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6 Best Book Tracking Apps That Will Encourage You to Read More

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March 20, 2023

Have you ever wanted to pursue your passion for reading but never felt motivated enough to do so? If you have, don't worry — we’ve all been there. An easy strategy to read more is to have an app encouraging you, and keeping you consistent, with your reading goal.

By clicking a few buttons on your phone, you will boost your reading motivation more than you can imagine. It will also help to keep track of the books you already own for the next time you find yourself at the bookstore.

People use many apps almost daily to track the books they read or want to read, but what is the best option for you?

Here are 6 of the best book-tracking apps that will encourage you to read more.


1. Goodreads

The first app we’re going to discuss is one you most likely have already heard about, the one and only, Goodreads. Now, this book tracking app/site is an online community not only for readers but for authors too.


Goodreads comes with many qualities, a definite plus being that it has an enormous database of books. You can rate (from 1 to 5 stars), review the ones you've read and set a yearly goal of how much you wish to read. Here you can find book summaries, see what your friends are reading, and also track what you're reading, have read, and want to read by creating "bookshelves" within the app. It is perfect if you want to discuss with other book lovers, engage with a review, and be part of a community that shares your reading passion.

You may also wonder how much you need to pay to use it. Well, it is with great pleasure that I say it's completely free. You can sign up and start tracking your books almost immediately.


A downside though, is that you need to type the specific title of a book, otherwise the algorithm won't show you a very specific recommendation or not at all what you were looking for.

Available platforms: iOS, Android, and browser.

2. Booksloth

Another good option is Booksloth.

Now, this particular app offers some pretty unique features, and the best part is that it doesn't require any payment. It is particularly fitting for people who try to get the most out of their book trackers.


It has a wide range of community elements, one of them being that it shows threads or discussions between members. You can easily start your discussion threads, reply to posts made by other members or simply like them. You also have the option to join a book club where you can chat with its members.

You can write reviews and give from 1 to 5 stars, but you can also add or subtract 0.5 if you find yourself between 2 ratings. For example, if you like a book but it is not quite a 5-star, you can give it 4.5 stars.

You have access to more features, such as badges and stats, if you go on the web app instead of only using the phone app. So if you want to view your statistics, you are obligated to go online, off the app.


A few downsides are that not a large number of people are on the app, there is no active news feed and you also can't unfollow other users. Another disadvantage is that the users can't connect with their favorite authors or creators, since the app doesn't provide any specific place for that.

Available platforms: Android & iOS

3. Litsy

Now another good book tracker is Litsy.

This app is quite easy to figure out once you create your account. You can think about it as a combination of a social media platform and a place for bookworms, all in one place.


Finding discussion topics isn't a problem, since you are given two methods to approach this. The first is by following certain authors, publishing houses, and overall, any account you find interesting, so you can view their posts. The second way you can discover new topics is by actually searching for certain books, authors, or even tags that you want to learn more about.

You are also given the option to build your community. Besides the opportunity to post a blurb (an image caption or a short comment), a quote, or a review, you can build a so-called "litfluence" score over time. This score is obtained by the activity of your reading. Therefore, it becomes a more fun experience for those who need a boost to keep them going.

Another fun feature is the rating system. Instead of using stars, you have four options: Pick, So-So, Pan, or Bail. Even though you may not be a fan of the evaluation aspect the app offers, this forces you to come to a more conclusive opinion of a certain book.


An inconvenience that you might come across when using this app is the word limit. When writing any kind of post, whether it is a review, a quote, or a blurb, the app doesn't allow you to write more than 300 words. For those who like to express their thoughts with a lot of words, this may be a problem.

Available platforms: iOS, Android, and browser.

4. StoryGraph

Now onto the next app, The StoryGraph.

This specific one is for people who want to enjoy a more peaceful atmosphere and not be disturbed by others' reviews, comments, or dare I even say presence.


One good feature is that you can't see people's opinions on books. However, you do have the option to follow and engage in a community feed if you wish to do so.

Readers also have the opportunity to do many challenges to boost their morals and have access to a reading journal, annual reading, and page goals, all within the app. You are offered personalized book recommendations based on your mood, reading habits, and favorite genres. It also shows your reading habits, so you can create a better sense of your track and evolution over time.


A disadvantage is that you can pay $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year if you choose to opt for the premium version, which gives you access to advanced stats and more personalized suggestions.

Available platforms: iOS, Android, and browser.

5. Italic Type

The second to last app we are going to discuss is Italic Type. This tracker is a great choice for people who are looking for an app that is easy to use and visually charming with a modern vibe.


It offers quite some features, from the obvious one of tracking your reading progress and setting goals, to getting book recommendations and having a place to write notes, thoughts, or quotes.

You can slowly fill your bookshelves and after that, you can add them to your "queue", and mark them as completed, or as books you've decided to pause from. Discussions you may ask? Sure, they offer you the option to invite friends via email, where you will have a group created so the members can share insights and thoughts on any book you decide on.


However, this app is not developed enough when it comes to aspects such as social media, the community, or statistics. You can't write or read any reviews for books and you are not shown any data about your progress.

Moreover, it doesn't provide an actual app to use, as it is available on devices only through a web browser of your preference.

Available platforms: iOS and browser.

6. Basmo

Finally, the one and only, Basmo. The main difference between this tracker and the others is that it is not only for book lovers but also for people that prefer audiobooks and e-books.


This app lets you monitor your reading progress, get personalized book statistics, and reading habit suggestions, while also managing your book reading goals, and creating motivational and encouraging quote designs.

It also allows you to set a daily reading time goal and a yearly goal of the number of books you'd like to read in that year. You can create your own collections, but it does already come with six pre-loaded ones: all books, currently reading, books read in (the previous year), finished, want to read, and finish later.

One feature the readers seem to enjoy the most is the reading sessions the app offers. You will have access to a timer, a blank text box to write your thoughts in, and a scanner option. When you end your session you can write general opinions, what page you are on, and how you feel after that reading period. You can also take breaks when you are in the middle of it if you don't want to stop and start a new one.


Unfortunately, not every good app is free. Basmo is free to download, but the premium version is $6 a month, or $60 a year if you opt for a yearly membership. However, you have access to free trials and limited free features.

Available platforms: iOS, and Android.

All of the book-tracking apps have their pros and cons, but hopefully, the points listed above will help you choose the best app for you, that will meet your reading and book-tracking needs. So, what are you waiting for? Go, download these apps, and start organizing your beloved books, so you'll have more confidence next time you are going book shopping. Enjoy your reading!


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