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5 Sure-to-Succeed First Date Ideas That Won't Feel Awkward


June 22, 2023

A first date’s purpose is to get to know the other person better and determine if there is a potential deeper connection. When you are on a first date, you should be able to concentrate on being present and remaining genuine and authentic. The key is to choose an activity that allows for natural conversation and creates a relaxed atmosphere.

It is also important to note how important it is to remain safe on a first date. For this reason, avoid meeting someone you don't know well in your home, apartment, or workplace and opt to meet your date in a public place during the day instead.

Tell at least one trustworthy person who you are meeting and where you are meeting them in case an emergency occurs, and share your location with them at all times.

It is also essential to have your own transportation ready in case things don’t go well or you don’t want them to know where you live.

After you have taken all safety precautions, it is time to decide where you will meet your date.

The following five activities will ensure you can avoid awkwardness.

1) Bowling

Bowling can be a suitable first date idea because of the relaxed atmosphere, friendly competition, and opportunity for conversation.

It is common for both parties to be anxious to make a good impression. When you go to dinner or a place that requires communication, it is easy to worry about saying the right thing, being interesting or being perceived positively.

On the other hand, bowling alleys have a relaxed atmosphere in which it is easy to feel comfortable and be you. This sense of security comes from the informal setting and the everyday dress code. In a casual environment, the focus is on having fun and enjoying the activity rather than worrying about following strict etiquette. An informal dress code helps you not worry about clothing and enables self-expression.

Bowling alleys also allow for friendly competition. Friendly competition brings the two parties together and encourages participation. Healthy competition can also reveal the other person’s playful side and create moments of laughter. Cheering on each other’s successes or playful teasing can build a connection.

This activity is also an opportunity for conversation. Between breaks, you can chat with your date and foster meaningful interaction. Bowling also helps you initiate a conversation naturally and keep the date engaging and lively.

Bowling can help you create new memories with your date and, hopefully, ease into a relationship.

Cute things to do while bowling

1) Buy food and drinks

Many bowling alleys have an area to buy food and drinks. This space would be the perfect opportunity to get to know your date better and share a memorable moment. If you are too nervous to automatically start talking to your date, wait to eat after your bowling session, which may spark conversation. Taking advantage of the food and beverage area at a bowling alley can be a fun and enjoyable way to connect with someone special in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

2) Take some cute pictures

If you are both comfortable, take cute pictures to remember the event. These can be selfies or photos of the place. If you are feeling the 80s vibe, bring a disposable film camera and reveal the pictures after with your date.

After the date, you can send the picture to them and spark a conversation. Try fun poses and filters that fit the chill bowling vibe, and have fun with it.

3) Try some arcade games

After your bowling session, play some arcade games with your date. Playing arcade games is the perfect opportunity to establish a connection and playfully tease each other. While playing, try to beat your date’s high scores and test your skills against them.

2) Amusement Park

Going to an amusement park on the first date can provide a variety of activities, a memorable experience, and foster shared excitement.

Amusement parks provide a variety of activities. During your visit to an amusement park, you can ride roller coasters and water rides, play arcade games, and stroll around. At an amusement park, there is something for everyone. The variety within amusement parks ensures you and your date find enjoyable activities.

Amusement parks also provide a memorable experience for both parties. The rides and atmosphere can strengthen the connection between you and your date. The memories can serve as a foundation for future interactions and conversations. After visiting an amusement park, you and your date can talk about how much fun you had or playfully tease your date.

Lastly, amusement parks also foster shared excitement and fun. Going on thrilling rides and attractions and playing games makes you and your date share excitement. This excitement leads to a positive atmosphere and relaxes you and your date.

Amusement parks offer a fun and playful environment to enjoy with your date.

Cute things to do while visiting an amusement park

1) Win your date a prize

Visit the amusement park’s arcade and play some games with your date. There are usually stands where you can win stuffed animals or tiny prizes. Having fun while winning something for your date is a great way to show off your skills.

Your date will appreciate it and see you as a funny and caring person. Even if you don’t win the prize at first, your date will appreciate the commitment.

2) Ride the Ferris wheel

Riding the Ferris wheel allows both parties to see the park from a birds-eye view. This incredible experience can be a conversation starter on and after the ride. While going on the Ferris wheel, you can hold hands with your date or have a deep conversation with them about the scenery. Seeing the park from above is a relaxing and enjoyable experience and is ideal for you and your date to get to know each other better.

3) Ride a rollercoaster

Most rollercoasters are two-seaters allowing you and your date to sit together and experience the exciting ride. If you get scared, you can hold on to your date and spark some conversation about how the ride was after. Riding multiple rollercoasters can also create a lighthearted debate about which ride is better.

3) Escape Room

Going to an escape room on a first date can encourage collaboration, provide fun, and reveal much about your date.

Escape rooms encourage team building and collaboration. Escape rooms usually require players to solve various puzzles within a time limit. The pressure and immersive environment can promote a connection between you and your date.

Escape rooms allow you and your date to work together to achieve goals quickly and efficiently. This date idea is also an opportunity to see how well you communicate, problem-solve, and work as a team.

Escape rooms provide fun experiences. The excitement and adventure escape rooms offer lead to an enjoyable date. An escape room allows both parties to isolate themselves from the world and partake in an immersive experience.

During this experience, you only focus on spending time with your date and forget the initial awkwardness. The challenge of solving puzzles can also add a thrill to the date.

Escape rooms also reveal your date’s personality. The purpose of a first date is to establish compatibility and get to know each other better. The environment of an escape room allows you to observe how your date handles pressure and communicates under challenging circumstances.

Watching your date’s reactions can help you avoid future red flags while simultaneously getting to know them better. Information gathered from an escape room date allows you to see how compatible you and your date are.

Escape rooms offer a place to have fun and collaborate with your date while learning more about them through their behavior.

Cute things to do while visiting an escape room

1) Take cute pictures

If you're allowed to take pictures inside the escape room, take some with your date and pose with the props. As a reminder of your date, these silly pictures will serve as a great way to remember the time you had together.

2) Eat before

Before going to an escape room, you should get to know your date better. Although cameras are inside the room, to stay safe, you should eat first and decide if you are comfortable going to the escape room with that person.

3) Treat it like a real mystery

Plan to dress up as detectives or carry around a notebook and treat the escape room like a real mystery that needs to be solved. Take pictures of the scene and write out conclusions. You and your date could also record voice notes throughout the escape room and revisit them when stuck.

4) Attend a Workshop

Attending a workshop allows for active participation, variety, and a shared learning experience.

Workshops encourage active participation. Workshops are interactive meetings focusing on techniques and skills in a particular field through hands-on activities. These activities encourage active participation, allowing for a more engaging and dynamic date.

Participating in activities together can facilitate conversation and begin meaningful conversations. Attending a workshop also lets you get to know your date better and bond over shared interests.

Workshops offer flexibility and variety. Workshops can come in a wide range of themes and activities. You and your date can choose a workshop that best aligns with your interests.

Whether it is cooking, arts and crafts, dance, or any other topic, you and your date have the flexibility to find a workshop that caters to your preferences. The variety of workshops can enhance your date experience.

Workshops allow you to engage in a shared learning experience. Workshops are fun and interactive ways to explore a new skill or hobby. Having the ability to learn something together can provide opportunities for collaboration and support.

Participating in an engaging workshop helps you grow in connection with your date and creates trust. Learning groups often found in workshops work together to reach their goal and rely on each other for success.

Cute things to do while attending a workshop

1) Make crafts for each other

If the chosen workshop involves creating something such as baked goods, making cards, or engaging in creative writing, test your newly acquired skills by making something for your date. Making a craft for your date creates a memory and shows how much you care for your date. Creating a handmade item for your date is special because it is unique and personalized with love.

2) Learn from one another

Collaborative learning contributes to healthy interpersonal relationships because you rely on each other for help. Learning from one another can ensure clear communication and reveals your date’s personality. With collaborative learning, you can develop higher-level thinking skills, improve skill retention, and improve leadership abilities.

More importantly, collaborative learning builds empathy and collaboration. Learning with your date can help you better understand their experiences, challenges, and perspectives.

3) Take pictures of your finished product

Taking pictures of your finished product is another way to preserve the memory of your date. Workshops might inspire you to pursue a hobby further, and photos provide a way to review past projects, track your creative journey, and analyze your growth and development. Revisiting your past creations can help you gain new perspectives and draw connections between different topics. You can also share your photo on social media and promote your artistic endeavors.

5) Go rollerskating

Going rollerskating provides a fun, non-intimidating, and playful experience.

Rollerskating is a fun and active experience. Rollerskating can provide a lively atmosphere since it allows you and your date to engage in a shared activity and enjoy each other’s company. Rollerskating also encourages you to engage in physical activity together while improving your skating skills. Interesting dates are more likely to boost closeness and relationship quality since they create an atmosphere where both people feel relaxed and able to be themselves.

Rollerskating provides a non-intimidating alternative to traditional dates. Usually, a couple’s first date consists of walking or eating. Rollerskating offers a more light-hearted and less intimidating option since the focus is on the activity.

While rollerskating, you won't have to be nervous about saying the right things to impress your date. The date can feel more relaxed and less pressured by rollerskating.

Rollerskating provides opportunities for playfulness. Rollerskating offers opportunities for light-hearted playfulness and creates romantic moments. There can also be opportunities for physical contact through holding hands for balance or offering a helping hand.

These tiny moments can amount to the beginning of chemistry subtly. This date idea can also be an occasion for friendly competition, making the date even more entertaining.

Cute things to do while going rollerskating

1) Dress like it's the 70s

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Plan to dress up as someone straight out of the 70s to give your date a little more excitement. This plan allows you to communicate more with your date and offers quality time while researching and picking out an outfit. Dressing up together is a fun way to engage your date, offering a conversation starter and a unique shared experience.

2) Start a friendly competition

Make a friendly bet with your date to see who can skate faster or reach a certain point first. Initiating harmless competitions can strengthen your bond with your date and relieve stress. In competitions, you and your date can handle success and failure gracefully. Friendly contests can foster personal growth, build character, and develop essential qualities.

3) Eat after

After your fun and active date, it is best to replenish the energy lost by eating with your date. Sharing a meal helps you continue building a relationship and increase bonding. You can also utilize the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to get to know your date more, deepening the conversation. Trying new dishes or enjoying your favorite cuisines can be a delightful experience that enhances the overall enjoyment of the date.


Safety is crucial, particularly on a first date. To ensure your safety, meet in a public well-populated location. If anything happens during your date, you can always locate people willing and able to help you.

You should inform a friend or family member who you are meeting and where you are meeting them. Be sure to update your friend or family member every hour to let them know how things are going. Pay attention to your surroundings at all times and trust your intuition. If something doesn’t feel right, remove yourself from the situation.

Plan to have your own method of transportation beforehand. Having your own form of transportation provides you with independence and the ability to leave if needed. More importantly, set boundaries with your date and communicate your limits.

If you feel uncomfortable with your date’s behavior, remove yourself.

Once you’ve made arrangements to stay safe, enjoy your sure-to-succeed first date.

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