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5 Pieces of Advice to Help You Finish the School Year Off Strong

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April 06, 2022

After spring break, the rest of the school year feels extremely monotonous and tiring. Homework feels more draining. You can never seem to find the motivation to study for an upcoming test.

And even doing the simplest task requires more time and effort. Every student, across many grade levels, is going through this. With the end of the school year approaching, it is completely normal to feel unmotivated.

But, you definitely won't regret pushing yourself for the remaining weeks. After all of the work you have done throughout the year, finishing the school year on a bad note is every student's nightmare. So, here's how you can finish the school year off on a high note and ensure that you perform well on upcoming assignments and assessments.

1. Remember All Of Your Hard Work

Think back on all of the quizzes and tests you spent late nights studying for. Think back on all of the work you did over the weekend. Think back on all the times you sacrificed relaxing and spending time with friends and family to finish schoolwork.

After spreading yourself thin the entire year, performing poorly at the last minute will bring down the high grades you have been striving for. You owe it to yourself to power through and continue to do the best you can.

The next time you feel like pushing completing your homework off to the last minute or feel unmotivated to study for a quiz, remind yourself that you will let yourself down if you don't keep trying.

2. Keep Your Eye On The Prize

Every student has a reason for working hard, whether it be to learn or receive good grades. Now is the time to remind yourself of why you try as a student and why it is so necessary for you to keep working diligently. No matter what you are striving towards, the work you do now is crucial for achieving it.

3. Find New Places To Study

After sitting at your desk for a while, typing on your computer and completing homework, the last thing you want to do is keep studying. The amount of work you have left to do feels infinite, and it feels as if you have been sitting for hours and hours. Moving around while you study will not only allow you to be more productive, but it will also make the time you spent studying go by much faster.

Maybe after spending time in the library you want to work outside. Or, maybe you simply move from studying in your room to the living room.

4. Don't Study The Same Subject For Too Long

Once you spend an hour studying for a math test, you may notice yourself getting tired and dreading studying. This happens to every student, and it's inevitable. But, there are ways to ensure that you stay on track and continue being productive.

After a while of doing work on one subject, I switch to completing work on another subject. Shifting back and forth between subjects will allow you to study for longer without getting unmotivated and burnt out.

5. It's Not Too Late To Set Goals

Setting goals for yourself to achieve will give you the drive to keep working hard. Maybe your goal by the end of the year is to finish with straight A's. Or, maybe you want to raise a certain grade in a class from a B+ to an A-. Just because the end of the school year is approaching does not mean that it is too late to set goals.

If you find yourself having trouble finding the motivation to pursue a goal, encourage yourself to put it in writing or tell a close friend or family member. No matter what actions you have to take to hold yourself accountable, it is unquestionably worthwhile.

With summer coming up and the school year coming to an end, it is more crucial than ever to keep your head up high and continue approaching your classes and assignments with the right mindset. By finding out what study methods work best for you and what your source of motivation is, the rest of the school year will be a breeze.

Sophene Avedissian
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