14 Romantic Movies You Can Stream This Valentine's Day

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February 17, 2022

Paper hearts, cheesy tropes, credits rolling while indie music fades...what's not to love? Whether you're spending it with a lover, friends or practicing the art of self-love, Valentine's Day is the best time of the year to pull out a bag of microwave popcorn and indulge in a feel-good rom-com or a heartbreaking romance.

Here are the 14 (one for each day leading up to V-day) best romance movies and where they're streaming <3

1) The Notebook

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For him, it was love at first sight. And after their first date, Allie immediately finds herself falling for Noah's irresistible charm and the two become inseparable. This Valentine's day, you'll find yourself melting and tearing up as you watch Noah and Allie's relationship unfold and develop. Besides, how can you resist swoon-worthy young Ryan Gosling?

Best quote from the movie: "I wrote you 365 letters. It wasn't over, it still isn't over."

Song to listen to after watching: Sign of the Times by Harry Styles (The Notebook is Harry's favorite movie!)

Where it's streaming: Hulu and Peacock

2) When Harry Met Sally

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While you might not be able to spend the 14th in NYC, you'll be able to spend it with Harry and Sally, brought to life by Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. This is hands down one of my favorite romantic comedies. The scene in Katz's diner never gets old, and you'll start to fall in love with the city lights of New York, all the while rooting for these friends to lovers. A classic that will warm your heart like a good cup of cocoa, this is a must watch for hopeless romantics.

Best quote from the movie: "I'll have what she's having"

Song to listen to after watching: The Sweetest Thing by U2

Where it's streaming: HBO Max

3) To All the Boys I've Loved Before (and sequels)

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Nothing says Valentine's day like Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean Covey eating diner pancakes past midnight. When Lara Jean's box of love letters accidentally gets sent to each of her past crushes, Lara Jean ends up in a complicated situation, fake-dating Peter Kavinsky, the class clown and captain of the lacrosse team.

But what do you do when your feelings for your fake boyfriend start to become real? For those of you who haven't watched and re-watched LJ and PK fall in love over and over, this is your sign to grab a pack of Korean face masks and sip a Yakult (a yogurt drink Lara Jean introduces to Peter).

Best quote from the movie: "I didn't fall for you, you tripped me!"

Song to listen to after watching: Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears

Where it's streaming: Netflix

4) The Edge Of Seventeen

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Not many of us want to return to the high school hallways, cafeteria food, or overbearing stress of wanting nothing more than to be loved. Finally, a movie that captures the messiness of love, high school, friendship, and weaves it all beautifully together with witty humor and secondhand embarrassment.

When Nadine, played by Hailee Steinfield, discovers that her only friend and her brother have been hooking up, she becomes more lonely than ever. Perfect for those who want to re-enter the world of teenager-dom, and be glad that they no longer have to deal with awkward texts, bad haircuts, and zits.

Best quote from the movie: "There are two types of people in this world: the people who naturally excel at life. And the people who hope all those people die in a big explosion"

Song to listen to after watching: Marlboro Nights by Lonely God

Where it's streaming: Netflix

5) Five Feet Apart

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Stella, a teen with cystic fibrosis, is not allowed within five feet of any other people with CF. And she never found that to be a problem..until she unexpectedly falls for Will. Now she must navigate her feelings without getting too attached, because for most of us love has consequences, but for Stella and Will, love is lethal. After the past two years, we can all relate to keeping space between ourselves and our loved ones, and this movie is guaranteed to make you believe in love if you don't already.

Best quote from the movie: "Everyone in this world is breathing borrowed air"

Song to listen to after watching: Six Feet Under by Billie Eilish

Where it's streaming: Netflix

6) Love, Simon

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What is high school without secrets? Simon Spier has a big one - he's gay. A heartwarming story that follows Simon and his mystery lover, Blue, another kid from his school.

This V-day, join Simon in his search for love. You'll find yourself rooting for Simon and his friends, tearing up as you relive your own memories, and marveling at the wonders of young love. Based on the novel, Simon vs. the [censored] Sapiens Agenda, Love Simon is a must for all hopeless romantics.

Best quote from the movie: "She's cute but she's not really my type. Not because she's black. I love black women. Not like I have a thing for them, I just love all women."

Song to listen to after watching: People Watching by Conan Gray

Where it's streaming: Hulu

7) Perks of Being a Wallflower

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TW: Alcohol and drug use, sexual abuse (referenced), and domestic violence

One of the most beautifully moving films of all time, this movie is for the wallflowers. Those of us who've had to eat lunch by ourselves, who've watched as couples danced to slow songs, and who've always felt alone. Awkward but sweet Charlie meets outgoing Patrick and brilliant Sam, and is exposed to so many more experiences, and introduced to their friends.

Full of heartbreaking twists and serious topics, viewers may want a warning that this is not categorized as a feel-good or light film (and will definitely want to have tissues at the ready). Perks of Being a Wallflower is a genuine masterpiece that expands our view on hurting and being hurt.

Best quote from the movie: "We accept the love we think we deserve"

Song to listen to after watching: Heroes by David Bowie

Where it's streaming: Hulu

8) Clueless

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A checkered-up classic from the 90s based loosely on Jane Austen's "Emma" follows popular "it-girl" Cher as she gives geeky new girl Tai a makeover, hoping to give her popularity. If you're looking for a quotable rom-com to re-watch, or laugh out loud too. Bonuses include feathered boas and layered blazers (who are we kidding, we all wish we had Cher's iconic wardrobe and fashion sense) and adorable young Paul Rudd. Alicia Silverstone as Cher Horowitz is the 1990s at its best.

Best quote from the movie: "Ugh, as if!"

Song to listen to after watching: Heart of Glass by Blondie

Where it's streaming: Hulu

9) La La Land

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It all happened in a yellow dress. While the sun was setting. Or maybe it started on the bustling streets of Los Angeles.

Mia and Sebastian could not be more different. She's an aspiring actress, with big dreams and no time for distractions. He's a musician who's just been fired during the holidays.

While they're determined not to fall in love, he is just what she needed, and she is perfect for him. With award-worthy music and beautiful scenery, this is a true love letter to LA - and to the fools who dream.

Best quote from the movie: "People will want to go to it because you're passionate about it and people love what other people are passionate about. You remind people of what they've forgotten."

Song to listen to after watching: Um, every song from the soundtrack?!

Where it's streaming: Hulu

10) All The Bright Places

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TW: suicide

This book-turned Netflix original starts with a boy named Finch and a girl named Violet. Their meet-cute is a ledge, where Finch stops Violet from jumping off. This is the start of their story - from exchanging Virginia Woolf quotes to skinny dipping, they begin to fall in love. Throughout the plot, Violet learns to cope with her trauma, and Finch begins to learn that in darkness, there will always be bright places.

Best quote from the movie: "You are all the colors at once, in full brightness"

Song to listen to after watching: Too Young to Burn by Sonny & the Sunsets

Where it's streaming: Netflix

11) Say Anything

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An unlikely love story from the 80s: Lloyd has a crush on beautiful and stunningly smart Diane, and can't believe it when she likes him back. However, her father doesn't approve of his daughter's relationship, and Lloyd is determined to spend as much time with her as she can, though she is completely out of his league.

They learn to bring out the best in each other, and while there may be some outdated scenes, at the core, Say Anything is a teen romance where boy meets girl and anything is possible. By the end, you'll be wishing for your own John Cusack to bring a boombox to your window and profess his undying love.

Best quote from the movie: "If you start out depressed, everything's a pleasant surprise"

Song to listen to after watching: In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel

Where it's streaming: HBO Max

12) Notting Hill

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William is your average English man and owner of a travel book shop, that is, he was just an average guy until movie star and Hollywood beauty Anna Scott walked in, and his life took a turn. Through a series of embarrassing circumstances, Will and Anna begin to know each other. He makes her feel seen, like a person, and he makes her laugh.

She is everything in his eyes, but not because of her fame, because she is smart and sassy and perfect. The two of them navigate their different lifestyles and their sweet story will leave you laughing and heart-eyed this February.

Best quote from the movie: "Surreal but, um...nice"

Song to listen to after watching: When You Say Nothing At All by Ronan Keating

Where it's streaming: Apple TV

13) Marry Me

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Newly released and like a warm hug, this is the most comforting movie I would re-watch in a heartbeat! Starring JLo as Kat an engaged superstar, and Owen Wilson as Charlie, a dorky math teacher, Marry Me is all about uncertainty, and letting yourself fall for someone.

When Kat finds out her fiancee, the singer, Bastian has cheated on her on her wedding day, she notices Charlie in the audience with a "Marry Me" sign, and decides to marry him instead on live TV. The two begin with a purely transactional relationship, played for the public's eyes and Kat's reputation, but they start to realize that they bring out different sides in the other person, and make each other happier than they've ever been.

Best quote from the movie: "If you sit in the question long enough, the answer finds you"

Song to listen to after watching: Any song from the original soundtrack (especially On my Way)

Where it's streaming: Peacock

14) Breakfast at Tiffany's

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Many of you may recognize Audrey Hepburn from her iconic black gloves, chic dress, and glasses, in the role of Holly Golightly. Holly is beautiful, but she wants a life where she can live glamorously, and Paul seems to be the answer to her problems. An immortal 1960s romance full of kissing in the rain, New York skyline, and breakfast croissants while window shopping.

Breakfast At Tiffany's is everything you're looking for in a romance, and is the mother to many rom-coms later on. I mean how can you not love Paul's tiffany-engraved Cracker Jack ring for Holly?

Best quote from the movie: "Suddenly you're afraid and you don't know what you're afraid of. Do you ever get that feeling?"

Song to listen to after watching: Moon River by Audrey Hepburn

Where it's streaming: HBO Max

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