6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a Daily Planner

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As students, we all know how tough keeping up with homework deadlines, extracurriculars, and appointments can be. But using a day planner gives you the freedom to plan, organize, and keep track of your work. Let’s learn why we should consider using one in the first place.

1. Have Everything In One Place

No more having to look for Sticky Notes under your bed or scroll through your Notes app to find out what time soccer practice is. With a planner, you’ll have all your information together in one spot. The ease of being able to track all your important details by just flipping pages will also be beneficial when wanting to reflect upon your progress.

2. Feel Proud Of Progress

What else is more satisfying than getting to cross items off of your list? By doing so, you’ll feel so accomplished that you’ll be more motivated to continue completing the remaining tasks. Continuing to schedule out your commitments is the key to stay productive.

3. Writing Helps To Remember

We all know how easy it is to think of an idea and then almost instantly forget it. Pressing a few keyboard buttons doesn't activate much of your memory, and therefore we tend to forget awfully quickly. Taking the time to write things out on paper helps you to retain them in your mind. Writing by hand encourages you to process information, and as a result, your memory increases.

4. Relieve Your Stress

As 21st century students, we understand that stress is not enjoyable to experience at all. But by having all your tasks organized and dates prioritized, you'll realize how much your anxiety and worries can improve with the regular usage of a planner. You will have the luxury of knowing everything that's to come and be very well up-to-date on your current obligations.

5. Tap Into Your Creative Side

Your planner can be your outlet to unleash your creative side. It's no wonder why so many planners include sections for doodling or even add in coloring pages! If you love to get artsy, having a personal planner will be perfect because you'll possess the freedom of highlighting, color coding, and sketching whatever your heart desires.

6. Form A New Habit

The process of writing items down and prioritizing the dates helps you develop a habitual routine. Habits are considered important because they’re what help us ultimately achieve our goals. Forming good habits can take a bit of time, and this should be all more the reason to get started with a planner ASAP!

On The Market

Now that we’ve discussed why planning is so beneficial, here are some affordable and stylish planners that you may like.

This journal features beautiful greenery designs and 120 tear-off pages. Its pages include areas to write what you are grateful for, plan out your 3 meals, track water intake, jot down appointments, and check fulfilled duties off your to-do list. Click here to purchase from Amazon.

Look how cute this 80-page journal looks! Sprinkled with inspirational quotes, you'll notice this notebook offers prompts for life principles like reflection and gratitude along with the insertion of colored tabs. Check it out here at The Happy Planner website.

This purple-themed planner comes with a matching ink gel pen! This compact planner offers two years' worth of pages and has additionally been equipped with a strong vinyl cover. Find it at Walmart here.

If you're a fan of floral accents, you'll take delight in this design. It's worth mentioning that it contains 10% post-consumer recycled content, so it can be seen as optimum even for environmental-friendly shoppers. Buy here to support this small Etsy shop.

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