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5 Sustainable Essentials for a Winter Wardrobe: Cozy & Chic with Frank and Oak

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December 04, 2023

The nights are getting longer, the breeze is getting chillier, and everything is starting to feel just a bit cozier. You know what it is: it’s officially sweater weather.

image courtesy Frank and Oak

You no longer need an excuse to wear your favorite knit sweater, throw on your fuzzy socks, and snuggle up to your favorite blanket with a mug in your hand.

There’s no better feeling than styling yourself in an outfit that’s so comfortable but chic at the same time. For Frank and Oak, that good feeling turns into a genuine joy when wearing sustainable, high-quality, and meaningful clothing that will last you across trends and cold weather.

image courtesy Frank and Oak

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Everyone knows the most fun season to play dress up in the winter. After all, fashion is all about playing up with the basics, and layering is all about making that fashion your very own style.

With Frank and Oak, finding your own style becomes so much more simplified, but timeless. The biggest thing I’ve learned about fashion is that trends are so cyclical that you’ll never really end up wearing old pieces ever again. I love that Frank and Oak’s designs are truly classic while allowing room for self-expression with a modern twist and that each of the pieces is made with our planet in mind.

image courtesy Frank and Oak

Stylish and Sustainable

“We’re on a journey towards better living, and we saved a seat for you. Certified since 2019, our B corp certification officially recognizes our pledge to meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance,” shares the brand, “This means balancing profit with purpose, public transparency, and legal accountability every step of the way.”

image courtesy Frank and Oak

The brand takes sustainability to heart, and its stats are nothing short of impressive. As the brand shares:

  • “100% of our assortment is responsible. For us, that means all our products either contain low-impact, cruelty-free, organic, biodegradable, or recycled fibres, or are manufactured using industry-leading technologies and processes.”
  • “0% of our products feature virgin polyester.”
  • “100% of our denim collection is designed to be circular. All our denim styles are designed to be easily recycled.”
  • “Over 70% of our styles are made using mono-fibre and bi-fibres.”
  • “100% of our deliveries will be carbon-neutral by the end of 2023.”
  • “100% of our manufacturing partners have signed our code of conduct. 100% of our partners have completed and successfully passed compliance audits conducted by international organizations such as BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production).”
image courtesy Frank and Oak

Affordable Luxury & Invest in Quality

Plus, with their constant sales, Frank and Oak offer some of the best affordable luxury pieces that you genuinely won’t regret buying. After all, those micro-trends add up, and it’s always infinitely better to spend on something you’ll enjoy in the long term!

The Winter Sweater of Our Dreams

If I could only stick to one sweater for the entire season, it has to be this one, and I say this with no hesitation.

Shop The Lambswool Fair Isle Mockneck in Black here.

image courtesy Frank and Oak

This is just one of those sweaters that looks cozy but is actually cozier than it looks. With the most stunning traditional Scottish pattern, this mock neck knit features a gorgeous medley of cream, navy, and black patterns throughout the top part of the sweater. Even though there’s so much pattern, it’s just one of those classic sweaters that you’ll cherish forever.

I love how it feels slightly oversized, and the ribbed hem with the side slits makes it perfect for tucking into your favorite wide-leg jeans for a more elevated look.

image courtesy Frank and Oak

Plus, this sweater is made with a blend of cruelty-free lambswool and recycled nylon, marking it a true product of genuine care. I love how it doesn’t feel stuffy at all and how it’s thermoregulating.

The Fluffiest, Cloud-like Cardigan

I’m not even joking when I say this cardigan feels like a cloud. I even go as far as to say it feels ever softer and snugglier.

Shop The Seawool® Sweater Cardigan in Eucalyptus here.

image courtesy Frank and Oak

Featuring the most gorgeous pale green shade, this beautiful button-up cardigan has the sweetest yet professional look. Even the buttons match the eucalyptus shade! With puffy sleeves and a ribbed hem for adding a figure to the waist, this cardigan is simply a dream.

When Frank and Oak call this sweater material “Seawool®,” they really aren’t kidding. Seawool® is a responsible fabric that Frank and Oak describe as being made from “pulverized oyster shells that would have ended up in a landfill.”

image courtesy Frank and Oak

The cardigan is genuinely one of the softest sweaters I have ever felt. Words can’t do it justice; with an all-over ribbed stitching and fuzzy texture all over, this is like a blanket turned into a sweater. I’m completely obsessed.

Effortless But Looking Good With Ease

There’s something so modern and sleek about a pullover, and this navy fleece layer is the perfect balance of effortless with some effort.

Shop The Half-Zipped French Fleece Pullover in Night Sky Blue here.

image courtesy Frank and Oak

There’s nothing sharper than a nice collared top, but turn it into a crewneck and it becomes the most attractive yet simple sweater ever.

Made with a blend of organic and recycled cotton, this heavy French fleece crewneck will keep you warm even in the lowest temperatures.

image courtesy Frank and Oak

I love how it has a relaxed fit and can be dressed up or down. With a pair of jeans or sweats, it’s as casual as can be, but with nice slacks, it can totally feel sophisticated. The airport, college, the grocery store, you name it. This pullover is going to look amazing no matter how casual or serious your environment might get, and that’s what I call a true classic.

Accessorize With A Purpose

Headbands aren’t just to look chic- they can keep you warm, too!

Shop The Yak Wool Headband in Dark Aquamarine here.

image courtesy Frank and Oak

I’ve never been a big headband girl, but this headband is making me change my mind. With the cutest thick-banded ribbed wool blend that can cover the ears, and forehead, and keep the hair swept off to the side, this headband is a total multi-tasker.

This headband is made from premium yak wool, which Frank and Oak explain as “an ethical alternative to cashmere that is valued for its warmth, softness, breathability, and durability.”

image courtesy Frank and Oak

What makes this headband even better is that 1% of the proceeds from Frank and Oak’s yak wool collection will “go towards a Grassland Regeneration Program in the Himalayan highlands.”

I love the way it looks with just about any winter coat. This is perfect for the active moments in winter, whether that be jogging with your furry best friend or even ice skating!

Necessities With A Charm

Can’t forget about your hands– it’s getting really chilly!

Shop The Yak Wool Mittens in Dark Aquamarine here.

image courtesy Frank and Oak

This is exactly what a cool-weather essential is. Mittens are so underrated, but they truly make the biggest difference in styling your outfits and also just for keeping your hands warm!

Made with premium yak wool, these mittens are so thick that they warm up your hands incredibly quickly. I love how comfortable they are, and the ribbed cuffs make it easier to wrap around the sleeves for maximum warmth.

image courtesy Frank and Oak

The Dark Aquamarine color is the prettiest shade of deep blue that has a gem tone but can still be worn with just about any color. Pair this with your favorite scarf or boots, and you’re all set!

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