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6 Things to Watch after Finishing Red, White & Royal Blue


August 28, 2023

Okay, so you’ve just finished the masterpiece movie, that is Red, White & Royal Blue (RWRB) and are promptly experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Now what? Well, fear not, because here are 6 other movies and TV shows that you can watch to help fill the void (after rewatching RWRB, of course).

This list features different elements that are reminiscent of the movie, including LGBTQ+ romances, British royalty, fierce rivalries, and witty banter. Importantly, it includes specific cinema that is good, independent of RWRB, and that I feel holds genuine similarities to the film beyond just being a queer romance (I’m looking at you Heartstopper). Below is your sustenance to hold you over until we get an extended cut of RWRB.

1. The Thing About Harry (2020)

I’ve included this film first because I think it is the most similar watching experience overall, to Red, White & Royal Blue. The film centers around Sam, who is a gay twenty-something-year-old who, through the unfortunate circumstance of a friend’s engagement party, has to reunite with his old high school enemy, Harry Turpin. Sound familiar, folks?

What follows is a timeline of their relationship as it evolves once Sam realizes that Harry has come out. First, this movie is preposterously underrated and is one of my favourite - if not my favourite - romcoms of all time. The sequence of events, the chemistry between the two main leads, and the pacing of the movie are all *chef’s kiss*. Particularly, in the context of comparing it to RWRB, there are several parallels, including Alex’s flamboyant personality which matches Harry’s, his involvement in politics tantamount to Sam’s, the inclusion of a best friend of each of the male leads, and the general misunderstood rivals-to-lovers arc. There are even specific shots and montages in the movies that are so similar it is uncanny. Honestly, I think The Thing About Harry is just Red, White & Royal Blue in a slightly less glamorous alternative universe. If you are only going to watch one thing on this list, make it this one.

The Thing About Harry is available to watch on Disney+.

2. Handsome Devil (2016)

If you have finished watching Red, White & Royal Blue and are in desperate need of more Nicholas Galitzine content, then this one is for you. Handsome Devil is one of Galitzine's earlier works set in an Irish, rugby-obsessed, all-boys, boarding school about a 16-year-old outcast, Ned, who enjoys music instead. Galitzine plays Ned’s new roommate, Conor, who becomes the school’s star rugby player and whom Ned is not fond of.

The throughline of the story centers on the friendship that develops between the two boys whilst examining the homophobia and class dynamics within the educational institution in which they reside. Handsome Devil is more of a quiet, poignant, coming-of-age movie compared to RWRB, but it is an equally heartfelt piece of resplendent and rhythmic cinema. This film is surprisingly quite empowering, and though I watched it years ago, it still occupies space in my mind. Bonus: Nicholas sings and plays the guitar in this one.

Handsome Devil is free to watch on Plex.

3. Love, Victor (2020)

Admittedly, this one is a little bit of a departure from RWRB, but I had to include it because, in my opinion, it is near the top of the teen show hierarchy pyramid. If you haven’t heard of it, Love, Victor is a spin-off show from the beloved film, Love, Simon, about a high schooler called - you guessed it - Victor. It focuses on his journey of grappling with his sexuality and features a dynamic ensemble cast of his friends and family.

The show does an excellent job of creating a fun and upbeat coming-of-age environment whilst delving into a variety of themes and problems that teenagers face. Even though it is somewhat different from RWRB, I do think there are some shared aspects, particularly between Alex and Victor, who both grew up Latino in America, and how that manifests in their relationships. Moreover, the show is finished and only three seasons long, so you can binge the entire thing worry-free.

Love, Victor is currently streaming on Hulu and Disney+.

4. SKAM France (S3) (2019)

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Holistically, SKAM France is probably one of the most underrated television series ever. Big claim, I know. Fundamentally, it is just a show about the life of high school students in France, with each season focusing on a different character.

However, season three, which follows a guy called Lucas and his struggle with being gay, is the perfect series to watch for those who enjoy Prince Henry’s sensitive, wistful, and slightly emotionally repressed qualities. Lucas and Eliott (his love interest) have one of the most magnetic connections I have ever seen, and their actors truly deliver masterclass performances on chemistry. SKAM does have a more serious and less effervescent tone than RWRB, but this creates space for a thematically rich and emotional show. If you’re looking for a more mellow (but still joyous) viewing experience that will cue the waterworks, there is no better option.

Note: Although it is one show, each season can be watched as a standalone, so I recommend watching season three directly. The series is also in French, but there are subtitled versions.

SKAM France is officially available on France.TV, Youtube, and Plex.

5. Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (2023)

The British royalty have arrived. This series requires little synopsis because of its immense popularity as a prequel spin-off to Bridgerton. In short, it is set in the Georgian era and is about a young woman named Charlotte who is married off to George, the King of England, and follows their somewhat tumultuous relationship.

Although the central relationship in the show is between a king and a queen, I’ve included it in this list because of the similarities between King George and Prince Henry (-see Henry’s pressure-bearing down on shoulders speech). Similar to SKAM France, if you enjoyed the more emotional beats of RWRB, or if you like the extravagant royalty aspect of the movie, then Queen Charlotte is a great choice.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is a Netflix original.

6. Smiley (2022)

Last on the list is this Spanish mini-series whose leading man is called… Alex. I’m serious. This Alex, who has recently had his heart broken, mistakenly leaves an angry voicemail to the wrong number, which is received by a stranger called Bruno.

This chance encounter then becomes the catalyst for their meeting and the entanglement of their lives. As the name suggests, the show is quite upbeat and features a lot of banter between the two leads and a prominent love-hate relationship that is evocative of the beginnings of (RWRB) Alex and Henry’s relationship. It is also the most bombastic and eccentric of the bunch, with colourful supporting characters and peculiar situations. So, if you’re looking for a good time with a romance that is simultaneously a loud bang and a slow burn, Smiley is the one to watch.

Smiley can be streamed on Netflix (with English subtitles).

That completes the list of shows and movies to watch once you’ve finished Red, White & Royal Blue and don’t know what to do with yourself! In earnest, each cinematic work included here is individually great and worth a watch regardless of RWRB. However, hopefully, this list can help guide your next watch based on what you loved about the movie. Go find your new obsession!

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