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9 Life Lessons I'd Pay to Have Learned Sooner

Mental Health & Self Love

July 17, 2021

There are many things in life that can seem overwhelming. From school to friends, to your mental health, life can be pretty tough sometimes. Some days we need reminders that teach us to see the good that life has to offer. Here are 9 life lessons that I wish I had known sooner.

1. There Is Strength In Letting Go

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Sometimes, we think that letting go and moving on makes us weak, when, in fact, it makes us strong. It's hard to let go of the things that are holding you back. The longer you drag those things, the weaker you get.

There is strength in crying, there is strength in moving on. Being strong is the little choices we make that lead to big life changes. You may see yourself as weak, but others might view you as strong.

Just because you let go of something or someone doesn't make you weak or scared. It just means you're ready to move on to bigger and greater things.

2. Every Day Is A Gift, But Also A Choice

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Every day that we get to live is a gift, a blessing. We wake up, we stretch, we think about our tasks for the day, what we're going to do. We may even forget the day, roll over and check our phones.

Whatever your morning routine may be, we all tend to overlook the little details. We woke up to a brand-new day, a clean slate, bright and refreshed. Sometimes, we take that for granted.

The things we choose to do during our day are what affects the next day and the next. I could wake up tomorrow and not do anything. That's a choice.

I could wake up tomorrow and do the things I need to do to have a better tomorrow. That's also a choice.

Tomorrow is not a guarantee, so make the most of today.

3. Small Growth Is Still Progress

Despite what others may think or say, you are constantly growing. Even when you're going through your toughest battle, you are learning and growing from it. Progress is still progress, no matter how small it may be.

Give yourself credit for how far you've come, with everything you've gone through. Work still needs to be done and improvements could be made to your life, but for now, grow. Small growth is steady progress. Never discredit the progress you've made.

Every step, even if it's little, is still an improvement.

4. Life Isn't Always About You


Confidence can be a good thing, but too much of it can be considered arrogant or conceited. In life, you have to remember that there are other people besides you that matter.

Sometimes, you have to put the needs of others before your own. Putting the needs of others before yourself can make you realize that not everyone schedules their time around you to meet your needs. People have their own lives and their own problems. The sooner you realize that not everything revolves around you, the sooner you'll be able to see the things happening around you.

Your friends are not just your friends, they're also friends with other people that you may not know. Your parents don't just take care of you, they also take care of your other siblings. Your partner isn't just there for you, you are also there for them.

It's a give and take between people in these relationships. These relationships shouldn't be one-sided. Humble yourself so that you may be a better version of yourself.

There will be so many people in life who believe they are better than you, and they might believe that everything revolves around them. It's in those moments when this lesson comes in handy.

5. Make Time For Your Health

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Your health is important in life. You shouldn't put things over taking care of yourself, like working.

Health is like a domino effect. If you don't take care of yourself, you're more likely to do poorly in other areas of your life. If you don't get enough sleep, you can't focus and concentrate on your tasks at your job.

If you detox, you can become tired. If you keep stressing over your studies, you can be depressed or anxious. Short-term solutions won't resolve long-term problems either.

Your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health are so important for you in life. So take the time to focus on your well-being. Give yourself a makeover, workout, detox, self-care, journal, meditate, pray, sleep. Whatever it is you do to take time for yourself, do it.

6. Never Stop Learning And Growing

In all that you do, never stop growing and learning. Every day we get the opportunity to learn more and grow from it. We learn something about ourselves, others, and what we do each day.

Never stop increasing your knowledge; there is always room for growth and improvement. We only become better people because of what we learn, and what we do. You can always learn something new from others and yourself.

7. Your Only Limit Is Yourself

Only you can limit yourself in life. Whatever you go through, it's not a limit, it's just a setback. It's not an excuse to stop moving and keep going forward.

You might need to take a detour to get back on the right track, but you ultimately decide what your limits are. We can choose the things that limit us. There are things that might take some time, but you shouldn't give up on the process.

8. Thoughts Are Powerful

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Thoughts are probably the most powerful thing in life. Only you can control your thoughts. Don't let your thoughts control what you do. Don't let fear or anxiety take over your thoughts.

You can think negative thoughts about others and yourself and not feel like something is worth doing, or you can think positively and do so much good. It's only a bad day if you let what happens control you, if you let your thoughts overtake you. It can become a better day if you think positively and pick yourself back up.

9. Make The Most Of What's Given

Although we may not always get what we want, we should be thankful for the things and people we do have. You might be in a situation that sucks, but our mindset should be, “I may not have much, but what I do have I am thankful and grateful for.”

You can be at your lowest point in life, and still make the most out of that situation. It's what we think and do at those low points in our life that matters.

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