or riding a bike. But here’s the truth: there is no age limit to anything.

Do you want to learn something new? Then go ahead with it! Finding a new hobby will give you something to focus on.

It will be refreshing and give you a new start. Some examples of hobbies are writing, baking, calligraphy, bike riding, skating, makeup, photography, and many more.

5. Listen to new songs

The best way to take care of your tender self is to binge listen to all the songs that have just been released. Get yourself a new playlist and play it as loud and often as you want. Music has also been known to reduce stress and anxiety, so it has to be included in this self-care guide.

If you don’t like any of the new songs, search for the old ones that you really loved but stop listening after a while. That will give you nostalgia.

6. Put on nice/new clothes

What we wear actually has an effect on our mood, attitude, and confidence. It can magnify your psychological state and make everyday tasks a bit easier. Even if you are not planning to go out anywhere, just try dolling yourself up. It’s therapeutic and will make you feel so much better self-assertive.

7. Talk to a loved one

Talking to someone about yourself or anything that feels heavy on your chest is really important for your mental health. Keeping everything to yourself may be fine temporarily, but it’s not a long-term solution. It can be anyone; a friend, a neighbor, anyone from your family. Make sure you are taking to validate your struggles and emotions because they matter.

This was quite a short self-care guide, but obviously, there are many more wonderful ways to have a good self-care week to refresh your health, mind, and soul. Most importantly, don’t forget to give enough time to yourself. Do whatever makes you happy and at peace.

Doing self-care is mainly about being mindful of your own needs. When you are better at taking care of yourself, you will understand other people’s needs. That will allow you to connect to them and yourself on a deeper level.

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