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7 Eco Influencers to Follow in 2022

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August 13, 2022

Climate change has not stopped, and action is therefore still needed. There are many ways to contribute. But where exactly do you start?

There are many influencers out there who document their contributions in the hope of affecting others. So, if you are trying to get more involved in climate action, here are 7 insightful and helpful people to follow on social media in 2022!

Summer Dean (@climatediva)

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Thrifting can be fun, especially if you find that perfect sweater or skirt. It is also an effective way to be more sustainable by helping with over-consumption of clothing and fast fashion. However, it can be hard sometimes to really figure out what to look for and how to style it once you have found it.

Well, Summer Dean has you covered! She has over 53.9K followers on Instagram that follow her journey using only sustainable brands or second-hand clothes.

Furthermore, in the picture above, the corset she is wearing was found at a flea market and it is completely handmade out of upcycled drapes. How amazing is it that clothes can be made from other recycled materials — this is a fruitful way to reduce waste! Her pants, on the other hand, are from an ethical and sustainable brand @everlane.

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A post shared by Summer Dean (@climatediva)

Not only does she give tips and tricks on how to build a sustainable wardrobe, but she also gives inspiration on how to dress up based on nature. It can be a fun and creative way to style your sustainable clothes! It also shows how beautiful nature and various plants can be.

All the outfits above are either second-hand from flea markets, online thrift stores such as @thredup, or sustainable brands. For example, the purse from the fourth outfit above is made from cactus leather via @everlane!

Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson (@ayanaeliza)

Dr. Ayana Johnson is a marine biologist, a writer, and a climate activist. She is the co-founder of @UrbanOceanLab, a foundation for climate and ocean policies for coastal cities, and @allwecansave, another foundation for helping the climate crisis.

Furthermore, she informs her followers about climate change and how to take action in numerous ways. She participated in a TED talk; "How to find joy in climate action," that you can check out by following the link above. The TED talk is also shared as a podcast on Spotify with @how2saveaplanet that is accessible to all, called "Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson Helps You Find Your Climate Superpower."

In this fascinating podcast, she informs the listeners about how to take climate action. A first point that she mentions in the podcast, is to make your own climate action Venn diagram. This technique will help you find your role in climate action and how you can give a helping hand. So, if you were unsure about where to start to aid our climate, give this podcast a try!

There are three questions that you can ask yourself while making your diagram:

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If you are in need of more inspiration, you can check out climatevenn.info to see what others have done and to receive a template. Additionally, make sure to listen to the other podcasts by @how2saveaplanet since they are all on the subject of climate change and action!

Paul Nicklen (@paulnicklen)

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Paul Nicklen is a photographer that takes exceptional pictures of nature and the devastating effects of climate change. Just like the one above, every photograph includes a description of the story behind the animals presented. Taking action is very important.

However, it is also necessary to be informed about the matters for which you are fighting. Animals are one aspect of how climate change affects our Earth. Paul Nicklen's photographs are a clever way to understand what they are going through and the effects of climate change on different parts of our planet.

In one of his photographs, which shows a mother polar bear with her cubs, he describes how the mother is forced to wait longer every year for the ice to appear on the water in order to hunt, which is due to the warmer weather during the summer. He also mentions that the climate crisis is not a future event; we have to act together now.

Additionally, he is also the Co-founder of @SeaLegacy, which is a campaign for the health of our oceans. Keeping our oceans healthy is necessary for our survival because they absorb the carbon from our atmosphere and reduce the impact of climate change. Therefore, if you are interested in supporting the cause, you can either donate or sign the petition!

Kathryn Kellogg (@going.zero.waste)

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Kathryn Kellog, also known as @going.zero.waste, keeps up with her username. She is indeed trying to make absolutely zero waste, whether it is with food, cleaning supplies, clothes, and so much more. If you are looking for ways to reduce your consumption and how to recycle more, then you should definitely give her a follow!

For instance, have you ever baked a recipe that didn't quite turn out? Kathryn Kellog has the perfect solution: you can transform them into truffle bits. If your cake is too dry, then add more frosting.

On the other hand, if it is too wet, add less. Next, mix all the cake together and roll it into balls. You can also do other shapes, such as hearts or little pillows.

Afterwards, just dip them into melted chocolate, decorate them however you would like, and put them into the freezer. The final step is to share the delicious treat with your family and friends! This is only one of the almost 60 recipes that she has created in order to reduce food waste. Furthermore, Kathryn Kellog offers a free crash course in sustainability: www.goingzerowaste.com/linktree.

Leah Thomas (@greengirlleah)

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"The Intersectional Environmentalist" was written by Leah Thomas, who is an author and climate activist. She mentions how we have no way of saving the planet if we don't uplift the unheard voices of its people. She used the term "intersectional environmentalist" to describe how there is a link between climate action and racism and privilege — the fight for climate change should go hand in hand with the fight for civil rights. If you want to know more, I recommend giving her book a chance!

Additionally, Leah Thomas promotes various outdoor activities that one could do. She demonstrates how to be of assistance with a local restoration project, for example by removing invasive plants and planting native species. Furthermore, she encourages joining in person or virtual outdoor classes, such as @REI. They offer classes from camping basics to kayaking and bird watching. Leah Thomas has personally bought a few local plant identification guides and is planning on taking related courses.

Making A Green Life by Lily (@sustainableinteriordesign_magl)

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Another way to be more sustainable in your daily life is by purchasing only green furniture. Making A Green Life by Lily helps you decide how to aesthetically arrange various rooms with sustainable products. The style of her designs is the Japandi style, which is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian influences.

In the post above, you can see seven different Japandi style designs for the bedroom. She uses soft fabrics made of natural fabrics, like wool and cotton, and natural elements, such as wood furniture and plants.

On top of doing interior designs for every possible room in a home, she also explains the benefits of using green products and the Japandi style. For instance, the five benefits of using wood slate wall panelling are:

1. Aesthetically pleasing look

2. Improved insulation

3. Environmental friendly

4. Easy to take care of

5. Acoustic Properties

You can learn so much more by giving this eco influencer a follow in order to see every new post!

Lucy Biggers (@lucybiggers)

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Lucy Biggers is a climate activist with over 46.3K followers. She mostly talks about composting and littering. For instance, in one of her posts, she describes how compostable "made from plants" packaging is still litter if thrown on the ground. Once it becomes litter, it acts the same as plastic does — if an animal were to ingest a compostable material, it has the same negative effects as plastic.

“Compostable” is not the same as sustainable. — Lucy Biggers

In addition, her latest project, @billionoyster, consists of a mission to clean up the New York harbor. She attempts to do so by returning a billion oysters to the water, since a single adult oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water per day!


These 7 influencers, who can be found on Instagram, are all attempting to be more sustainable and take action against climate change. Furthermore, they try to influence their followers, since we all need to act together to make any sort of change.

Make sure to give them all a follow in order to be able to continue learning more about how you can take climate action with them! In addition, there are many more people to follow as they are all doing a great job of helping our planet — if you check Lucy Biggers' post on Earth Day, she lists several other eco influencers, so be sure to check them out!

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