7 Ways to Organize Your Closet During Quarantine


Is your closet messy? Do you have no idea how to reorganize your clothes? Here are 7 ways to help you on your cleaning quest!

1. Invest In Quality Clothes Hangers

Whenever I go clothes shopping, I always find myself saying yes to keeping the clothes hangers because, well, they're free, but also you can never have too many clothes hangers at home, right? But in reality, these hangers could be doing more harm than good to your clothes. Hangers come in all shapes and sizes and when you put an item of clothing on a hanger that is the wrong shape, then it can misshapen and ruin it. Wooden clothes hangers are a great investment as they are sturdy and well-made, rather than the cheap flimsy plastic ones you get from the stores. Velvet hangers are also good if your clothes have a tendency to slip off hangers. Both of these options are also cheap and all match so makes the closet look much nicer too.

2. Organize By Color

A lot of people swear by this method, as it looks aesthetically pleasing and makes it the easiest when you like to color-coordinate your outfits. Many celebrities choose this method, including Eva Longoria and Khloe Kardashian. How insane is Khloe Kardashian's color-coordinated hair extension closet below?!However, if you're like me you won't have anywhere near as much clothes (or hair extensions) as celebs do, so maybe you don't need to organize so specifically by teal, turquoise and aqua and just go by blue instead!

3. By Garment Type

In my own experience I believe that this is the most efficient way of organizing your clothes, and this is the way I have had mine for years now as I find it by far the easiest way to navigate my clothes. Separating your clothes into sections of jumpers, trousers, tops, etc, makes it really easy to know where each item is, so if you're cold you can easily reach for a jumper.

4. Consider Your Storage Options

Organizing your clothes can be hard when you don't have much closet room to hang your clothes up, or if you have more room in a set of drawers rather than a closet. It can seem impossible to organize your clothes if this is the situation, however there are things you can do to try make the best of what you have.

If you are limited for closet space, you need to go through all of your clothes and set aside the items that crease easily, are fragile or you would prefer to be hung up. That way you are only going to be hanging up the clothes that absolutely need it. The rest of the clothes can be put away in drawers, cupboards or wherever you like.

5. Drawers Don't Have To Be Boring

Clothes organziation isn't all about the closet! You've got to show the drawers some love too. I find that the best clothes to store in drawers are pyjamas, underwear and loungewear: garmets that if they get a bit creased or messy it doesn't matter as much. Rolling your clothes up before putting them in drawers can make it look nicer and gives them the best chance of not creasing as opposed to folding them.A recent organization hack that I have found is drawer dividers. These are an amazing help to section off your drawers and come in various colors and styles so you can get just what you like! I find these work especially well for a sock drawer because then you can easily section your socks, whether that's individually, color-coordinated or by type of sock (e.g. ankle socks, fluffy socks, sports socks).

6. Declutter

Here comes the boring one... No one likes the idea of decluttering, it's one of life's tedious tasks, BUT the feeling you get after it's all been done and you're much more organized definitely outweighs the process itself. Decluttering clothes is rather easy, choosing which clothes you don't like, don't fit you anymore, are stained/ruined, etc. There are various options you can do with these clothes to get rid of them.

You could simply throw them away, which is not the most eco-friendly way to go, however if the clothes are ruined then this may be the only option.

Another option is to donate them. Maybe your friend has complimented a jacket you have worn and now you get the chance to let them have it, or maybe your sibling keeps wearing your clothes that now you can just give to them for good. Donating clothes to charity is a great option, as this not only gets rid of the clothes for you, but also gives you a sense of helpfulness to people who really need it.

7. Don't Ignore Your Accessories

Accessories are just as important to the reorganization of your closet as your clothes are because it's no use being able to get your outfit together easily but then not find a bag or necklace. Installing shelves into your closet is a great way to display handbags and shoes, making it easy to pick them out.

If you don't have enough room to add shelves, using the wasted space on the back of the closet door could be the answer. Adding rails or a hanging shoe storage bag can give you vast amounts of extra space you didn't know you had. This also doesn't have to just be for shoes, you can also store purses, belts, hair accessories or socks in it too.Reorganizing your closet not only makes it easier to find your clothes, but it can help clear your mind too. With these tips I hope you can find a way that suits you and your closet situation, because I understand we don't all have our own walk-in-wardrobe with tonnes of space or may not even have a closet at all. Whatever the situation is, you can still make the most of what you do have!

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