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#5 Pinterest-Worthy Hairstyles You Need to Try

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Need some trendy and super cute hairstyle ideas and inspiration? Take a look at some of my favorite hairstyles straight from my Pinterest board. Grab your hair wax and brush and try out your favorites!

#1: Pigtails

The famous '90s pigtails are back! Pigtails are super cute and easy to do. They will give you an automatic facelift and who says no to that? Look at Hailey Bieber absolutely rocking the hairstyle!

If you need some help, check out the Youtube tutorial below, which in my opinion, explains the method really well.

#2: Model Bun

This bun will give you the biggest model off-duty vibe. You may have heard of the model off-duty fashion style, but how cute is the bun version? It is super easy to do and will only take you a few minutes. Also perfect for when you skipped washing day. Bella Hadid shows us her sleek model bun and absolutely nails it.

Check out the Youtube video below for a short but clear enough tutorial.

#3: Half up Half down

The Half Up Half Down hairstyle has so many variants to it. You could add a cute claw clip, a ribbon, a bow, and so much more. It's a fun hairstyle you can experiment with. My favorite version of it, though, is definitely the "ponytail effect". It gives your hair a voluminous boost and it makes it look longer too. You can decide which version you like the most, see what works for your hair.

For straight hair, for example, I really like the "Kim K" inspired ponytail (tutorial linked down below).

For curly hair, I think it looks so cute with some bangs/fore strands pulled out (also linked below). These will work for a lot of hair types, but discover which variant is most comfortable for you.

#4: Bubble Pigtails

I am sure you have heard of the trendy bubble ponytail, but the bubble pigtails version is definitely worth the hype too. They may take a bit longer, but the end result is just so cute. It is also a great and super trendy hairstyle for the hot summer days that are coming.

If you're having a hard time with this hairstyle, watch the video below for a step by step tutorial.

#5: Sleek Low Bun

This one is a classic and will remain cute forever. It's super easy and quick, plus, it looks really chic too. I like it when it's sleek and gelled back, but that's not necessary, of course. This is really simple, minimalistic and perfect for the famous "clean girl" trend. If you want to spice the look up a bit, add some little braids, put in a pearl hairclip etc.

Watch the video below for a basic sleek low bun tutorial.

I hope this gives you some new and fresh hairstyle inspiration. These #5 are all so cute and I'm sure that after you master your favorites, you'll be able to do them in less than 5 minutes. I guarantee you, you will look absolutely fabulous with every single one.

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